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  1. Jman

    Brickets or Lump

    Cheers clearly lump for pizza and I’ll give the brickets ontop of lump a go for the next low & slow cook
  2. Hello All, im having a crack at pizza tonight. I’m thinking to use briquets over lump coal as they are cheeper given the hot burn, does that make sense? I imagine lumps better for low and slow from a taste Perspective but wasn’t sure if there were other reasons not to use briqets
  3. I was playing it conservative so went foil - will definitely wrap in paper next time!
  4. It shouldn't be a surprise but first up Brisket was well above expectations. Cooked for 4.5hours up to 165 then a further 3.3 hours up to 202. hardest part was trimming as I’d not done that before. A big tick for the KK again
  5. Unbelievable! A response from the Dennis himself. Dennis thanks so much, so far nothing I’ve cooked has failed to exceed my expectations.
  6. First things first I’ve been so busy enjoying this Bigbad I’ve not done any reviews yet ! I’m having a Crack at my first brisket tomorrow and just want to make sure im setting up correctly Ive got got these 2 deflectors ( first pic) I’ve been placing directly ontop of the basket - but I am wondering if they are supposed to sit on top of the lower grate? Drip tray ontop. Or which is better... lastly ive got these 2 other deflectors that came with the big bad, not sure where they get used , under the pizza stone ?
  7. Update: slow going , was away for work butcse’re Unboxed now! this weekend looks set for first cook.
  8. So just a few more months (8) waiting and we’re ready to lift this thing in place so I can actually use it before I’m over it. To say I’m over building - an understatement. Total weight lifts was 800kgs so a little ++ on the cost side, first crane failed but managed to score a 2nd once before the 8hour lift permit expired - in anycase she’s up - unbox tomoz and a first cook this weekend , not sure what yet with burning to follow the weekend after.
  9. Got my first peak at the big bad after removing one side of the cardboard. While limited, it is was enough to see this thing is absolutely immaculate. I literally broke Dennis’ balls on which exact cobalt blue tiles I wanted - and after given him plenty of contradictory requests - I can see that they are perfect! Even in a crate, covered in cardboard , in darkness, through plastic wrap I can see that it is level upon level above a kamado Joe and the like. It’s going to get a lot of wtf is that comments just on people seeing it - let’s hope I do it justice on the cooking side of things. is it large? Very. Is it perfectly large? Definitely. Worst thing now is I have to wait until the project catches up on schedule. #firstsightofaKK
  10. Well, the big bad arrived today. I was struck down with food poisoning the night before - so will take a trip to our building site tomorrow and then it’s about 3 weeks before the beast gets craned up to the 3rd floor terrace!
  11. Okay, so following a stiff drink to wash away the import duties, taxes $1400AUD I am set for delivery this Friday. im definitely all in now.
  12. My wife’s 30 weeks pregnant with our 2nd and concerned I’m more excited about the delivery of our Big Bad. I have to admit I’m a little preoccupied. Now it’s not true I’m excited for both it’s just the KK arrives in 15 days and the baby in 56 days. Reasonable I’d say. Below are the photos, apparently same kk so not sure the true color but happy with either.ill be back soon..
  13. Evening All, I’ve been on www journey over the last 12 months looking for that perfect upgrade from my gas Webber Q! I looked at everything but found myself coming back to the KK. I was yet another person tossing up the 23 or the 32 - in the end I couldn’t escape the lure of the Big Bad. This is a quick note to thank all the posters on the forum, and of course the very patient Dennis for all this information. The KK is on the ship, due in 4 weeks so I’ll be sure post some pics once we eventually crane the behemoth 11 meters up onto the new terrace. Regards John
  14. Thanks. Something like this but with each of the grill dimensions is what I’m after. For example the ability to do pizza is great - I get the feeling the 23” will struggle is more than 1 pizza at a time versus the 32”. just the grill dimensions will tell the story I think,
  15. I’ve read all the useful & good comparisons between the 23inch and 32 inch Komodo. I Am clear of the differences , arguments for the 32 etc... one thing that been hard is to visualize the differences in grate sizes...And there for the bbq... Im keen to get the dimensions (width , depth , maybe even a second width measurement one from the rear, one from the front) for each of the top grill, main grill , lower grill as well as the GRILL SHAPED BAKING STONE. As opposed to the sq inches. this will help me to Make a final choice...Even the width of the rotisserie basket in the 23” would be useful to compare with the 32”. hope someone’s already got this and can share as I feel like I need the 32 but in reality the 23 might do me when money is a reasonable factor. I’m ready to order without even ever having seen one - an impressive leap and testament to the number of positive reviews.
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