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  1. Yes I see this convincing argument throughout the site, however, by my calculations the 32" takes a little less than 25% more charcoal to heat sink the larger area to the same temperature and hold it when compared to the 23". I reckon it'll be 1 in 100 cooks where the 23" may be too small. Given this, there is a truckload of extra charcoal being burnt during 99 cooks, and for the 1 in 100 where I need more space, I'll just have to get organised with my other toys. If I was planning a commercial operation, there is no doubt that 42" looks good for the job.
  2. I'm not surprised Dennis. I was fixed on the 23". After reading all the posts they significantly sway everyone towards the 32" Given I have stacks of other cooking options( sous vide, steam oven, convection oven, gas bbq, Kamado, soon to be open fire grill- really a disguise ODK to house a KK) I still think I'm a 23"
  3. Basher

    I need help

    2Club I reckon a great fathers day meal is a french classic, Coq au vin. https://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/18656/coq-au-vin This is one variation of the meal. You will find others online. The key musts are: MUST USE ROOSTER, NOT HENS. They have a gamey, stronger flavour and need a long cook as they can be a bit tougher. Chook livers are sensational, tender, not as strong as lambs fry and beef liver. MUST USE LOTS OF RED WINE. Not just as a marinade, this forms the main part of the sauce. MUST USE GARLIC. Preferably whole cloves. I've cooked this once before in the imposter, turned out sensational, however, classically french and very rich flavour. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but hey, it's FATHERS DAY.
  4. thats funny Jon B. If they were as good as she said, He'll be cooking them again. It doesn't take much encouragement from my wife to get back in the kitchen and double up on the same recipe. Within a week normally. Just keep your phone handy
  5. mmmmm, Yes I understand the confusion. I'd be giving Dennis a call to clearly understand what you require. As Tony suggested, some components have been modified over the years in the pursuit of excellence..
  6. Wow! How much food can you fit into that? It's massive.
  7. firstly well done 65 amps on sourcing yourself a KK. I am envious. Here is your gasket link. https://komodokamado.com/collections/23-ultimate-spare-parts And here is your complete roti link. https://komodokamado.com/collections/23-ultimate/#related-collection-items There are plenty of posts and helpful people here. If they can't assist you with what you are looking for( and they will try their best to welcome you into this community), Dennis makes a point of being available to answer your questions. Good luck with your hunt for accessories. post some pics when you get it up and running.
  8. i'm a few days away from having my starter ready, hasn't stopped me from trying some breads. That looks superb Pequod.
  9. Agreed Bruce. Great looking ODK. Anyone else looking at your avatar and thinking you now front the website for Komodo Kamado with a hammer in your hand? https://komodokamado.com/
  10. Aussie that third last photo looks like the KK is going to eat those ribs in 1 bite,,,,,,, Pacman style! Is that Harvest Gold Pebble? I'm thinking this is my colour choice. Show me the purple crack bacon ending,
  11. The baking posts here are amazing and have inspired me to bake some breads- never done this before. I've started the starter and am curious whether you experienced bakers have tried different additives to your starters and seen a difference in flavours. This is the simple form after 3 hours per reading from today. It's easily doubled, maybe even trebled and seems active early. We are close to mid winter here and night temps get down to 10C( 50f) and the days are about 25C( 80f) Anyone crushed a few pepperberries? Maybe tried feeding your starter different ground flour other than wheat, rye? Ground nuts, Sorghum, Psyllium Husks? Some of the Belgian brewers open ferment there beer in spring and get a different flavour each year depending on the wild yeasts blowing at the time. Is this the same with sourdough starters?
  12. That's a great post thanks Pequod. I hadn't found this one before. I thought I had read just about every post. BTW, Loved the Archimedes principle in play with the beer. Very clever. While I'm handing the compliments out, Pequod your bread posts are amazing. Never realised there was so much science to such a simple( and delicious) product. I could get into the habit of trying to master this early every Sunday morning.
  13. This is a funny post. I see Pequod has his wish with the 32" Personally, I'm liking the Steve Raichlen set up with 42" and the Kalamazoo. Absolute overkill for me........ but awesome cooking options. He could pull a JC and feed 5000 with these rigs. Something about those adjustable Parrilla grills with the built in adjustable spit rotisserie.
  14. I like that cork option and will definitely be trying it. Thanks Back on track, is there a significant temperature difference over the indirect area in a front fire to a back fire?................ Pretty sure I'm going to have to buy a 23" to find out!
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