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  1. Basher

    Whole Hog

    Go for it Troble. my only tip for you is plenty of salt, and fill your charcoal basket. I’m pretty sure you will already be across this. how long do you think it will take?
  2. I’m excited for you hop. i think the ramp will work. If you can, get hold of four bricks to sit the pellet on so the ramp is not so steep. two strong lads should be able to wheel it off. good luck and post some pics so we can share your excitement
  3. Yes, very ugly, yet effective. im expecting a call from Dennis asking me to remove it. He doesn’t need these images circulating, could be bad for business! 😂 I’ll source a better cut soon to make up for it
  4. We are going on holidays tomorrow to the Gold Coast with some friends. i have to work today and wanted to take a cooked brisket with me- a poorly selected brisket, once opened I realised more than half was solid fat. the plan was to cook overnight, however, once trimmed there was only 1kg remaining. I didn’t really want to be up half the night with this poor excuse for food. It was sooo thin...... so close to pulling out and feeding it to the dog...... like we used to with brisket in this country. found some chorizo sausage in the fridge, and some string in the drawer. put it
  5. Temperature controller Troble https://smartfirebbq.com/ now that I reckon I know roughly where the temperature sits at various setting, I’ll use this for low cooks, and walk away. pretty happy with it, I drove 20kms away mid cook and could see how it was sitting, and adjust from 20kms away if needed
  6. If it’s a step down you will need some ply as tucker suggested. if it’s a step up, maybe the ramp will work
  7. Thank you Tyrus, MAC. drumsticks tonight. honey soy and tandoori chicken with home made spices and yogurt. I haven’t made tandoori before. Turned out delish. Definitely do it again. The yogurt in the marinade tenderises the protein. Garlic, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, chilli and a couple of other spices.
  8. Twas a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon. a great day to try out my new Smartfire on some ribs. beef ribs, and pork.
  9. That's an awesome looking oven RD. A KK will compliment that yard beautifully.
  10. Rokdok it sounds like you have done your penance and it’s time to treat yourself. My journey from discovery to in investment took 3 years. Once you and mrs RD start discussing colour preferences, the job is done. Besides, a KK will enhance her flower beds if you have cooked on a Weber for 25 years, you will nail the KK techniques very quickly. any photos of that giant oven?
  11. This was really tasty. pumpkin, beetroot, snags and garlic over broccoli leaves. we pulled a young fella out of boarding school for the weekend. Definitely rated it better than school food. IMG_3728.MP4
  12. That’s very funny ckreef, and a very big IF
  13. Troble you and I seem to be walking parallel lives. I just watched 2 episodes last night and got all excited about Lennox Hastie. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. It’s definitely on the list once covid travel restrictions lift. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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