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  1. How did your twisted turkey turn out?
  2. I figured out the videos.. So here is a video of the first cook using the rotisserie kit from Dennis. https://youtu.be/SqU19P1xnig
  3. Hi, Happy to say that I am a proud owner of a used KK23 which I acquired late last year. However, the grill needed some serious TLC and with me being in college, repairs and cooking were to be delayed. Having finished my degree, I spent the spring getting the KK running again and started doing small test cooks using what I think is called the upper grate (actually sitting down in the firebox). Being used, the KK was missing a couple of important items, namely the main and lower sear grates. I thought about purchasing the grates, but I have another grill I can cook normal things on like burgers and steaks. So, I decided to setup the KK for rotisserie cooking. I purchased the roto kit from Dennis and had my first real cook on Saturday. I have turned three chickens since. Each one better than the last. At least my fan club thinks so 🙂. Thanks, DannyG
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