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  1. Thanks for the comment Rob. I pulled both edges back after covering the whole lower grate. Worked perfectly. Here they are about a hour from taking them off. Yum!
  2. Gang- happy AM to all. Doing a rib cook today with 7 racks. Due to number I am going to use the rib rack. In previous in direct cooks I have used foil on the lower rack to provide indirect cooking. In those I was able leave the foil off a section as the meat would fit on one side of the top. With the rib rack I probably need to wrap the whole lower rack. I am concerned with airflow. Should I be? Should I leave a few small gaps on the far sides? Thoughts and help are much appreciated.
  3. Another Fruita Wood fan here. Great selection, easy process and well shipped. I have done hickory, pecan and cherry.
  4. Welcome to the party. As the owner of "Strauss 501" I can assure of many great cooks
  5. That looks awesome. I will have to copy that cook. Kudos!
  6. Ok this was the first true test. The ribs were easy compared to this cook. Started with a 7.65 full packer brisket. Trimmed 1.5 lbs of fat off. Did a dry salt brine for 14 hours. The next morning I fired up the KK32 "501 Strauss" to 225 and then used Meathead's "Big Bad Beef" rub to lather up the meat. I used some Best of the West mesquite lump, but only about 5 or 6 pieces of the biggest pieces. I complimented those pieces with 4 chunks of pecan. Two of those pieces I wrapped in heavy foil but cut slits to expose the wood. At the 1.5 hour mark I dropped two more chunks of pecan in without foil. No more wood. Smoke was visible for about 3 , maybe 4 hours and then it was gone. Temps got up to 275, which was surprising. I think it was a mix of getting the KK to hot and not being able to back it down plus the fact it was 94 today and the KK was in the sun for the whole cook. I had planned on the cook lasting 6 to 6.5 hours......wrong. It took 9 to get the thickest parts to 190-ish. By this time it had been on for 9. A bit frustrated and needing to feed people, I pulled it and wrapped it in foil for 15 minutes. Cut and served. We served it with pinto beans that I had in the KK for the first two smokey hours (highly recommend), green chile hominy and a sweet Cole slaw. I threw a flour tortilla on mine. Every plate was cleaned so though I did not "nail it" it was thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some shots.
  7. Hey Shuley- how long pre wrap and how long in the foil? Also 225 for the whole cook? ribs looked yummy
  8. Big Bad 32 - Levi Blue tile Happy to show it off- email or private message
  9. Finally done. Wow what a task but so worth it. Targeting Saturday for burn-in. Can't wait to sweat in 97 degree heat while getting a grill slowly to 500.
  10. Live update. Now understand Christmas in July- there were presents inside the grill. I did mash the holy crap out of one finger. Glad the kids were inside. New pics
  11. The wife and the neighbors wife got it unpacked. Me, the wife and the sprinkler system crew then got it to the backyard. We played a leapfrog game with plywood sheets to get through the garden and to the patio, when it now rests. Taking a break from the Memphis heat before fully unwrapping and taking further pics. Moving the Bad Boy was a lesson in physics. Objects in motion........don't stay on the path or the plywood. wow.
  12. Tomorrow between 9AM and 12PM I will officially be a KK32 owner......well if the trucking company comes through. It's been quite the journey and hours upon hours of analysis. Absolutely hit the paralysis by analysis stage, but powered through and after talking to Dennis pulled the trigger. Also a shoutout to my new buddy CeramicChef, as he provided some sage-like advice. The color decision became a family battle with mommy winning- shocker right! We decided on a color Dennis called "Levi". So we have narrowed the names down to "501" or "Strauss", trust ya'll can figure out why. Got a few accessories- extra basket and splitter, the grate grabbers, rib rack, and 5 boxes of each type of charcoal. Figured I should load up to take advantage of the low shipping. Thrilled to shortly be in the family, though my credit card says I am already. Pictures and unpack process to follow.
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