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  1. it's all scheduled to arrive June 19 which would be great as it's my birthday. just read the owner's manual. holy cow! what have i gotten myself into?
  2. thanks guys i pulled the trigger. My contractor for my new deck reinforced with double joists and now cement blocks won't have anything to do with moving the KK due to its weight. i have a crew waiting to help and Dennis has helped with ideas. Keep your fingers crossed!
  3. I've got to say I"m scared to death (and excited)
  4. thanks guys i'm deleting the drip pan and adding wood. Dennis is out of charcoal. Cole, right back at you if you're near Milwaukee!
  5. i'm just about to pull the trigger,but i'm definitely overwhelmed! Order summary 32" Big Bad, Harvest Gold Pebble - A6431F (ready stock CA) × 1 32" BB ~ Charcoal Basket Splitter/Reducer × 1 32" Big Bad Double Bottom Drip Pan × 1 32" Big Bad 3/8" SS Rotisserie Spit w/ Center and outside Forks (hex) × 1 New KK Hot/Cold Smoke Generator CURVE ~ BONUS-Airpump × 1 32" Big Bad ~ Baking/Pizza Stone × 1 Standard Width Cover for 32" Big Bad ~ Walnut Brown Tweed #4618 × 1 am i missing anything? am i getting something i don't need? thanks
  6. i'm in Milwaukee but will follow this closely. i have to make a decision soon!!
  7. Curiously, i spoke to Dennis yesterday and I also live in Wisconsin. I'm considering a KK. This is all very helpful but much of it is beyond me. i'm having to google lots of these terms: bbq guru cyber q etc. Good Luck and keep us posted.
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