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  1. @MacKenzie exactly, also remove hand fast! @tony b thanks tony, just pulled into my campground for the next couple of months and probably going to book for nov/dec through match down in Florida. My camper is finally getting pulled tonight! My new TEC is loaded into the bed of the truck and looking forward to learning how to cook some great stuff on that at the jobsite. @Poochie yeah here is hoping someone agrees that has the money. Someone offered me $5k for grill, tables, accessories and they wanted ME to pay shipping.
  2. Table is going to be gone Saturday. $5000 for Grill attached side table and accessories.
  3. @Aussie Ora & @tekobo I am hoping it will be a great time, so far it has been nothing but headaches! @tekobo We will be on the road for quite some time and as much as I love the unit it is too big for needs. If no one wants it I will sell the table and store the KK.
  4. Thank you @BOC, it will be tough to see it go but I will be glad to let someone else have the enjoyment that I do not have the time for. I was talking to the wife today and I told her a tabletop KK will be in our future when we get closer to settling down.
  5. @tony b yeah unfortunately this thing weighs 1/3rd of my payload capacity. I settled for a TEC G-Sport FR Portable Grill. It is not as versatile but the quality is definitely on par. If I cant sell it, it will go in storage until we finally settle down somewhere and it will be proudly moved to be showcased there. The damn thing is just too gorgeous to be locked up somewhere though, so here we are.
  6. I do not want to do this but my wife has given up meat and we are selling the house to travel in the RV. I bought the unit I believe in 2018 and used it extensively for a year or two and started traveling on the road for work. Needless to say at the time of purchase I bought every accessory besides double pan & gas assist, I believe. I also purchased a lot of other accessories that go with it. Starting at $8,000 for everything, all reasonable offers will be considered. Pickup and delivery will be on buyer. There are a few people asking for the table so I would be willing to break it up but the grill has to go first.
  7. @PVPAUL if I need to split I will. Prefer to sell as a set but if I have to I will break it up.
  8. How does a used 32” in terra blue with a custom teak side cabinet sound, located in southern WI. Love the grill but I cant take it with me in our new adventure on the road. I am pretty sure I have everything besides gas assist and double drip pan, plus plenty of extras. -Original for sale post on KK site. -Dennis sending photos as y cabinet was being built. -Original “blue print” -Final product
  9. I subscribed on the Fogo website for the coupons and discounts the other day and yesterday or the day before they sent me a email about what to grill and such with their charcoal. One of the topics was roasting coffee with a big green egg, my immediate thought was how much better would be coffee roasted on my KK! Seriously why is this not happening on the forum? Or is there a super secret section I will get access to when I become a “advanced member?” A few people sell these on line but I think I am going to just make one out of scrap stainless from work. Ok back to my coffee and bread making. I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying their weekend!!!
  10. And the yummy bits of bacon!!! My dogs were going nuts after I brought these loaves into the house to cool.
  11. After a disastrous try of making bread in the KK last week, I decided to jump back on thehorse this week with a batch of Pain de campagne and Pain au Bacon from the book Flour Water Salt Yeast. It actually turned out tasty and not black. I decreased my temp from last weeks 500 to 450 and once I dropped the bread on stone I closed the top hat. Also decreased my times from 35 or 40 to about half. Here is my Hybrid dough proofing. So I tried 25 minutes gave the bread a rotation and another 10. A little too long for the rectangle loaf. Ok onto the straight leaving Bacon bread tried 20 minutes with a rotation and another 10 minutes and the money shot! Next week I am thinking a merlot rosemary with cracked pepper sourdough... maybe
  12. Well that sucks! Hope to see you back on here sooner or later.
  13. @MacKenzie they worked out too well! I have a list longer then my arm for flavors to try! I know I was worried they weren’t going to be too small for the tines. They fit just perfect!
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