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  1. Forgot to take pictures while on KK. Temp was at 550 and took 12 minutes
  2. Dry brined, butter injected and Smoking tasty Amazes me how small it looks on the 32
  3. First time doing a calzone and with the Komodo stone on the top rack it’s a perfect setup.
  4. We exposed my son to lobster at too young an age and continue to PAY for it. Of course 22nd birthday request was LOBSTER AND STEAK. you cannot beat the kk 2 zone cooking.
  5. 11 lb pork shoulders. These are two different cooks where the ones on right was with hickory at 225. The left one was with only Dennis’s Coco at 205-210. The right one came out with a tasty bark but was not near as moist and a theory I heard was that cooking below boiling point dehydrates the meat. Anyone have any thoughts on this as it might be less humid at lower temp and evaporate moisture from meat?
  6. Prime 15lb brisket from Costco. 20 hours later Heaven.
  7. Wife brought one home from the store and had to take the challenge. Done prime rib before but never the pork version. Indirect for a few hours then reverse sear and I highly recommend this cut Pixs below
  8. Gloves is a better solution. Thanks
  9. Still breaking in my big bad 32 but had to make tandoori chicken. I have been lucky enough to eat Indian food on several continents so was slightly intinmidated but had to give it a try. Absolutely amazing. I dry brined for 24 hours and marinated for 6 hours (sans salt). Cooked onlower grate at 400. Only mistake was I forgot to oil grates so had to manage yoghurt grill stick. Plus anyone recommend extra long tongs?
  10. Good point on the uncooked photos bombing. This time forgot the after picture but will in future
  11. First turkey in KK32. 3 days brined, 350d for about 3 hours. I tried the Meater probe as was impressed
  12. Drip pan to be used and 350-375 temp. Figure 3+ hours? Purchased a MEATER probe to help monitor without opening the kk
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