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  1. My copy arrived yesterday, too, and the day before another lovely book on Tajines that looks really promising. This is a gorgeous book, by the way.
  2. Thanks, I have printed it out. It seems to me that the secret of all good Indian cooking is toasting the spices while they are in fresh form, grinding them, and using them immediately.
  3. Getting back to leg of lamb, another technique is to butterfly it and grill over higher heat, and I think I may try this next time, as it would increase the surface-to-meat ratio and step up the lovely flavor of the garlic-rosemary (and maybe anchovy ) paste......which was really yummy on my recent roast.
  4. Yes, not cheap ($58) but I ordered one through Amazon.....
  5. Lovely! I've never tried coffee wood, will have to see if I can find some.
  6. The recipe I was using for roasting in the KK stipulated leaving the fat on and cooking "meat side down". It makes sense that you would want to remove the fat for rotisserie, however, as you would want the leg to cook evenly, which it obviously couldn't do with a 1/2" fat cap on one side.
  7. Thanks, I printed it out and I will remember about the garlic (garlic is your friend.)
  8. I know this boneless leg of lamb I got from Costco is an Australian lamb, but sorry, they don't indicate the breed. The lamb, as usual, turned out to be fabulous- nearly every time I do this, I end up saying the same thing: Why don't we lamb more often? Of course, it was a six pound piece of meat, so now I will be soliciting favorite recipes for leftover or reheated lamb roast, as we probably have enough for four more nights. Hmmmmmm. Curried lamb, lamb hash.... BTW, it turned out great- very simple recipe to make a paste with fresh garlic and rosemary rubbed all over the roast and cooked
  9. Alas, just last night put the last three anchovy fillets left over from the caesar dressing I made from scratch the week before in my wife's Chef's Salad. Not the sort of thing I keep around on hand, although I should, at least as a paste. Did manage to make a paste with one whole bulb of very fresh garlic, a lot of fresh rosemary, and a little olive oil. The results shown in attached photo. Leg of lamb is on the grill. Results in about 2 hours, eta, more or less.
  10. Well, boys and girls, I scored a 6.5 lb boneless leg of lamb yesterday at Costco, and I plan on cooking it tomorrow on my 32" KK. Haven't been through ALL my BBQ cookbooks yet, but so far, Franklin doesn't have anything to say about lamb. I am going to have to find Meathead Godwyn....in the meanwhile, I am sure some of you, especially my Aussie colleagues, have some tips and recommendations for doing a nice leg of lamb?
  11. Not to put too fine a point on it ( and THANK YOU , DENNIS, for clarifying) but maybe the proper perspective is that Kanye, a miserable human being by all accounts, and Kim, maybe they have some redeeming qualities?
  12. Tony, Jeff- great suggestions. I will try that. I had not thought of clipping the temperature probe to the meat probe. Tucker, your suggestion would work if I using just one heat deflecting pan in the center of the KK, but I used two smaller ones directly under each butt with about a 3" gap between them in the center, for-presumably- better smoke circulation. Of note to all- there is also a somewhat significant temperature differential left-right on KK as you can see from the photo. I put the smaller butt on the left and the larger on the right, and was surprised when the smaller required an a
  13. And today's cook: first, the two pork shoulders, dry marinated overnight with Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust. Second, Happy 32" KK, ramping up.... and lastly, four hours in and looking good.
  14. I don't (trust the Guru temp probe). The KK is always in the same place and always measuring the temperature the same way, so it is going to be my standard. RIght now at this moment (I am in the last two hours of the cook, when you want to raise the cooking temp on the now-wrapped shoulders- to 300*. The KK temp probe is reading right at 300. The Guru probe, which is lying on top of the grill next to the meat, shielded from direct heat, is reading 360*. I am okay with that. The shoulder has just started out of the stall in the last hour and is now steadily climbing towards 203*. I've also
  15. I set up my 32" KK with two 8x12" disposable baking pans filled with water, on the first grate above the charcoal and wood, placed close to the center and about 3" apart. I used to use a larger single 18x12" water/drip pan, but I thought- and this is highly theoretical- that for purposes of good smoke turbulence throughout the cooking area where the meat is, I was better served to have a space between the two drip pans which also serve as heat diffusers, to allow some of the smoke and heat to come up directly from the center of the pit and some come up around the outside of the diffusing pans.
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