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  1. I made this up on a whim thinking of a fantastic chipotle wine sauce at a TX tex-mex chain called Cantina Laredo. This is just like their's but I think it is even better. Note - my salsa of choice is very hot - combined with the chipotles in adobo sauce this sauce had a healthy heat kick. If this stuff was poured on your favorite possession you would eat said possession to not let the sauce go to waste It is that fantastic. Ingredients are approximations. 1 oz unsalted butter 1/2 cup half-half (maybe 1/3 cup) 1/8 cup white wine 1 heaping teaspoon chicken bullion paste 1 Tbs K
  2. The Philly was the warmup for the KK dinner. My wife surprised me with some Snake River Farms ribeyes for Christmas and I cooked the first on Sunday night once the Philly had settled. Cut a couple of minutes too early as evidence by the juice but damn if it wasn't cooked just how I like it
  3. Not on the KK (apologies if not allowed on this particular post). Made a philly last weekend with homemade wit-wiz. At the last minute I realized I had a beer in my hand so made it a beer cheese sauce. Poured on the sandwich of course but it also became the au jus
  4. I got on the hipster bandwagon this weekend and made birria tacos. I used Chef John's recipe. Started making as a stew but took longer than I'd planned so instead of eating a bowl added the extra liquid to thin the aus jus and went straight to tacos. I forgot to dice the carrots/celery as well. Instead of 7 guajilo's I did 4 guajilo, 2 pasila, and 1 ancho. No reason other than I had them and wanted to experiment. Yesterday my wife pickled some red onion so tossed that on today's lunch. It is cliche, but these are quite possibly the best damn tacos I've ever eaten. I wish I had a pot of th
  5. Happy SB hangover all. A few cooks from the past couple of weeks. Tri-Tip: Excellent as always. This is my new favorite protein to grill. We sliced super thin, toasted some "French" brioche hamburger buns that were spread with Duke's mayo (instead of butter for toasting on the griddle), drizzle some garlic & wine butter, sliced onions and pickles, then a drizzle of BBQ sauce - sandwich heaven. The BBQ sauce was "Lillie's Carolina BBQ sauce". I'm ignorant as to its authenticity but my wife and I both like it. Not too sweet, lots of twang. Ribeye: Prime grade from Costco. My w
  6. I have a small (6"?) pork tenderloin. I plan to butterfly and stuff with cheese and veggies. I'm asking for recs for cooking - it'll be tonight so no 3 hour smokes. 350 indirect for an hour? Then sear? I know I should shoot for an internal temp but just asking for rough time/temp methods. Thanks!
  7. I haven't posted in a few weeks but not for lack of cooking! Here are several items I've done during the holidays and recently. 1st two pics - Tenderloin stuffed with Fior di latte, parrano, and roasted red bells. Smoked over coffee char (I think - probably also leftovers from other cooks) then final sear on the evo. A tad overcooked but its tenderloin so still very good. 3rd - greek lamb chops, green beans, and (over-cooked) greek potatoes. 4th - pork belly burnt ends and a few thick slices for tacos. Fogo yellow and a chunk of post oak. I pulled the thick slices before do
  8. Last week I made my first roadside chicken wings (and a couple of breasts). Turned out pretty good. Smoked over pecan for a while then cranked the heat and move to direct side. At that point I added the breasts. The money shot though was the tri-tip. First time I've cooked one, not just first on a KK. This thing was absolutely perfect. My wife and I killed a 1.75 lb with only about 3 slices left. I ate those a couple of days later by heating to 135 in a sous vide bath. It might have been even better that second time.
  9. Resurrecting this thread for chili-heads since it is starting to be that time of season (in DFW at least). Your last 15 minutes or so toss in 4 or 5 peppers from a can of peppers in adobo sauce. Stir around a bit, then fish them out before serving. Adds a fantastic smokey undertone and pending the the size of your batch of chili some heat as well! Skipped all the BS and went straight to my secret ingredient
  10. Dropped some wings in the marinade during lunch. Plan to pat dry then smoke for dinner. I'll finish with a hard sear and basting w/the extra batch of sauce I made. Ran out of Worcestershires about a little over 1/8th cup for the baste batch, so I topped it off to 1/4 cupt w/Crystal Hot Sauce.
  11. To summarize (is in correct) my 367 at 1.5 hours so just assume it’s about there still, check Bird temp periodically, and don’t sweat it? 😀
  12. How fast should the temp recover on the thermometer? Lit at 320pm, started tinkering with vents at 3:50pm and 380 temp. Tinker tinker gradually dropping to 367 @4:57 pm. Open to add the smoker pot mentioned above at 5, bird on at 5:21. tinker a bit, see smoke, open bottom to slow the smoke, close back to a sliver at 5:42 It is now 6:11 and the temp is still at 312. Top and bottom are same settings as when I opened at 4:57 to add the smoker pot. I’d it blocking/ absorbing a ton of my heat I’m guessing now during my edit? Surely it’s heat soaked at 1.5 hours, should
  13. Doing my first turkey today. 4.8lb bone-in breast. I-D-10-T error and didn't brine overnight, so we pivoted at 10am and rather than lighting the KK I made a quick brine (salt/water/pickle juice/brown sugar). Just the two of us so no guests to accommodate. I bought a 2 cup (yes - cup) cast iron pot and put 2 holes in the bottom - going to fill it w/pecan chips. Using cocochar. Not sure if I'll throw the pot in at initial light. Probably wait a bit since it is so small. I'll be using a 1/2 basket in the 21. About to light after I post this, heat soak for 1.5 hours or so, and hopefully
  14. Yep, got these at Costco. Always grab a pack when they have the prime cap available, vacuum seal and freeze, and done. I've seen some act as if it is sacrilege to cook fish on the KK - here's my Mahi from last night. Indirect over 1/2 basket, regular grate, put some aluminum foil over the top of the basket splitter in case anything fell. It was perfect. Excellent fish tacos! Wednesday is seafood night @ the house since the trash goes out that night. We'll cook it other times as well, but Wednesday is almost always seafood.
  15. Nailed this prime ribeye cap steak last night. Sides are ugly but done right instant mash potatoes are one of life's guilty pleasures. 1/2 basket cocochar with some leftover fogo and/or coffee char (I forget what was in my leftover bowl I keep in a cabinet next to the KK). Indirect on main grate about 270 then up to 310 when wife started complaining that I was running much later than my estimate. Pulled at 118 internal and opened the blast furnace. tossed back on and alternated about 45 seconds per side on sear grate until internal hit 125, then I just kept it on the less seared sid
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