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  1. Did one rack dry, 2 wet. Turned out awesome. Burnt ends were especially tasty.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Just did my second brisket. Never once opened the grill and it turned out excellent. I’ve been told the pics look dry which is odd because it’s by far the best, most tender brisket I’ve ever done.
  3. Right, I’m using a pan as well. But for my other smokes, I’ve basically covered the coals with aluminum foil wrapped around the metal band that latches to the charcoal basket. I’m getting the sense I didn’t need to do that (although the meat turned out excellent). Basically it seems I can wrap a lower grade with foil and place a drip pan below and I’m set?
  4. So I’m cooking a brisket that will be roughly 12 lbs after trimming. Just wrap most of the bottom grate on my 32” and that will be sufficient?
  5. When using aluminum foil, do you cover the lower grate or the little piece that covers the charcoal basket?
  6. What is everyone’s preferred coal since CoCo seems to be in short supply?
  7. Thanks. For smokes, what is your process to lighting the coal? So far I’ve started the fire and let it burn for 10-15 before covering it the aluminum foil method recommended here. Seems to work well but curious if there is a better, more efficient way? Also, did pulled pork yesterday. It was the best I’ve ever cooked. Need to take a meat break now. IMG_1515.MOV
  8. Grill arrived Wednesday and I’ve used it everyday so far. Here are a couple cooks that I was pleased with. Burgers
  9. We have a courtyard where it can be seen from 3 sides. Just need some friends to help
  10. We are up and running with the burn in. Delivery guy wouldn’t help me bring it in. Will garage for now and get buddies to help move it when the COVID scare is over.
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