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  1. Going to cook my first turkey on a 23KK with the rotisserie. Just looking for a few pointers. Right now my 14lb bird is wet brining. When I pull it out, I will let air dry uncovered in the refrigerator for 24 hours. I’d o the same with my chicken, season with salt and pepper only, and they turn out fantastic. I am looking for crispy skin and juicy meat. So here goes: Basket or Spit? I have both. Oil/butter on the skin or forgo? Baking Powder on the skin with herbs? Do you need a binder like butter/oil? What works for you? Thanks!
  2. Great info - thanks you for your replies.
  3. Thanks for the info - really appreciate !
  4. Hello …….. I am going to do my next long smoke using the foil pouch method. I realize there is the cast iron pot method too, but I would like to limit this discussion to the foil pouch. I am planning on using unsoaked wood chunks. A few questions. How many for a 5 hours of smoke before the bark achieves 140+ degrees? Do you want space between them or pack them in tight/wrap tight or loose? Like the pot, do you put 3 pencil sized holes on the bottom near the center? Holes up or holes down toward the fire? Any advice you can provide, pictures, etc would be great - really appreciate the help! All the best
  5. Thanks for the tip! I talked to Dennis yesterday and he gave me some excellent advice. I am going to try the foil pouch and chunk smoking method next time. Also, Dennis recommended that I close the damper on my fan to 25% open because the fire still vents through the fan while it is off andhe is exactly spot on. My fire kept wanting to climb and this explains why.
  6. When smoking meats, I’ve read the the billowing smoke talked about in earlier posts is not what you want to smoke with. You want light clean blue smoke. In a stick burner, you are adding wood to hot embers which produces some billowy smoke initially but settles to a blue smoke quickly. Is anyone using smoke tubes, throwing wood chunks on the top of the charcoal instead of underneath, or using wood logs in their KK in a manner like a true stick burner or something close? I put wood chunks under the coals and my Boston Butts had very little smoke flavor. However, I did throw chunks on top of an established fire doing a reverse sear, got the nice blue smoke and had fantastic wood smoke taste on 3 in NY Strips. Has others tried this on long cooks?
  7. Well I went fat cap down so I guessed right!! What temps and vent openings on the KK do you like? I started at 275 with a Fireboard 2 controller and a Viper fan. I think my initial fire was just a tad big but not bad. I controlled the temp with the vent about at 1/8 of a turn open. Would 225-250 and a larger vent opening be more beneficial? Thanks for all of your help!
  8. Here is award winning pit master Harry Soo’s setup video for his Weber Smokey Joe. Works fantastic on the KK for long cooks. No cast iron pots needed. Be sure to use a little less fire than Harry does when using the chimney to start things or the temps can get away from you in the KK. Also, there is lots of smoke in for the first hour when I am preheating but then it tapers off beautifully to a clean blue smoke. The method works fantastic. Enjoy.
  9. Quick Question Fat side up or down? Or doesn’t it matter? Check out award winning pit master Harry Soo’s method for setting up his Weber Smokey Joe. Works fantastic on the KK. No cast iron pots needed. Thanks
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