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  1. you may have the same question I asked Dennis when ordering mine. Each grill is unique in the site. Note the stock number on each grill. The pictures on the site are also unique per grill. You can zoom in and chose your favorite. I imagine matte black grills probably wont show much difference from one to another. Other tiles like Terra blue or the golds produce unique grills with different shades and patterns. For instance, take a look at the 32" BB inventory. You can see many gold ones in stock all of which have unique pattern/shade. Hope this helps!
  2. Yes, the more sensible choice would be the 32. However, my heart is with the 42. So, it's not you 32, it's me.... I contacted Dennis and changed my order to a 42 SBB in Terra blue!!!! . My countdown now begins. I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas. Thanks a lot everyone! So many helpful comments and ideas. Couple things that swayed me to change my 32 order to the 42: 1. YOLO 2. The fact that as awesome as the 32 is/would be, I would always have the 42 in the back of my mind. "if I had just...." 3. If I ever decide to get another KK, I can always pair with a
  3. Yes. The 32 is the sane choice 100%. . As I mentioned this is just me after the looks of the 42. How bad would it be in practical terms is the question. Is the 42 only good when you're doing a massive cook? how bad is it for a small cook? I found this post about someone using their 23 with a charcoal basket. This got me thinking if the key would be to load a charcoal basket like that for smaller quick cooks (couple burgers, etc). All in all, I don't want to buy the 42 just to realize it is so massive it's impractical for me to use. Is that the case?
  4. I am thinking about getting a BB32. After talking with Dennis I am considering a SBB42. In practical terms, the 32 would be the right size to pick but the 42 looks amazing. I am ok upgrading to the 42 but wanted to ask those who have the 42 in a multiple KK combination. I wamt to know how impractical the 42 is for small cooks and day to day life. I generally cook for 4 people with the 5-10 person cook couple times a year during holidays and such. How hard and/or impractical would the 42 be as a main cooker in a family of 4? (couple steaks and couple burgers for the kiddos is 95% of my
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