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  1. glx

    Smoke Generator

    Yep. Guess I have a small unoppened pack. I will try it today on my rib rack that is currently in my KK with a pork shoulder
  2. glx

    Smoke Generator

    Thank you all. I believe i have some pbw around from my wine making days. Will give it a try.
  3. Hi all. In the next few days I will order a rotisserie spit from Dennis because while I find the rottisserie basket excellent to use, cleaning it requires some work. I am thinking if I also throw in the basket one of the smoke generators. Currently I go back and forth between just chucking chunks on top of the coals and using the drilled Dutch oven set on the coals. I have seen that quite a few of you guys have the smoke generator. What is the consensus? How often do you smoke and of the times you smoke, how often do you use the smoke generator. What do you find yourself using it more often for (if you don't use it every time you smoke). Appreciate any help in making a decision on this.
  4. Ok. After truly trying the splitter for quite a few cooks, i think it is awesome for steaks and pork chops. There are other ways to sear and than cook but having the grill with a two zone definitely is easier and works better. My only gripe is that for steaks and pork chops I go with the middle grid at 450 because the upper grid is too far from the fire. With the 21" grill and the middle grate the space to sear and then move over becomes very small (see below) either 3 NY strips or four chops. Makes me want the 32" that much more.
  5. Ok. So decided to truly give a try to the splitter today with 3 NY strips. Usually I sear at high heat on the lower grate, take the steaks out, put the upper grate in and drop the temp a bit before putting the steaks back. Today I got the grill up to 475 with the splitter. Seared 3 NY strips on the hot side and then moved them indirect until cooked. Same great taste but easier to deal with than what I was doing previously. Only negative is space with the 21" would allow for only one more steak. A few pictures below.
  6. Thx. Brisket always comes out very good and always tastes better in sone sort of a taco form. Or just naked with nothing on it. Thx Pequod. I understand the idea of the two zone the trouble I have had with the splitter on the 21" is that I end up with a fairly small grill size when the 21" is split in two. Maybe next time I smoke a roast or NY strip I will try to use the split basket rather than smoke it and than crank up the heat to sear (which is what I am doing now). Will report back once I get a chance to try. The quarantine is proving to be extremely detrimental to keeping the calorie intake to a reasonable level 😣
  7. I feel like I'm hijacking this thread because still not sure what can I do with my basket splitter on the 21" KK, but below some pics of the bark and the final product.
  8. Yep. Bigger than neccessary, if there is such a thing. The smallest I could find at the butcher, 18 lbs before trimming the fat. Not sure if today will be the first time I try elephant meat 😁 About 15-16 lbs after trimming. The strange part is that it must have been the quickest cooking brisket I have ever done. Set it last night at 7:30PM @235 F, wrapped it at 1:30 am in butcher paper. Hit 204F and soft as butter at 7:30 am this morning. Resting now before slicing for lunch.
  9. I have been putting the lower grate in so I can put aluminum foil to create indirect heat. After writing that yesterday I had a duh.. moment. Today I just put a brisket and instead of the lower grate I put in the middle grate which sits just a tad higher and tada, the dutch oven fits perfectly.
  10. Has anyone found a use for the splitter on a 21" KK. If u did please share because I would love to put my splitter to use. Bought an extra basket and splitter when I got my 21" KK and tried using the splitter once for burgers. Did not like it. I only had 6 burgers all on the direct side and the ones closer to the blocked side (still over the fire) took much longer to cook and look good. Hind sight maybe should have gone for the cold smoker instead since i am finding it hard to accomodate a cast iron pot under the low grate when doing a long smoke.
  11. I have the 21. I think that choosing between 21 and 23 I would still have gone 21. I am already starting to dream of a 32 though. Maybe my original question should have not been 21 or 23 but 21 or 32.
  12. Thx pequod. Definitely next time with this dough will either go for a lower temp or the baking stone. Two weeks ago I made pizza using a neapolitan dough recipe (only 00 flour, yeast, salt and water) and the first pizza ended up with an undercooked bottom with the baking steel at 550F. Had to crank it up to 600 to get a nice crust on my other two pizzas. I think I liked better the ckreef dough recipe though, so I will probably use it again next time.
  13. More cooking this weekend. Yesterday did a piri piri chicken on the rottisserie. Delicious but I think the simple salt and pepper chicken on the rottisserie was better. Lunch time today gave a try to ckreef's pizza dough recipe, with the grill set up at 575F and a baking steel, it came out delicious. But on the next try I will need to stretch the dough a little more because the crust was too thick and also will use the pizza stone I got from Dennis because the baking steel got too hot for that dough at 575F. Dinner if course needed something nicer than pizza so opted for a paella. Not enough hours on the weekend to cook everything that I want to try KK on. 20200201_182048.mp4
  14. I have used the recipe and technique listed on Naked Whiz multiple times and every time it comes out awesome. Only two in here too and I never smoke less than 3 pounds because it ends up not being enough http://www.nakedwhiz.com/smokedsalmon.htm
  15. Before this I had a large BGE for about 10 years. That has an 18" grate and I found out that in 10 years I could only recall twice needing more space than what I had. If you look at the comparison between 21" vs 23" KKs the difference on main grate size is so small that once in a blue moon that I might need more than 21", the 23" will not be the answer (the 32" would, but that is a completely different ball game). With this information at the back of my head, I called Dennis and had a conversation with him, which reinforced my initial thoughts. Therefore I used the money difference between the 21" and 23" to get a bunch of accessories for my 21".
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