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  1. Pulled at 200 F, rest for 1 hour IMG_8468.MP4
  2. Hello, I have cooked those same ribs for 8 hours at 250 F, the trick is to open only the part of the circles below the second smallest, once the coals are lit, above it opens to 1/2 for fluidity on the smoke
  3. Hello my friend that is Red Jalapeño
  4. I cooked at 350F out internal 125F amazing
  5. I use the recipe from Tuffy Stone!
  6. Thanks my friend, I’m very happy with that shorts Ribs but I leave to mucho time resting because my guest is not arriving on time so stay resting about 2 hour 45 min that is the reason the ribs no look juicy but is not bad! Is very very tender
  7. Avg 14 pound brisket we just try find info is somebody in the past made whole brisket on the kk 19”
  8. Hello there is have a questions? my brother is looking to buy KK 19” and we try to know have enough space on the main grill for cook a whole brisket
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