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  1. I wasted a lot of wood learning how to hand chase threads. It is so fun and addicting though. I have basically just made a ton of small ring boxes the last little while to practice. My problem is it is super hard to find hand chasers outside of 16 tpi. You have to run the lathe super slow and use super dense wood. It is a blast though.
  2. I guess I never really responded besides saying how jealous I was about playing Torrey Pines. like many here I love to golf. I was not able to get out as much during covid but enough to keep me sane. I also love to woodwork. I have fallen In Love with the lathe. Since then I have not done much flat work. cooking is what has kept me the most sane duty this time especially on my new Komodo kamado. Here are a few of my woodturnings.
  3. I am so jealous! I will play Torrey pines one day! When we travel for vacation and go to La Jolla cove to snorkel, I drive by and make my family mad because I am wasting their time. Lol
  4. Decided to make a handle for my wrench to clean the grates.
  5. I had the same idea for the wrench. It would be crazy easy to make a handle on a lathe. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Can someone post the brand of 3/8” open ended wrench that is rounded. So I can purchase on to clean my grill grates. I cannot find one that is rounded enough to do a good job. Thank you in advance!
  7. Have not figured out yet what I will cook first. Doing the burn in now just wasting coal. Probably a good thing. Trying to figure out temperature control.
  8. Could you measure the grates? Length, width and height ? Thank you so much! All of them that come with the big bad 32.
  9. Can someone measure their 32 Big Bad grates for me? I am looking at different storage solutions including building my own. I would love exact sizes of the grates. Thank you in advance.
  10. I special ordered a 32 in August. It should be here by next week. I live in South Jordan. Let me know if you are interested.
  11. What size,grill And accessories did you choose?
  12. Just to clarify it is the 32 big bad terra blue. Sorry if I made that confusing. As I understand it, the half rack is standard in the 32. I am so excited! I am way excited to cook proteins and veggies at the same time.
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