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  1. Troble

    Whole Hog

    Not sure depends on size of hog. I have to talk to my butcher bud I’m thinking something 50lbs or less.
  2. Troble

    Whole Hog

    I’m thinking of attempting this on my 32 KK I saw an old thread from 2019 on the topic but wondering if anyone had tried it in the last year or has any tips. I want to give this a go before the year is out but not super confident on prep/cuts etc any advice is appreciated
  3. @Basher that pic of the brisket on the grill....props to you for sticking with it and posting it no matter what. They don’t always look pretty do they?
  4. @tony b it’s much worse in the Bay Area than San Diego. It looked apoplectic in SF
  5. After I just posted things “refocused”/got smaller...weird test pic
  6. @MacKenzie - making corn tortillas from scratch to start....impressive! Great looking nachos
  7. That is amazing Basher. I just relayed this story to my wife and how it was you who originally sparked the idea of the flat top griddle, and both were remodeling and getting solar. That’s too coincidental. it was a really inspiring episode at one point I leaned over to my wife and told her in another world I would go try to work under that guy to learn because his cooking is exactly what I’m into The Rodney Scott episode also inspired me to tell my wife that I will be attempting a whole hog cook on my KK at some point in 2020., but I need to do some research first....
  8. If any of you have Netflix you should check out this show. I just finished episode 2 which is about this Aussie guy named Lennox Hastie. Awesome show. I’ve watched the previous seasons of this show but this season is all BBQ and hits close to home check it out
  9. Be careful @tony b that’s fire country. What wineries you visiting Ike you’re up there?
  10. boneless leg of lamb. Sliced and cooked on the rotisserie like my adobada and chicken schawarma. Really tasty, although I didn’t sliced it prior to marinating if so hence you can see color differential in meat initially. served with cous cous, Mediterranean salad w/fresh mint from the garden and roasted potatoes with lemon thyme and rosemary from the garden its 105 today which has broken a record for San Diego so trying to do the Mediterranean cool thing....works for everyone but the guy slicing meat off a rotisserie that’s over 450 degree coals...WTF was I thinking....thank go
  11. @Basher I’m somewhat familiar with the Australia market. I know some of the SolarEdge guys down there and one of my friends quit SolarEdge and moved his family from SF to Melbourne to take a job at Enphase so he keeps me abreast when we chat. if you ever have any questions just reach out
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