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  1. @oakland looks like a good effort to me. I’ve found that I prefer prime grain finished. I’ve tried grass fed a few times and honestly the grain finish tasted better and turned out better than both grass fed briskets I did. Try to get a prime gain finished. They sell them at my butcher shop usually (haven’t seen one though in a month) and Costco Business has them as well
  2. Rotisserie chicken two ways. On the left butter, olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper and rosemary, tarragon, thyme and fresh oregano on the right it’s Peruvian spiced chicken with pink Peruvian salt, garlic, black pepper, aji amarillo, aji panca & cumin teboko & Tonyb inspired crispy air fryed potatoes completed the meal and I can’t believe I’ve lived me entire life without air fryer potatoes holy smokes!
  3. @Pequod the bottom of that crust is superb!
  4. I’ve gotten better under your tutelage Mac
  5. Pizza night. Cheese pizza, pepperoni, Hawaiian, veggie. 6 weeks of consecutive pizza cooking and I can say my crust game is improving. I finally nailed the sauce and will be using this recipe going forward
  6. Thanks Mac. That was my wife’s plate she likes Tadziki. I forgot to take a picture of mine 😀
  7. Been prepping for this cook in my head fir months. Bought the meat Wednesday. Marinated it for two days. got the bone in leg of lamb even though my butcher told me I was crazy to do bone in on a rotisserie. I was very happy with the results. First time cooking a piece of lamb this big and let alone on the rotisserie. I may have slightly overcooked it but it the flavors were in point served with Mediterranean chickpea salad and homemade Tadziki Quite possibly the most fun/enjoyable cook of my life. Very happy with the first effort IMG_2572.MOV
  8. Not sure if this counts but leftover chicken from Wednesday repurposed with fresh handmade tortillas ($2.99 for pack of 15 from my local market) into quesadillas with fresh avocado (cause we put avocado on everything in San Diego)
  9. First time grilling sausages on indirect heat. I really enjoyed the result. Will be doing it again
  10. Bourbon sausages w/Stone IPA whole grain mustard
  11. While cleaning out my pantry and spice shelve today I happened upon some Peruvian pink salt. I used said salt along with some oregano, cumin, garlic powder and black pepper to create a rub for some chicken breast Since I’m soaking my grill grates overnight I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bust out the half grate and break it in. I grilled chicken breasts and made a healthy chicken bowl with homemade guacamole, Mexican shredded cheese, cherry tomatoes, black beans corn and quinoa I got a 4 & 2 year old so I try to make dishes that we can all eat. Chicken was awesome
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