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  1. @remiive seen al pastor pizza in San Diego it’s definitely a thing. Nice job!
  2. I’ve been experimenting off and on with a “Peruvian spiced brisket” over the past four years or so and today I got a little closer to truly nailing the flavors I’m looking for soy sauce pat down followed by Peruvian spice rub of aji Amarillo, aji pancake, salt, pepper, garlic powder, little brown sugar tasty bark!
  3. @jonji have a feeling that could happen this summer. I started a new job and will be traveling to the Midwest more. I’m kind of targeting a business trip that coincides with the USA Copa America match in KC, but it’s Monday July 1st so will have to see
  4. Thank you! I pour the marinade liquid into a bowl and baste it a few times while it’s spinning.
  5. Went to Costco business today to pick up pork biutts for next weekend ebded up leaving with 2 8lb pork butts, 4 pork tenderloins, a 15lb prime brisket and a bone in leg of lamb marinated the lamb in my beef Schwab’s dub and then skin on the rotisserie and made a Mediterranean salad and dirty rice with red onion, salt, pepper, cumin, cardamom, all spices nutmeg mint Served with toasted pita and feta and homemade tadziki
  6. Flat iron steak two ways. One with Worcester & Montreal steak seasoning, the other with a Peruvian rub of Salt, garlic powder, cumin, aji Amarillo & aji panca roasted potatoes tossed in duck fat, truffle salt, rosemary & thyme Caesar salad chimmichuri
  7. Thinking about @tony b @jonj this afternoon while roasting chickens in 60 degrees & sun weather at 5pm
  8. @remi great cut and perfect cook! Made me hungry
  9. @tekobo42 tortillas in 30 minutes is pretty impressive! Sounds like an excellent feast. Can’t wait to see the meal photos Happy New Year! Salud!
  10. Brisket, honey baked ham, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, stuffing, gravy
  11. @MacKenziethanksgiving dinner would be my “death row meal”. I love it more than any other plate. I forgot to do green beans this year but the turkey was the finest I’ve cooked in my life to date so that was nice. Wet brined for 24 hours in hot water, apple juice, kosher salt, garlic powder, black peppercorns, fresh cut lemon thyme from the garden, Montreal steak seasoning, fresh cut honeycrisp apple chunks and a pinch of brown sugar. Then rubbed with Irish butter, thyme, rosemary mix and place two slices of Irish butter under the skin on top of the breast meat smoked on the KK at 225 with apple wood for 5 hours until thighs were 165 and rested for 3 hours before carving. Absolutely tasty. My new bar for Thanksgiving turkeys
  12. This is a relatively simple dish took cook. I tried to recreate this from a dish my wife ordered in Aguas Calirnte, which is the town at the base of Manchu Pichu i took a chicken breast and rubbed salt, garlic powder and cumin on it. Then sliced the side and inserted goat cheese. I let the rub settle in for about an hour then put in fridge for another couple hours before cooking made some tricolor quinoa, let it cool down or even get cold. Then took eggs and mixed them in a bowl and prepared a bowl of flour.next to it took the quinoa and spread it on a plate took out chicken and dipped in flour first, then soaked in egg, then pressed on the quinoa, when I flip the chicken over to press the other side in the quinoa I use my hands to make sure I cover the entire breast with quinoa. Put into baking dish. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes and finish under the broiler for another 10 minutes at 376 so the quinoa gets crusty on top serve with mashed potatoes and a little homemade gravy and you’ve got Peruvian quinoa crusted chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese
  13. Troble

    Burnt Ends Recipe?

    Thanks @C6Bill I ended up watching his YouTube videos and went that route. Think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. Everyone loved it
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