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  1. @fauna 11 course tasting menu with wine pairing. $90
  2. My wife and I are down here for the first time in 2 years (no kids!). So next few days I’ll be posting our eating journey. Love this place it’s magical started with lunch today at Salve Asador de Campestre aguachiles, ceviche, tuna rolled tacos and grilled octopus. 100 degrees outside so good food/weather
  3. @tony b funny I was literally thinking about making something similar last night after watching Rick Bayliss make a show cooked beef rib with a mole sauce. I did a slow cooked beef rib then put it into a sauce for another 8 hours and put it over pappardelle pasta last year on news years Eve and it was luxurious. Very rich though i agree with you that the beef rib is incredible but I find it’s a special occasion dish as it is very rich, but I think you’ll see me cooking one in the not to distant future as it’s been on my mind a bit. You’re looks lovely as usual iM hungry now
  4. Happy birthday @C6Bill. Looks like a great meal to celebrate a milestone birthday. Well done
  5. Saw this article about it this morning on my news feed. https://qz.com/2060418/why-are-so-many-container-ships-waiting-to-dock-in-california/ hang in there Dennis!
  6. Thanks @Tuck I know that brand Incas food it’s legit and candidly I’m still working on my Pollo a la brasa marinade. I was planning on going to Peru last March and nailing down a few recipes but that trip got cancelled due to the pandemic
  7. @Tuck looks good. I’d love to see the recipes you used for the sauce and chicken.
  8. Homemade Green Curry Paste Green curry with chicken, snow peas, red, yellow & orange bell peppers, sweet onions and oyster mushrooms super tasty. Green curry is my standard Thai dish that I judge Thai places by. This is better than my neighborhood Thai restaurants. So easy to make once you have the paste
  9. @BOC I agree I tried my hand baking bread last year at the beginning of the pandemic abs found it was too much effort. Same with tortillas I can buy excellent freshly made bread and tortillas locally so I search out the proper store to purchase bread rather than waste my time with it @Basher I’ll send you a DM
  10. Everything is done and purchased. We’re keeping the cabinets and restaining them. Tile floor, new backsplash, new countertops, new fridge, dishwasher, sink, faucet new range top and new vent fan wife and I do our research online then didn’t answer entire day shopping at stores, it’s what we’ve done on all our home projects but she and I can make decisions quickly but we do loads of research online prior. Just waiting for the kids birthdays and parties in October plus a lot of electronics are back ordered but we have our final meeting with the contractor we’ve selected tomorrow but anticipate an early November start date. I will post some pics before/after when it’s that time
  11. @BOC looks great. Do you make your own naan or purchase it somewhere? I prefer naan to pita as well but I’ve never tried to make it nor found a good spot locally to purchase
  12. I used to make my own Thai curry pastes but haven’t made it in at least 4 years so I decided to make my red & green curry pastes on Sunday. I go to the Thai market and get all the stuff and every time I go there the lady says “oh is this for your wife?” And I tell her “no it’s for me”. This time she responded by saying “wow you make very traditional curry paste, most foreigners don’t know to use shrimp paste”. I took it as a compliment tonight I used the red curry paste to make red curry with flank steak, red, yellow & orange bell peppers, sweet onion, oyster mushroom, mango, pineapple, Thai basil, lime zest & fish sauce. Served over jasmine rice. Pretty tasty and my jar of curry paste will last 3 months+ so super easy to make all kinds of currys quickly once the paste is made
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