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  1. No KK cooking for me last week, this week or next week as I’m on a 3 week Hawaiian trip with my family. One week in Kauai, one in Oahu and one in Maui and I did get to eat some delicious pig that was cooked underground last week (two pics for reference) but tonight I wanted to sneak in a non KK pic because of the setting of my “grill”. Teriyaki chicken cooked over charcoal with fried rice in my backyard here on Oahu. Was fun to cook with charcoal again as it always reminds me of camping, tailgating and my Weber Smokey mountain.
  2. Bourbon sausages with Dijon mustard on brioche bun served with frozen store bought Yukon gold fries dusted with garlic powder and truffle salt
  3. @jonjwhenever I see your name I get wine cellar envy and feel inadequate with my 15 year old 150 bottle plug is fridge so touché my friend
  4. So I joined the monthly club at my wagyu butcher. It entitles me to a free 1/2 wagyu cheeseburger and crispy potatoes every month plus a 12% discount on purchases. It’s a pretty smart marketing move because I go there and enjoy my burger & potatoes I order an IPA or two and I leave with a cut of meat everytime. Today I picked up some A5 filets about .9 of an lb total for two took another stab at making my crispy potatoes cakes on the griddle. Used he food processor today to slice the potatoes vs my feeble attempt on the ma doling last time which resulted in a pretty cut up knuckle. Tossed the potatoe slices in olive oil, truffle salt, thyme & oregano, big slab of butter on top. Finished with shredded cheese. Pretty tasty. Made 4 cakes only needed 2 wagyu filet with salt reverse seared in cast iron pan. sweet corn on the cob tasty little Zin & Syrah blend the wife had staged away. Solid meal
  5. I’m going to make it with aji amarillos next time instead of jalapeños. It’ll probably make it yellow but I bet the taste will be better
  6. My father in law came back from Peru and loaded me up on spices. So I made Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa. Marinated the chicken for 36 hours. Roasted potatoes with truffle salt, aji pan a & oregano. Topped with Peruvian Green sauce. Will eat this next few days.
  7. @Tyrusthats exactly how I like mine cooked perfect!
  8. @Tyrus looks delicious. Having fresh herbs is a true joy in cooking. The box looks great!
  9. Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket. Rubbed with soy sauce, Worcester, salt & pepper homemade cornbread man n cheese sweet corn on the cobb ribs two ways. Honey mustard, salt & pepper, aji Amarillo, aji panca & bbq sauce honey mustard, dizzy dust, bbq sauce
  10. Wild CA King Salmon Tricolor quinoa with sweet onion, celery and homegrown rainbow carrots griled asparagus
  11. @MacKenzie I wanted to do beef ribs yesterday but got too late a start to the day. Instead I ended up with Octopus! Those ribs look tasty. What will you do with the leftovers? Did you just do salt & pepper on them? How long and what temp was the cook?
  12. Rotisserie octopus. Marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper & orgeano Roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary & brown sugar Sweet corn
  13. Bourbon sausages. 88 degrees. Pool, beer & brats kind of day
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