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  1. So I have to I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the outcome today. I bought the Huacatay plant about a month ago, it starting taking off last two weeks I was super excited.for this cook. Remembered this site my mother in law told me a Lutheran I first starting dating my wife. It’s called www.yanuq.com it’s all in Spanish and is traditional Peruvian recipes so thought I was off to a good start used this recipe https://www.yanuq.com/buscador.asp?idreceta=919&cod=32 all systems go problem is it didnt specify the amount of Hiuacatay….no problem im a good cook I’ll figure it out…..started out good, sauce was green , tasted the Huacatay (I estimate I used about a cup wipers of fresh Huacatay), tasted good but had no kick, then I remembered I hadn’t put in any aji Amarillo so grabbed two aji Amarillo’s peppers tat are in a jar (candidly an old jar in my fridge). Added them but there was still no source. So I grabbed another Havel of fresh Huacatay and also added two tablespoons of aji Amarillo powder (old as well), still no spices kick so I added two lots tablespoons of aji Amarillo powder and it got SUPER salty and basically got out from under me. My wife says it tasted too much Huacatay it was salty as hell…..also turned a yellow color and more resembled the potato dish called papa a la huacuaina…..not bad tasting but not what I was expecting and if I’m being honest it was not as good as the Peruvian “green crack” recipe I’ve been using…..pretty disappointed oh well I will wait for my plant to grow back and try again but the queso fresco & evaporated milk were definitely much closer to the traditional Peruvian flavor profile, so I was encourage to be selling in the right direction…..however I fell off the path with the aji Amarillo tinkering
  2. Exactly @tony b sometimes I forget to clean it out before a long burn and that’s usually what happens but like I said it works well with brisket
  3. @tony b @tekobo got my Huacatay plant a few weeks ago going to be attending the real Peruvian green sauce tonight……stay tuned
  4. @Dennis I have experienced the burn on the next side of my charcoal basket even though I lit in in the middle. Happens a lot actually. I do a lot of slow and low cooks and quite often when I see my charcoal basket the left side burns much more than the right live chalked this up to usually bring my fault as when I’m not doing low and slow cooks I primarily use the hallf grate and have a pile of lump on the right that burns and I cook indirect and maybe do a reverse sear on the second grade close to the fire if iI’m grilling a steak or something because I cook this way most often I get a very uneven ash buildup on the bottom, lots of ask on the right side not a lot on the left. So when I go to do a low and slow cook unless I rehabbed to clear the ash prior to filling the basket with lump, I’m setting up a situation where there’s more since for air on the left side than right, this results in the uneven distribution of the burn it’s usually not a big deal and I actually use it to my advantage when I cook a brisket and I’ll put the point on the left side of my grill and let it go but also to add biz long when I’m doing low and slow I’m usually using the double drop pan in between the coals and top grate so it doesn’t really matter much that’s my long way of saying clean out the ash start fresh and see when I do rotisserie is where I really want an even burn so gif that I bought Dennis new rotisserie basket and I light on each end of the lump and watch it burn towards the middle
  5. Flat iron steak, grilled asparagus, grilled shiitake mushrooms & air fryed potatoes
  6. Troble


    Last weekend I went to Vegas to see my favorite band Phish play at the Sphere. I’ve been seeing Phish since my first show which was in Vegas in 1998. I’ve seen them over 100x by now but what I saw at the Sphere absolutely blew my mind. It was the most incredible concert experience I’ve ever seen. My buddy described it as “having a VR headset on while sitting next to the soundboard” Check it out this guys instagram has great shots https://www.instagram.com/scottharrisphoto?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  7. Look at that crust @David Chang
  8. I was inspired by @remi cook of my Peruvian polo a la brass so decided to make it tonight. Never disappoints @tony bi ate at a good Peruvian place yesterday and struck up a conversation with the chef who asked me where I sourced ingredients in San Diego…told him I grow my aji Amarillo and we got to discussing the Peruvian green sauce…the real stuff used a herb called Huacatay and I purchase a plant yesterday https://thegrowers-exchange.com/products/huacatay?variant=40098478522449&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2019-12-19&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIj-iu7pTDhQMV0MzCBB1mJQ-HEAQYASABEgLDnfD_BwE I am going to make it my mission to nail down the authentic version of this sauce this year. The jalapeño substitute is fine but the real deal is so much better. This chef used jarred Huacatay but he asked me to bring him the real stuff along with my fresh aji Amarillo which I’ve already started growing this week….stay tuned for updates but I’m gonna figure this out this year….going to Peru for two week over Christmas so I will get this “Peruvian crack” recipe nailed down this year
  9. Rotisserie lamb, dirty rice, Mediterranean salad, tadziiki
  10. Peruvian spice rub tri-tip baby carrots air fryer potatoes chimmichuri
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