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  1. Thanks @Tyrus yes we live in San Diego. Rain isn’t an issue the cover is primarily for shade and it will get more coverage after it’s done
  2. @Basher heres one more good one of the final setup. Fridge in front. Flat top griddle in middle, side burner on right. Storage doors hidden in backside and electrical stub ups hidden inside island KK will stand to the right completing the island and closing it off
  3. Poured concrete on the BBQ island and coordinated with Dennis for mid March delivery of the KK. Next post will be delivery!
  4. I promise I won’t do weekly updates but we broke ground last week. I sold the bbq island, granite table, chairs & hot tub. moving the pool equipment this week. Bought a fire magic 30 flat top griddle to complement the KK outside of the crackhead neighbor hammering the brand new fence in the middle of the night because the new fence “wasn’t sturdy” construction has been going good. Current pictures below. I’ll post another update in a few months. Thanks for all your help, particularly @Basher for all your input offline
  5. @MacKenzie I’m sure it does that’s why I’m getting it. I spent the better part of four days reading nearly every thread on this board before deciding on it. I expect I’ll be doing 90%+ of my cooking on the KK but if I’m u der taking a big project like this I might as well get a few extra toys to complete the outdoor kitchen
  6. @Basher I hadn’t even thought about that but that makes total sense. My wife hates the smell of bacon after I make it in the morning. She would love it if I took it outside.
  7. Today was a big day. Dennis sent me a picture of my KK she’s a beauty! Will be heading to CA shortly and Dennis is kind enough to store it a couple months until my yard is ready we also got our design and signed the contract with our landscape designer. Construction starts Monday! they designed in a gas BBQ as well as the KK but I’m now leaning towards getting a flat top gas grill in case I need to do a super quick cook (chicken breast or hamburger) for the kids and I don’t want to fire up the KK. I’d love anyone’s opinions or insight on that choice I’m attaching pictures of my KK and our design
  8. Thanks Bruce. We got decent space for SoCal. But the pool and slide is from 1984. The BBQ island, hot tub and table were from 2004. It’s been functional but all been piecemealed together. I’m planning on staying here another 40 years and we have to replace the fence and do the wall so we decided to get a professional in to help us plan out the space. I’ll be selling the island, table and hot tub to raise funds for the remodel project
  9. @MacKenzie me too! I’ve been dreaming and saving for 5 years. We hired this young couple to do our design and help us maximize the outdoor space. Being in San Diego we can utilize our backyard 9 months a year. we chose this company Brookside Designs cause we liked their designs and they had stellar reviews https://www.designbybrookside.com/portfolio https://instagram.com/brookside_design?igshid=1bos96w6xi08k
  10. @Basher sounds like an Easter Day cook is on your horizon that’s exciting. The fence is a dangerous situation. I got a 4 & 2 year old girls and I’ve been putting it off for a few years. The heavy rain we got last year and this thanksgiving really out things over the edge but it’s forcing me to just do the whole yard. Look at these close photos of the fence situation.
  11. @Basher we are finally getting our design tomorrow from our landscape designer. Can’t wait to see it I took some photos today of the backyard for the “before” pics. We have a nice yard but the pre fabricated BBQ island is 15 years old as well as the pre fabricated table and hot tub. I have to replace our back fence and build a retaining wall to shore up the hillside but we’re gonna use this as an excuse to rip up the grass regrade the drainage and plant some vegetables, herbs and drought tolerant landscaping. We’re going to make our KK the central piece in the new outdoor kitchen. Heres some pics of the current situation
  12. @tekobo you’re welcome it should be noted that the rub recipe will result in entirely too much run for a chicken but I usually have a jar of that rub lying around and I use it for my brisket, any beef really or chicken, I’m sure you could put it on fish as well it’s super versatile. The green sauce is what makes it awesome I call it (awesome sauce around my house) and you can keep a jar of that sauce in the fridge as well it goes on anything the key is to buy Aji Amarillo and Aji Mirasol but you can find that at any Latin market or on Amazon
  13. @lemisfits here are the recipes I've been using to make Peruvian chicken. My mother in law has told me numerous times that my sauce is really good and authentic and she's been known to go into Peruvian restaurants in San Diego to talk to the chefs to tell them their food was not authentic...... Peruvian Roasted Chicken I just make a rub using something like this 3 tbsp salt 3 tbsp pepper 2 tbsp garlic 1 tbsp aji amarillo 1 tbsp aji mirasol 1 tbsp cumin Peruvian Green Sauce Ingredients 3 whole jalapeño chiles, (If you want a spicier sauce leave the seeds in!) 1 cup fresh cilantro leaves 2 medium cloves garlic 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup sour cream 2 teaspoons fresh juice from 1 lime 1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil https://pin.it/haqx5oavxgawy2 I then also make roasted red potatoes with garlic, rosemary and a little shave parmesean and then use the Peruvian green sauce on top of the chicken and potatoes. Always a hit. Should end up looking something like this.
  14. @lemisfits my wife doesn’t do any cooking. She cleans I cook, it’s a great deal for both of us. I’m happy to share with you a great recipe for Peruvian chicken. I’ll dig it up and post it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your plans that looks great
  15. @tony b thank you did the advice. I am sorry for being early but I’m excited! Working with Dennis to finalize everything now and letting my contractor know about the purchase. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you @MacKenzie thank you for the advice. Reading some of your posts and seeing pictures of your food really got me excited about the KK. I look forward to trying to learn a few of your tricks!
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