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  1. Boneless leg of lamb. Marinated in balsamic vinegar with garlic, cumin & mint. Started on the rotisserie but finished on top grate. Cooked over coco char with mesquite wood served with garlic & olive oil cous cous along with roasted baby potatoes with garlic, thyme, rosemary, red onion and truffle salt homemade Tadziki with fresh dill grown from seed in my herb garden
  2. @MacKenzie Tony’s always picture perfect. Nice work @tony b
  3. Looks like a great start @SilverSuzieQue! Nice work
  4. Cash is king. Congrats on the purchase
  5. Inaugural cook on the new KK. Happened to be mother in laws birthday and also doing the burn in all day. Never really got it under 500 for the cook but managed to make it all work flat iron steak marinated in Worcester sauce, garlic and Montreal steak seasoning, reverse seared started on half grate finished on lower grate, over coffee char and mesquite wood. Served with homemade chimichuri grilled asparagus dusted with olive oil, garlic powder, salt & pepper slow baked sweet potato served with Labneh. Had to be served separately because even though I slow baked them in the
  6. Hour 3 @ 550+ 2nd Pliney about to be cracked open....
  7. @tony b definitely! Normally I’m up there every 4 weeks for work. This is my first trip in 12 months and the dates are locked in and not flexible cause we’re installing some top secret solar shingle (then uninstalling it so nobody sees it). I want to check out the product before it goes to UL so I gotta be there those dates otherwise I usually am flexible with travel
  8. @tony bim likely going to be in Sonoma/Santa Rosa March 8-10 for work if that happens to be when you’re up there let me know we could meet an a nice Pinot winery outside for a glass.....
  9. @tony bill send you more plinys anytime buddy just sat the word. I picked up 6 yesterday. Probably have two today
  10. I have yet to use my cold smoker....Ashamed to admit it after a year
  11. It’s the rotisserie motor. I use it all the time so never both removing it. Will be putting it on the new Kk today as I sit in the 65 degree sun, drinking a Pliny the Elder during my burn in
  12. The older one is moving on to another pasture. I worked out a deal with my buddy who wanted a KK and love the pebbles and color. We picked that before I did our backyard so was able to get a new tile KK that matched a little better with the colors of the backyard. Win/win for everyone
  13. About to commence burn in
  14. I like chefs table on Netflix and the season of BBQ chefs table was my all time favorite
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