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  1. https://kramerknives.com/product/6-piece-sharpening-kit-by-zwilling/
  2. Oh yeah, I’m already subscribed and watch his videos every night.
  3. My wife and I really want to find a high end scale for the kitchen. We search and are disappointed by what we find. I know you all love quality kitchen implements... Can you give us any suggestions? Do any of you have a high end scale?
  4. 😄. I am researching wet stones now. I am also learning a lot from videos and literature. Gotta none the blade very often too.
  5. We don’t have a pool, so this is actually over-sized slightly. Net metering is the standard here. Our house is on the right. Our friends/neighbors got the same system. Emphases micro inverters and 23 275 watt panels. Your energy storage is crazy nice! The installation is OCD approved! 😄👍
  6. Yep, I’m weak. 10” slicing knife purchased. 😔 😄👍
  7. Yeah, you’re right about that. I have the 10” Super Gou slicing knife in my cart right now. The angle on these is ~12 degrees. I almost went with Shun Premier as they have lifetime free sharpening... you only pay shipping. That almost had me sold, but the blade quality wasn’t quite as good, and we liked the handles of these. 😊
  8. I have trimmed my last brisket with a beater knife. I fought with the last one and got fed up. Introducing the Super Gou! We bought a Kiritsuke and boning knife, and will complete our set over time. 161 layer Damascus clad SG2 steel, scalpel sharp out of the box. I am researching wet stones now and have been practicing honing other knives with good success. We bought a ESO SG2 boning knife, but sent it back in favor of these. 😊. Cutlery and More has a 20% off Labor Day sale so we got these for a relative steal... Definitely not a steal, but a deal nonetheless!
  9. Do the sear second. Smoke it first, get it to temp, take it off to rest for about 10 minutes as the cooker come up. Open the vents wide, let it heat up, then put it back on 1.5-2 minutes per side.
  10. I did not mean to sound disrespectful. I hope that it didn’t. I just don’t think I do anything too innovative. 😊👍
  11. Smoke @ 275 degrees or Sous vide to 130-135 degrees then sear over very high heat 1.5-2 minutes per side. Probably obvious... You may have been looking for something more inventive.
  12. Oh yeah... We buy 60-90 pounds every year! A local market uses pizza ovens to roast them evenly. We remove stems, pre-freeze, then vacuum seal it in portions. We don’t remove peels as it’s easier to do after steaming them 8n the bag slightly. Also, it saves a ton of time during the process. We have 3 Foodsavers... 2 of them only come out during Chile season. That’s an awesome basket, it’s really cool roasting it yourself! We’ve thought about it, but we buy so much it’d be way too much work. We typically mix 1/3 extra hot and 2/3 hot. The bottom basket is full of Chile too.
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