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  1. AJR, the shipping will take one day, then you have to schedule a delivery with the freight company. Mine was shipped Monday and I had it in my hands on Thursday. I have had a 23" on order since May 8th and I think the holdup is the Coffee Char I ordered with the KK. Dennis had indicated to me that the container of Char had made it to the states a week or so ago, I believe, so we should expect them to ship really soon.
  2. @Christinelynn and I made a roasted spatchcock chicken with a cast iron filled with potatoes and onions. All seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic and smoked with pecan wood.. We placed the cast iron pan below the chicken to catch drippings. The potatoes are horrible for you, but taste amazing. We weren’t going to post this because we smoked the spine for use in stock and it’s in the picture. The chicken still had about 40 minutes of cooking left when this was taken.
  3. I agree with both of you. Kroil does wonders... Especially frozen fasteners.
  4. You set a high standard when it comes to KK cooking, especially pizza! Thanks @Troble. Yours look amazing as always.
  5. Hurray, we’re learning... 😜 The fresh mozzarella has a lot of moisture, of course. That caused the middle of the pie to sog out after sitting for 10 minutes. We ate all but 2 slices before then. It was super crispy up until that point, though. I’ve learned that the pizza needs to be centered... Whatever side is closest to refractory material will cook/brown faster causing me to have to turn it. 😊. We use Ken Forkish’s NY style sauce and dough recipe. We love the amount of garlic in the sauce.
  6. Must. Fight. Urge... To spend money on this! Mac, you’re not making it easy. 😊
  7. I recently adjusted my spring as the lid wasn’t opening quite the way it was when first delivered. I needed to slightly adjust it again today to get it right where I want it. I decided to lubricate the hinge and spray a little creeping lubricant into the hinge pivot point. I then opened and closed the lid a few times and I quickly realized that I added too much tension to the spring. It was opening faster and harder than I’d like, so I readjusted the spring and removed a little tension. The moral of the story is we should lubricate our hinges on occasion as part of our routine maintenance. My spray lubricant of choice is Boeshield T-9. It’s amazing stuff. If you haven’t used it before, give it a try. I’ve been using it for years on my 5th wheel in a multitude of places including hinge and latch mechanisms, etc. It worked wonders on Cronos’ hinge. 😊. It dissolves corrosion, displaces water, and leaves a thin, waterproof lubricating film. We’re making pizza tonight. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!
  8. I'm excited for you AJR. I hired movers to roll my 32" BB "Cronos" from the front of my house to the back. We needed to go down a grade, and walk it down the full length of the house (loose gravel - dog run), through 2 gates, across a flagstone "bridge" and up a ledge onto the patio. Get the 8 X 4 sheets of plywood. I used 3/4" just to be sure with the 918 pound BB. I think you can easily get away with 1/2" and save a tiny bit of cash. I would have loved to move Cronos through the house, but he wouldn't fit through doors. Once Hestia arrives, she's going through the house. Its a straight shot, we have tile floors, its a concrete slab, so I'm not worried. Plus, the 23" is roughly 400 pounds lighter, so I'm going to enlist friends instead of hiring movers. Mr. Grant above is spot on... Don't use the lid or handle for moving. Id use the wood if the pavers aren't level as it'd be easier to move, and I wouldn't want to put too much pressure on the legs, but I'm neurotic like that
  9. When is it supposed to arrive? Did you order any charcoal too?
  10. I love Greek mythology. Hestia made a lot of sense as she's the goddess of the Hearth, Family, home, architecture, etc. Cronos is her father and ruled during the Golden Age, so I liked the symbolism (Olive and Gold pebble). I'm pretty simple. Titans are big, the BB is big...
  11. I am awaiting the shipment of our 23” Ultimate as I purchased coffee wood charcoal and all are going to ship together. I think many of us are anxiously awaiting the KK coal. I’m pretty excited to try it as I’ve never burned it before. I’ve been thinking about names for our KKs and have decided on Cronos (32” BB) and Hestia (23” Ultimate). 😊
  12. You bought a heat deflector, or baking stone? Two different components with very different composition and function.
  13. Oh gosh, I see another purchase coming...
  14. Dennis has supported me and been extremely patient and thorough while working through my PERCEIVED issues. I've read about KK amazing customer service many, many times. That instills confidence before and during the purchase. Its extremely comforting if you need to exercise/experience it AFTER the purchase. Very thankful to Dennis and the supportive community here on this forum. Ive searched the forums for answers to maintenance questions, cooking ideas, etc. This is a great community and excellent resource too.
  15. Looks like Pinhead from “Hellraiser.” 😬😊
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