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  1. We’re good with the BB and Ultimate . @Christinelynn would divorce me.
  2. I couldn’t agree more! I had to bust mine down with a hammer (carefully) to get my cookers off of them, so I’ll have to make some should I need/want to move.
  3. Larry’s products are good. I use Adam’s Polishes CS3 on my KKs. Cleans and protects.
  4. I cook at 225. I don’t worry I’d the temp creeps up so long as it stays below 250. I smoke for three hours then wrap. You always have such great cooks with really good ingredients. Here are the beef ribs we last cooked. IMG_0030.MOV
  5. It’s hard to shake the desire to ride. I sold my bike. Less than a year later I bought this one. I hope everything worked out and you’re out there helmet up and rubber down. 8F3BC012-34DC-42BA-B4CF-3C3C2060AFD4.MP4
  6. Meat side up for three hours, wrap in pink butcher paper until they reach my desired internal temperature of 203. I use a variety of ribs including Dizzy Pig, local Chile based ribs, Meat Church (Honey Hog Hot is my favorite for pork). These were coated with Albukirky seasonings Sweet Red rub. I also don’t do baby backs anymore. Not enough moisture for me. I cook St. Louis or full spares.
  7. https://kramerknives.com/product/6-piece-sharpening-kit-by-zwilling/
  8. Oh yeah, I’m already subscribed and watch his videos every night.
  9. My wife and I really want to find a high end scale for the kitchen. We search and are disappointed by what we find. I know you all love quality kitchen implements... Can you give us any suggestions? Do any of you have a high end scale?
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