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  1. I searched the Forum for information on a rotisserie cook prime rib, so I thought I'd add my experience to the base. Three bone, 7# roast (bones cut from and tied to the meat), lightly covered with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper then dried uncovered in the fridge for three days. Room temperature roast was lightly olive oiled and lightly seasoned with a rub (Montreal steak rub), put into the cooker with indirect heat for 2 1/2 hrs with temps @ 300 +/- 25* F (not good with temp control yet) and a few pieces of cherry wood and a drip pan. Internal temps ranged from 120* - 130* along the roast when pulled. Removed and rested for 25 minutes under an foil tent. KK was brought up to 550* and each side of the roast was seared for a minute. This was done on the upper grill, not down on the flames. After about a 10 minute additional rest it was sliced and served. This came out on the upper side medium rare/medium. The meat was very moist with great juice. There were no drippings in the pan - only fat from the cap. The texture was buttery soft. Everyone at the table had positive comments. One guy suggested he would have his prime rib at the house rather than the local steak house. I was nervous with this first PR cook, especially considering the cost of the roast. All in all it was very easy. I'm looking forward to another rotisserie rib cook. Hope this helps out. Cheers
  2. Thank you both. Yes, 750 is too high. The grill got away from me., rarely go over 550F. The material was easily removed with a stiff brush.
  3. I did a 725*F cleaning burn on a new 32" KK. The inside of the dome had a 'layer' of something that flaked off. Any comments, please.
  4. With the fire so far from the upper grills, I am wondering if the indirect plates are really used/necessary? The XL BGE has the fire very close to the foods and their heat deflectors are necessary. I would appreciate any comments. I am still in the transition from the Egg to the KK. Thanks.
  5. Your suggestion is Plan B. Using the pallet jack to move the crate to the backyard patio will be easier than moving the grill by itself. One way or the other, it will work out. This will be exciting. The KK grill will be next to a 60 year old Imperial kamado clay pot (from Guam) and a 10 year old BGE - a study in evolution. Thank you for your replay.
  6. Hello; What began last November will conclude today when our 32" KK arrives. I have two gates between the delivery drop-off point and the backyard patio. Can anyone provide the dimensions of the crate that is a 32" grill? Thank you,
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