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  1. Made some pork belly burnt ends again - this time for a Halloween party. Were a hit! Smoked with cherry wood chunks at 225 for 2.5 hours (rubbed with meatchurch Honey Hog), then sauced with bbq sauce, butter, and honey in a foil pan and covered with foil for an hour on smoker, finished at 275 without the foil for another 30-45 minutes. IMG_8956.MOV
  2. Did smoked “Texas Chili” today for first time - used MeatChurch seasoning and recipe (https://www.meatchurch.com/blogs/recipes/texas-chili) Came out fantastic, I highly recommend! short version - smoked a small Chuck roast yesterday, today chopped it up and mixed with browned ground beef and some breakfast sausage along with diced and crushed tomatoes, onions, garlic, one can of beer, and the chili seasoning in a large cast iron Dutch oven. Left lid off and smoked at 225-250 for 5 hours with hickory and some cherry wood chunks, then put lid on for last two hours. Stirred every hour and added toppings. IMG_8810.MOV IMG_8780.MOV
  3. Found some ribs in the freezer from a few months ago - cooked super fast! Took about 3 hours then I sauced and cooked another 20 mins. Cooked at about 225-250 with cherry and a little bit of pecan. Used meatchurch rubs (honey hog base and topped with holy gospel).
  4. Did my second pork butt on the KK today, excellent results. Super moist without any need for water bin or spritzing (spritzed once after 5 hours). Was a big boy - 10 lbs easily post trimming, put it on at 6am, mostly cooked around 250ish, wrapped at 2 and cranked up to 265, done at 430 just in time to rest for 30 mins before fantasy football draft/poker night. Made a simple vinegar sauce to pair and my wife made a nice coleslaw. Pics below of finished product and a peek right before wrapping. Bark ended up solidly black though a little soft with the texas crutch. Just didn’t have time to ride out stall which didn’t hit until 175ish.
  5. Pork baby backs tonight. Was in a bit of a rush so did closer to 275 (250 in middle). Took about 4 hours 10 mins to hit 203 then another 15 after some three little pigs competition sauce was applied. Small amount of cherry and apple, just a hint of smoke really.
  6. Grabbed a 3lb cowboy prime from Costco (first time) last night. cooked at 300 dome temp for about 1 he 10 until it hit 118, pulled and cranked to 500-550. It only took a few minutes to get the fire roaring, then seared on lower grate over fire 1.5 min each side. Pulled and center was 135 on dot basically! No other wood, just used coffeechar.
  7. Used the rotisserie for first time tonight. I used basket splitter on my KK23 so only had back half lit, dome temp 400 (meater probe showed consistent 350 ambient) for about 1.5 hours. 6lb roasting chicken with a simple chicken rub. Came out great!! Super fun. didn’t use the drip pan, used foil to cover the half of the basket that was covered. Threw in a few cherry and apple wood chunks. IMG_6862.MOV
  8. Smoked pork belly burnt ends used for bahn mi sandwiches! First time doing the bahn mi at home, really excited about how they came out. Did some quick pickling of daikon radishes/carrots/red onion, mixed up some spicy Mayo, added a tad bit of shredded cabbage, cilantro, and jalapeño. Pork bellies rubbed with onion powder/garlic powder/paprika/brown sugar/salt/pepper/cayenne/chili powder and smoked at 225-250ish for 2.5 hours, then glazed with honey, butter, fish sauce, soy sauce and wrapped in foil for another 90 mins. Took foil off for another 15 mins then made the sandwiches
  9. As promised - smoked pork shoulder (wife accidentally got the pork blade cut (picnic cut?) vs traditional butt, though worked well) cooked at 235 for 10.5 hours then increased to 275+ for final 30 mins to get those last few degrees. 5.75lb shoulder. Included about 4-5 small chunks of apple and hickory. Made two basic sauces from Meathead (SC Mustard Gold and East Carolina Vinegar sauce), both paired very well! Wife made the coleslaw
  10. Did a “quick” smoke last night - couple dozen party wings from Costco. Smoked at 225-250 for 1.5 hours then cranked up a bit and grilled them over the coals/fire for another 10 mins. Then tossed in simple Buffalo sauce (half butter half hot sauce). Currently have a pork shoulder smoking (apple and hickory wood chunks) so maybe some more pics to share tomorrow haha. Happy Father’s Day to all!
  11. Exactly - it ended up about 125 after putting back on for the reverse sear, I think I would have preferred 130-135… But minor quibble. Came out great.
  12. Randomly decided to try a prime rib roast on the KK (I usually do the “chef John” oven technique). Really happy! Smoked at 225-240, was a 5.5lb two rib roast and took just under 3 hours to get to 115. Took off and brought dome temp to 450ish, then seared on the sear grate right over fire for about 5 mins total. If/when I do it again, I’ll probably cook till 120 internal vs 115 as it was more on rare side vs mid rare but still delicious! Used small amount of apple and cherry, next time probably just use a single chunk vs 2. FullSizeRender.mov
  13. Had my parents over for the first time in almost a year, celebrated with some beef short ribs from butcher (first time cooking) and threw in a Chuck roast for smoking to use in some nachos as an experiment. Super happy with how it came out!
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