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  1. I'm Selling the In Leander. The Blue Kamado you posted Is a 19" High-Cap. The High-Caps are similar to the current design right? I believe newer versions are a bit wider and have more grates shipped with it? I believe Dennis has an extensive post on the subject somewhere within these forums.
  2. Had an excuse today to fire the Big Bad up. We made some Birria Tacos! Did not get any final pics but they turned out great 10/10! The picture Is about 2 hours In and she started to get pretty nice and MOIST. The grill was very easy to maintain the temp, It's was low 30's out here in Texas today and I was surprised on how easy it was to tweak the temperature. I think next I'll try and smoke a Pork Shoulder.
  3. Thanks all, I'm most excited about cooking some homemade pizza on the stone! Then smoking some ribs. There is room to do so much! I'm pretty excited LOL
  4. Greetings all, Thought I'd share my Used (but like new) 32" Big Bad - Terra Blue I found this Beauty about 20 miles from my house, what are the chances of that!? I Found a unique trailer to rent that lowers to the ground for easy loading! I used leftover Maple Plywood from some shelving I did ( talk about lying down the red carpet lol). It was actually fairly easy to roll around and had my father guide It to the trailer as I pushed, It has some nice heavy duty casters thankfully. I love to tinker with things and I critique the build quality of everything and this Big Bad Is VERY well made. I'd say It would last decades haha I'd say she Is practically new with ~5 cooks! Going to fire her up soon. Honestly, she Is a little big for me and had been eyeing smaller sizes but I had to jump on the chance to snag this rarity; but I'm optimistic and will her use full potential (Unless someone has a smaller KK they want to trade haha).
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