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  1. Re: Dimensions of stand alone teak side tables Thanks, I just jack hammered out the back patio and will be laying it out over the next few weeks.
  2. What are the dimensions of the new teak (standalone) side table accessories? I just moved and am designing my new outdoor kitchen around the KK. Thanks.
  3. Great idea I had to run out to Home Depot and pick one up. My wife was tired of me trying to wash the grill in the kitchen sink. Carbon black gets everywhere.
  4. How does everyone store all of the accessories that come with a KK? I saw a couple of pics with what looked like custom cabinets, but wanted to get a sense of how other owner's are managing all of the associated gear. lower sear grill upper grill heat deflector & trays Rotisserie BBQ Guru Tools & lifters charcoal weed burner rubs ash cleaning tools etc. I have put them into a plastic tote but that seems like bad form for the craftsmanship that went into the accessories? I think it would be great if there was a custom teak cabinet made by Dennis to hold the accessories specifically. Any ideas?
  5. 2 position latch is key Dennis: Thanks, the 2 position latch is key. As a newbie I burned a couple baskets of charcoal trying to snuff the fire using the 1st latch position. OOPS.
  6. Jeff B That is how I got to a stable 350. But low & slow is trickier and the previous poster's reverse sear will make the high-temp grilling much much easier.
  7. Side table availability My B-day is in October and my wife has instructions for 2 teak side tables. How should she order?
  8. OK, will do I just saw the instructions at the top of the thread saying to register and post for the upgrade.
  9. New draft door knob design Dennis: I finally got around to registering for the forum. I picked up the tan KK in Carson and 1.5 months ago. We have had great meals off of it. I like the new design for the draft door knob, particularly since the knob on mine broke during the learning curve on managing the temps. Can you please send me the upgrade? Thanks
  10. temps Thanks, I can get and stay at 350 for the beer can chicken style recipe. However, I was utterly unable to get to 200 and maintain it without the fire going out. (It was Trader Joe's briquettes, last time I buy that charcoal.) I am thinking of "cheating" and getting a BBQ guru for low & slow cooks. The high temps 400-450 are pretty easy but once you are up there you are pretty much stuck up there. I tried a high temp grill for lunch, then to bring it down to 350 or so for roast chicken for dinner and that was a challenge.
  11. I got my KK about 1.5 months ago. My wife said the best roast chicken she has ever had for my beer can chicken. Moving it in wasn't that difficult but dialing in the temps can be a bit tricky. Overall, a great cooking tool.
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