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  1. cruzmisl

    Need help with POSK.

    Thanks Cookie. I'll have him give it a go.
  2. cruzmisl

    Need help with POSK.

    Hi All, My Father in law has a POSK (another brand) that he hasn't used in several months since he winters in Florida. He came back to find his POSK tophat frozen shut. He asked me how strong I felt and explained what needed to be done. Being a previous owner (and sadly the catalyst for his purchase) I knew using brute force would rip the top right off the crumbling disaster. Anyway, my question is how does one go about freeing the top hat safely without destroying the frail cooker. Thanks! Joe
  3. Hi All, While putzing around on the Williams Sonoma website I noticed they had 4.5lb boxes of Afire extruded on sale. $4 per box delivered. I bought some before reading NW's review....... Not an overwhelming product endorsement by any stretch. One of the pitfalls was the outrageous pricing. This is essentially $1/lb which is competetive but if it's junk, it's not really that great of a deal when kk extruded is about $1.30 plus shipping. Anyway, is it still as poor as before? If it's garbage I can always return it. Thanks. Joe
  4. cruzmisl

    KK on Amazon ~ Reviews needed.

  5. Hi All. A friend of mine is looking to get into smoking. He's poor and not a very savvy cook so he needs something basically idiot proof. I was looking at the Bradley Digital. Any opinions or something better? Need a set it and forget it system. Only issue with the Bradley is the proprietary wood pucks. Thanks! Joe
  6. Hi All, I'm tired of not having any work space around my KK so I want to build a BBQ work area. I don't want to build anything too crazy but at least get some counter space and a few cabinets. I was going to use cedar and make a concrete counter top but was hoping someone can share a design or picture of their own. Thanks! J.
  7. cruzmisl

    Steam for Bread

    Re: Steam for Bread That is a stellar looking loaf!! Absolutely NOTHING like baking bread. The smell, tastes, textures and minimal ingredients makes bread baking fun. I've never done a loaf in my KK but this makes me want to try.
  8. cruzmisl

    Pressure Cookers

    Re: Pressure Cookers I've had a WMF perfect plus for years. Works great. Quick stocks, chili etc. A great tool to have. When I bought it I couldn't help but thinking about my mom using them when I was a kid. Then they went out of style and no one used them. Maybe they're the bell bottoms of the cooking world
  9. cruzmisl

    Cleaning Stainless Steel

    Re: Cleaning Stainless Steel It also depends on the stainless. Some new stainless appliances have a coating on them that doesn't respond well to the conventional cleaners. For example, my old Frigidaire refrigerator looked amazing after using 3M stainless cleaner. Tried it on my new Samsung fridge and streaks galore. Tried every "stainless cleaner" under the sun and they were all horrible. Now I use a glass cleaner with no ammonia and it's flawless. On my KK I only use a magic eraser for the stainless assisted by some form of grease cutter. The grills I leave alone and only use grill floss and a grill brush.
  10. cruzmisl

    berkshire vs. commercial butts

    Re: berkshire vs. commercial butts Thanks for the kind comments about my dog. I'm a big dog lover of all types. Sadly, due to poor breeding practices many purebreds have health issues. It seems mutts live the longest and have the least health and behavioural problems. I watched a documentary on the history of dogs/humans. It was eye opening to say the least. Anyway, the pork is perplexing. I'm not sure what to make of it. I think I'll try one from SRF and see how I make out.
  11. cruzmisl

    berkshire vs. commercial butts

    Re: berkshire vs. commercial butts Well, I could care less on the breed but I do care about humanely raised livestock. Most farmers choose a heritage breed for that purpose, why I don't know. The butt had a good fat cap/flavor but seemed to lack the intramuscular fat. And I love my purebred dog, I don't care what you say http://home.cogeco.ca/~4re/head.jpg[/img:t7jivrs7]
  12. Hi all, Trying to be the responsible consumer I passed on the commercially raised pork and bought some humanely raised Berkshire butts. Trouble is I find the Berk drier even though the exact same process was followed. I've done a few with the same result so its not a fluke. Anyone else notice this? Thanks. J.
  13. cruzmisl

    Foil pork butt?

    Re: Foil pork butt? Well that's the thing. I don't want rubbery bark. The reason I ask is because I saw on pitmasters they foiled their ribs and brisket to minimize smoke application. I think it was 5hrs bare, 2hrs foiled then 1 hr bare again to crispen the bark but that was brisket and I'm guessing at the numbers.
  14. cruzmisl

    Foil pork butt?

    Hi All, For years I've done my butts bare but I was curious if anyone foils their butts? Any ideas or tips? Just looking to try something different. Anyone care to share their prize winning recipe? Thanks! Joe
  15. cruzmisl

    I was robbed again.. ;-(

    Re: I was robbed again.. ;-( That sucks. I too was a victim of some thieves. There is nothing that I hate more than a thief. While we were home they used a slim jim to unlock my wifes car which was in the driveway. They used her garage door opener, opened my garage and took my road King which was on a frame jack along the back wall of the garage. My car was parked in front of it leaving only a few feet to work. All the lights were on in the garage but they didn't care and they proceeded to literally clean out my garage. Motorcycle, mountain bikes, pool cleaners etc etc. Now tighter security measures are in place which include a 40 cal device that sends fast moving projectiles My dog was snoring and didn't even bark......