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    New Big Bad 32 at home in Singapore

    Re: New Big Bad 32 at home in Singapore Great work Dennis! You have taken a great thing and made it even better. The new size is awesome to the eye and the taste buds.
  2. Lovenutz

    On the Fence...Need Advice!

    Re: On the Fence...Need Advice! KK owners are extremely happy with the technical side of KK - the quality of the unit, the range of different uses, the over the whole cooking experience with the Kamado and the fact that they last FOREVER and a day. This is the obvious reason you want to purchase one of these awesome creatures. They ARE definitely worth the cost. One small detail that most people forget to mention is that YOU choose what tiles to cover it with. Let your wife choose the tiles and design. Let her have a part in the KK you will both own. Having her invest in the KK and being involved in the choosing of the KK from the start should help her across the line. I guess it is a bit like choosing a house. You choose a house for the location, bedrooms, bathrooms etc etc but at the end of the day your wife chooses what colour goes where and how everything looks. It doesn't matter how much you SAY you chose those colours, we know who really made the decision...... Good luck and we look forward to hearing your stories
  3. Lovenutz

    Uncrate your new Komodo the easy way

    Re: Uncrate your new Komodo the easy way I read this topic before I took delivery of "True Blue" and thought it would be a good idea to take some pictures of the uncrating to help people in the future. Remember this is a rough guide so please adapt it to suit your needs. Please excuse the fact that True Blue stays on the back of my ute (pickup) for the pictures. 1) READ THE OWNER'S MANUAL FROM DENNIS - Owner's manuals are written for a reason 2) Choose a suitable place for your new family member to live - Read "Choosing a site" in the owner's manual 3) Ensure your first cook is marinating and the "thankyou for your help/a job well done" beverages are chilling. 4) Organise for a mate to come around to help you unpack your new family member 5) Get the delivery person to place your new family member in the best position for you. This could be in an open area or right next to where the grill will live - remember the grill is heavy and it may be a big task to get the grill to it's final position. 6) Remove the protective cardboard from the crate 7) Remove the protective plastic from the crate Remove the 8 lagging bolts from the base of the crate - these are found on each corner of the pallet, 2 on each corner Step 1.JPG[/attachment:757thcu8] 9) Carefully remove the crate from the pallet and over the cooker - You will need help to do this. 10) Remove the wrapping plastic from the exterior of the grill - if you have a rotisserie it may be wrapped to the grill as shown in the picture 11) Remove the protective packers from the strategic positions on your new family member 12) Carefully open the grill (asking your new family member to "Ahhhh" might feel natural but it won't work) 13) Carefully remove all the goodies (grills, plates, stones etc) from inside the grill. Step 2.JPG[/attachment:757thcu8] 14) Close the lid and carefully remove the lid from the grill and place it somewhere safe and comfortable - Follow the instructions in the owner's manual 15) Remove the strapping from the base of the grill - be careful of the damper/hat/screw (whatever you want to call it) as it is strapped to the base with the same strapping as the feet 16) Place the damper/hat/screw somewhere safe and comfortable 17) Carefully lift your new family member to it's new home - The owner's manual has great instructions once again 18) Carefully replace the lid onto the grill - Once again, follow the instructions in the owner's manual 19) Remove the damper/hat/screw from the packaging - to do this you will need to remove the safety clip from the bottom of the threaded screw 20) Carefully screw the damper/hat/screw onto the lid 21) Open the lid and fit the safety clip to the threaded screw - this is improtant to stop you accidentally unscrewing the top damper all the way. 22) Fit the temperature dial guage to the hole in the lid using a sealant to create a good seal. Step 3.JPG[/attachment:757thcu8]
  4. G'day everyone, After tasting an amazing grill in Argentina a few years ago while traveling the world (yes life is hard for some) I have searched for the best way to cook a flavoursome steak. This search has made many twists and turns and is now not a search for how to cook a flavoursome steak but how to cook the best food I can. After many hours of research and questions to friends I have placed an order with Dennis and I am now waiting for my KK to be manufactured. I hope to post a few topics on the forum and hopefully get a couple of pictures of my KK with a few locals checking it out. I will keep you posted..
  5. Re: New member - soon to be owner in Western Australia Well "True Blue" arrived a little while ago (about two weeks). Unfortunately, I was at work. I arrived home a couple of days ago and have unpacked my new family member and am currently warming him up for the first time. I am so excited. Dennis and his team have done a fantastic job and I was amazed at just how good the packaging and products are. All I need now is to perfect the cooking and I will be in second heaven. Good things do come to those who wait.
  6. Lovenutz

    I can see I have my work cut out for myself....

    Re: I can see I have my work cut out for myself.... I believe you could give Guy Ritchie a run for his money with a classic quote like that.
  7. Lovenutz

    Pooling for economical delivery - West Coast

    Re: Pooling for economical delivery - West Coast Derrick, I sent you a private message. Cheers cheers Lovenutz
  8. G'day Everyone, After a lot of research and questions to friends in the USA, I have finally decided to purchase a Komodo Kamado. After the amount of positive feedback I received I would be stupid to buy something else. I have contacted Dennis who very kindly sent through the chart of costs for the customs clearance etc. The chart shows that if a few people pool their orders together we can get the KK's through customs at a cheaper rate. I have not placed an order YET and would like to know if there is anyone else on the West Coast who would like to pool together for economical delivery. Cheers Cheers Lovenutz