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  1. Re: Boneless Leg of Lamb Experiment I don't know. Damn, I wish Wegmans would come just a little further south to Raleigh.
  2. Re: Boneless Leg of Lamb Experiment I've got a recipe for boneless leg of lamb stuffed with spinach, feta and pine nuts on my website. I remove the webbing and replace it with string. The rub can stick to the webbing and when you cut it off and the elastic bits snap back, it can throw rub all over. I suppose I could have been more careful, but I prefer the string. But you are looking good!
  3. Re: Konro grill I have been chatting off an on with a person who gave me a lot of information about Binchotan and in those discussions, he said these high-priced konro's are a waste of money, that you'd do better to buy one of the cheap ones. He said that "the locals" all use the inexpensive round ones. FWIW......
  4. Re: WiFi Guru Drunk_J, talk about walking into it, lol!
  5. Re: WiFi Guru I notice that OLD is on by default on the CyberQ Wifi, so maybe that is what is up?
  6. Re: WiFi Guru Drunk_J, I don't know about a changed startup algorithm. I'll have to ask them as I get going on the CyberQ Wifi work.
  7. Re: WiFi Guru In all of my testing, overshoot hasn't been huge and has only been temporary. 10-20 degrees isn't going to make any difference on most cooks, especially since it will come down. That said, I've never really tested on a KK, which has a lot more thermal mass than the Eggs I've used. However, heat soaking really isn't relevant as far as I can see. An un-heatsoaked cooker means that some of the heat from the fire is going into raising the temperature of the cooker, which will keep the air temp below what the fire could normally sustain. As the temp of the cooker's walls rises, the size of the fire needed gets smaller, but that's what the controller will be taking care of. Frankly, I always just let the controller bring the temp up and let it gain control.
  8. Re: Rack of Lamb with Walnut Crust I've done it with macadamia nuts. Very rich!
  9. Re: How hot is High, Medium, or Low on your gauge?? I forget the numbers, but a gauge you should find fairly easily is holding your hand "x" inches over the grill and then counting until you have to remove your hand.
  10. Re: Best Way to Start Extruded Coconut Charcoal ? I put them on end in a chimney and use about 10 sheets of newspaper.
  11. Re: Komodo Kamado get's Patent Pending Status.. For those interested, Richard Johnson's patent was only a design patent that protected the appearance of his cooker. Sort of like patenting the shape of a coke bottle. You haven't patented the concept of a bottle, just one particular shape of a bottle. Farhad Sazegar held the original utility patent on the cooker itself. More details here: http://www.nakedwhiz.com/ceramicinvent.htm
  12. Re: To Soak and Smoke, or Not - That is the Question Also, I've read that the reason folks use water pans in smokers like the Weber Smokey Mountain is not to add moisture to the air but to help keep temps more consistent. We should all know by now that cooking meat in a moist environment isn't going to make the meat moist. Try braising something and let it get a bit too over done and you'll have one very dry piece of meat. I know from experience.
  13. Re: New Leg-less Komodo.. Maybe you could make a cover with spring clips to cover the bolt?
  14. Re: Best Pizza Temp A pizza peel is the wooden or metal "paddle" that you see folks using in pizza joints to get the pie in and out of the oven. If you stone is preheated, you shouldn't need corn meal on the stone. You will probably find dusting the peel with flour or cornmeal will help the pie slide off the peel and into the cooker. If you give the peel a quick shake every minute or so, you should do fine with keeping the pie from sticking to the peel. Good luck!
  15. Re: Coffee wood impressions I did some chicken breasts with a middle eastern glaze on them. I don't remember how many chunks I used, but I'd guess 2. Tasted great, but the glaze had a lot of flavor. I did some boneless short ribs of beef with just salt and pepper. I used 2 chunks fer sure, maybe a third. I did them about 2.5 hours at 250ish and they had a very strong smoke flavor. I liked it, but it is was bordering on too strong. I did some cheese using the "5 briquettes and 3 or 4 slices of coffee wood in a foil pan" method. Smoked the cheese about 1 hour 10 minutes. Very strong. I've been trying the cheese every day (I'm on day 4) and still quite strong. Of course, after a few pieces, your buds go numb a bit, and the taste isn't as strong. In retrospect, I'd probably do the cheese using just 1 cycle of smoke, perhaps 40 minutes, rather than add another slice when the smoke died down. So for the moment, I've been using all first smoke and think I'll try using first smoke again, just less of it. We'll see.
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