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  1. I dry aged some bone in rib eye roast. This batch was aged for 33 days. -1 Salt, pepper -2 Grill at 200F, starting reverse sear -3 Cooked internal to 126F, took it off the grill. -4 Open all vents, searing all sides -5 Resting -6 Sliced. Family loved it.
  2. Wow Aussie, those sliced beef ribs look amazing juicy. I love bone-in ribs...
  3. Hey Daverdog, I pinged Syzygies since he placed his order already and I will be hopping in his cart. Would be happy to share with you but I will let Syzygies coordinate. Anyways, thanks for reaching out. Have a good weekend.
  4. Tekobo, yeah I tried the same way. I work in tech so you would think I could figure this out. 😂. Anyways, thanks for the compliment.
  5. It's all good. Syzygies, if you are still going to place an order, I'd like to join in. Thanks From Dennis: The freight calculator sounds correct.. 100-600 lbs is usually the same. You can put up to 70 boxes of Coco char on a palette. Dennis (424) 270-1948 Dennis Linkletter Sent from Polymail
  6. Hello Fellow KKers. A friend of mine gave me some bone-in smoked ham from his farm. I decided to add some low and slow. Best ham I ever had. https://www.everydaymaven.com/how-to-cook-a-smoked-ham/ I started with this guy's suggestions, made some changes with what I had on hand, smoker at 200F-225F, until ham internal barely hit 135F. Cheers! IMG_1078 copy.heic IMG_1077 copy.heic IMG_1076 copy.heic IMG_1080 copy.heic
  7. So it looks like it would be the three of us if sfdrew28 wants in. I also sent Dennis an email inquiring about how many boxes per pallet. If not, Syzygies, I am good with adding to your order. Let me know when you would like to pull the trigger. Cheers
  8. sfdrew28, I hope so and is the main reason for pallet shares. According to the freight calculator, to my zip, 240 pounds costs $160 and 480 pounds costs $170. We might have to contact Dennis by email directly to get the most up-to-date ordering information and rates. For me, this is the first time sharing so I am new to all of this as well. Freight Calculator enter in correct weight and zip code
  9. Syzygies, thanks for the note. Yeah that sounds good. If no one responds, I'll add 12 boxes to your order. Cheers.
  10. Hello fellow KKer's. I searched the forum for recent pallet shares in my area but didn't see any. Apologies if this is a duplicate. Would anyone in the SF East Bay Area, preferably in the Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore area, be interested in a pallet share for charcoal? If anyone is game I would be happy to share costs and stories about yummy food. Unfortunately I don't have access to a loading dock/lift gate/etc. Thanks in advance
  11. Re: New Member/Owner in the Nation's Capital Congrats Brian. It looks great. I am jealous. Still another two weeks for mine to arrive. Enjoy cooking!
  12. Re: New owner in Dublin, CA @hashbrown3 Congrats are in order for you as well. I'm guessing we'll be a pair of happy cookers very soon. Myself, I ordered the 23inch bronze metallic due sometime around June 8th. When is yours scheduled to arrive? Did you get the rib rack and other accessories? I did since I regularly use the Ronco roti and I have two pizza stones in my oven and a separate counter top convection oven. I really hope to use my KK for cooking all sorts of food I would have never thought possible before...
  13. Re: New owner in Dublin, CA @Johnnyboy. Thanks for the welcome. =) My KK is due in about two weeks. I've already gone to WalMart and picked up lump charcoal. My avatar is just three little cubes representing some primary colors. I picked it because I'm a big fan of LED lighting and I use LED lights for hydroponics. The cubes reminded me of surface mount LED chips.
  14. Re: New owner in Dublin, CA I just ordered my cover. My KK is scheduled for second week of June. Woohoo. Thanks everyone, for your warm welcome.
  15. Re: New owner in Dublin, CA Until now, I've been using cheap-o Home Depot type charcoal grillers. I do most of the family cooking and I figure I might as well get better equipment. It helps now that I have more space since we moved from a condo with a small deck to a home with a backyard. I'm very interested in smoking meats and low and slow cooking outside. I've done lots of experiments with ovens but it just wasn't as effective. I even tried to make my own smoker/low temp cooker with a small metal garbage can and electric heating element but heat control and flavor were problematic. In any event, instead of buying and trying multiple products each which may be excellent at one thing, I opted for a single versatile cooker that excels in many things. From everything I've read, KK is it.
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