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  1. Re: Vacation - Bali it is! Make sure you dine at Vincents at least once while you're there. Their garden is wonderful and the food excellent. JohnL
  2. Re: Can't put it out! It must be an Aussie thing Tal, same thing happened to me on my first cook. I didn't snug the top hat down tight enough JohnL.
  3. Re: Pictures on this board No it's not your computer, none of the links work at present. JohnL.
  4. Re: Where's my KK, I ordered it Friday? At last the happy day arrived last Tuesday, the big blue toy arrived approximately 4 months after it was ordered. Absolutely no reflection on Dennis, just the way things happen in our part of the world My Cobalt Blue beauty stands gleaming in the sun, and I stand beside of it beaming. Pure poetry!!! I am one seriously happy camper and will be having our first fire up on the weekend. I will post pics shortly after. JohnL.
  5. JohnL

    help me decide!

    Re: help me decide! I had the same problem, couldn't decide between Bronze and Cobalt Blue, ordered the Cobalt. Still waiting for delivery and still not sure if my decision was right, but I'm positive either will be perfect JohnL.
  6. Dennis is slipping, I ordered my Cobalt Blue KK on Friday and it hasn't arrived yet Not sure what the holdup is, they only have to manufacture it at the factory, ship it to Melbourne, Australia and then transport it 2,000km to Brisbane in sunny Queensland (well most times it's sunny). That little rant is for the benefit of my US friends who sometimes have to wait days for their order to arrive Seriously, my KK is due some time in mid July and I'll just have to cool my heels until it arrives. It's only six months ago I didn't even know what a kamado was. After ordering a cheap Chinese model and cooking a couple of meals, I then discovered Dennis's website and fell in love with his creations. I resisted the temptation to order for six months and then gave in after Dennis answered all my questions (including the dumb ones). Dennis is the complete deal, no questions are too dumb to him(I try), and no effort is spared making you comfortable with your decision. I run a consultancy business and pride myself that I have retained clients for over 20 years, but can still learn more about customer service from him. Now it's back to waiting, waiting, waiting. JohnL.
  7. Re: St. Louis Spare and Burnt End Cook VIDEO I'm inclined to keep my pink bits to myself also JohnL
  8. Re: Lighting Looftlighter There are different models available depending on where they are sold, the one I purchased here in Australia is 240v, the American model (I assume) is 110v. They don't appear to be multi region. The Aussie model would be the one to buy for use in Singapore. They are available at Bunnings hardware stores in Oz, you may be able to buy online, or if you know someone travelling to Singapore they may be able to bring one from Oz. Failing that I may be able to post one to you if we can arrange a money transfer through my Paypal account. JohnL.
  9. Re: Lighting Looftlighter Up until now I've used a weed torch to light my poor copy of a Komodo, but after watching a couple of Youtube videos on the Looftlighter I decided to buy one. Living in Australia means we normally pay a huge premium on this type of gadget. I was about to order from Amazon in the states for approx $105.00 including freight when I decided to do a Google search.Third listing down was a local hardware chain Bunnings selling the Looftlighter for $39.99. That was too good to miss, I gave them a call to make sure they had stock, picked it up yesterday and have already used it twice. What a simply brilliant piece of equipment, the fire is burning in approximately two minutes and you're ready to go. I won't be using the weed torch again. John
  10. Re: Gasket install Unfortunately your link doesn't work (for me anyway) JohnL
  11. Re: Alice our new puppy is in the house! I hope Alice is doing well, my wife says look after her because "Alices" are very precious. I should know, because that's my wife's name Still waiting to visit Bali this year, and hoping to meet you.
  12. Re: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from myself and KK. Hi Dennis, I'm not even an owner "YET", but totally impressed with your products, attitude and friendliness. Have a happy holiday however long it lasts, and hopefully we will meet in person in the New Year. Best wishes for the Christmas period to all on the forum even though i don't know anyone personally, you all share good taste and an appreciation of quality. Happy holidays, John L in sunny Queensland, Oz.
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