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  1. So Cal Cooker

    New member - New owner

    Thanks for the Kind Words Chris, what a nice surprise to see your kind words about your KK. As you become more involved with it, you will find how addictive the damn thing is. You just can't get enough of it nor the beautiful food it produces. I was with Dennis in Pomona and though I noticed you were truly interested in the KK, it is really exciting to welcome you to our family. WELCOME.
  2. So Cal Cooker

    Guru Port Plug Removal

    I think I have seen the procedure to properly remove the plug, but now I can't find it. I have ordered a new Stoker, so I want to have the correct process in place when it arrives. Please steer me to the answer. Thanks,
  3. So Cal Cooker

    Proof In The Pudding w/Chris Lilly

    I attended the two day Chris Lilly class in Pomona with Dennis and Shuji (Mr Salt). Shuji took on the huge responsibility of dragging his KK out to the class. It attracted a lot of attention and I think potential buyers. Most importantly was the fact that Chris himself was very interested in the KK. Good things will come from the exposure. After getting home I couldn't wait to try out some of my new found knowledge and recipes. So last Sat. nite we had a couple of friends over and I wow'd them with my ribs. I actually cooked both baby backs and spares just to compare. I got 100% approval rating and the announcement that they were the best ribs any of us had ever had. Take a loke at the pics and you will see what i mean. Umm Umm. A big thanks to Chris for his teaching skills. It was great meeting Dennis in person finally. A hell of a salesman that guy. Glad your home safe.
  4. So Cal Cooker

    Forum's 1st birthday..

    My Congrat's Dennis, I too want to express my appreciation for the superior quality product you build and the creation of this forum for us all to share and learn. You have a lot to be proud of and it will be exciting to see this product grow in acceptance around the globe. Chuck
  5. So Cal Cooker

    Why? Beacuse I can....

    Tell me About Your Thermometer Nice to see someone doing something constructive in the snow. Glad I am here in CA today. I notice you are not using the guru or the stoker, yet you have a remote thermometer. Does it measure the pit as well at the meat temp? Please tell me the brand and where to get it. Thanks and Stay Warm, Chuck
  6. So Cal Cooker

    Komodo Shrine

    Thanks Hey guys I appreciate all the kind remarks and especially the humor. I think we all are committed to honoring our KK's. I just took it a step further. Chuck
  7. So Cal Cooker

    Komodo Shrine

    It has been a long process, but my backyard has come together. I have attached some photos of the completed project of your viewing and comments. I know I forgot something? I was going to build the KK into the Island, but the size of the Komodo prevented it's inclusion, besides it is soooo pretty I like having is out all by itself. You will notice a Gas BBQ in my Island, a concession to the wife. I included it for two reasons; she wanted an Oven outside and I don't have to listen to "I want to eat now and not have to wait for that G Damn KK" Hey, but she is becoming more patient as the products of the KK are soooooo good compared the the stainless steel monster. Please notice that the focal point of the entire Purgola and back yard is the KK. I have done my best to honor my KK. Thanks again Dennis for a truly wonderful and quality product. "Spool" = Oversized spa with many jets, but a small pool as well for the summer cool off. This term identifies some pics. Enjoy, Chuck
  8. So Cal Cooker

    Pipe Size Info & Orifice Chart (for NG conversion)

    Pic's on Their Way I will pull some of my pics of the finished backyard and BBQ stations and post them. Thanks for reminding me. Chuck
  9. So Cal Cooker

    Pipe Size Info & Orifice Chart (for NG conversion)

    Burner NG Conversion Jason, Thanks for the info, it was most helpful. I am sure I can get it done now. I appreciate your help. Chuck
  10. So Cal Cooker

    Pipe Size Info & Orifice Chart (for NG conversion)

    BTU Rating I need to convert the burner for my OTB to natural gas. So I would be interested in the BTU rating of the burner so I can make the appropriate adjustments in hold size. Does one only need to change the entry orifice size or actually drill out the burner holes? Any help would be appreciated. Chuck
  11. So Cal Cooker

    Shipment handled by Murphy himself

    Nator We're Soul Mates Nator, I guess we soul mates in that our OTB's traveled together to Long Beach. By some fluke mine was eventually released and I am now using it, often. I truly understand the patience thing, BUT let me assure you, it is worth it. So hang in there buddy, and tell us how good it is when you finally get it.
  12. So Cal Cooker

    Happy To Be Here

    Nice to hear from you all to answer the questions: Naked Whiz: I live in Coto de Caza, CA (Near Mission Viejo) Curly: Your right on two points. He is in GREAT shape for 97, I only hope I hold up as well. And that thing under the cover (Gas BBQ), will it will be getting dusty and rusty. As soon as I get the Gas Burner for the KK (Dennis are you listening?), I will be able to fire that thing up on a moments notice.
  13. So Cal Cooker

    Happy To Be Here

    It's A Heater That thing above our heads is an outdoor heater. We have a couple of them to take the chill off on those cool evenings. If Dennis get's into the charocaol business I will be back at the well for my next transaction.
  14. So Cal Cooker

    Happy To Be Here

    Let me start by saying that I have over 40 years experience with Kamado cooking, beginning with my first Imperial Kamado in the 1960's, a replacement unit in 1990, and NOW upgrading to the OTB. We bought a new house 1 1/2 yrs ago and I have been Kamadoless for that period of time. It's been hell. I received "my baby" (OTB) a couple of weeks ago in perfect condition. I have completed the break-in and have done some terrific baby back ribs and last weekend a spectacular pork roast. It has been way too long. Now about Dennis. This guy is like somebody you may only do business with a couple of times in your life. I feel like we have become brothers during the experiences we have been through. Let me explain. After making my decision to buy the OTB, I waited for the arrival. When Dennis notified me of the arrival I sent him the funds for the OTB. Then US Customs got involved and delayed the shipment and ultimately wanted the cargo returned because the packing crates were not fumigated (who cares). Dennis immediately refunded my money until the delay was sorted out with customs. He did this entirely on his own, without even a suggestion to do so from me. A very pleasant surprise. The next thing I knew a trucking company was calling to arrange a delivery time. I received the Kamado, inspected it and set it in it's new home. I immediately sent payment to Dennis. He kept my money this time. Trust me, he earned it on this transaction. The trust and straightforward business approach Dennis demonstrates is truly unique. I wish all my business experiences were as pleasurable as this has been. For all of you out there "on the fence". GET OFF! Dennis is the real deal and his product is like none I have experienced. It is everything as advertised and more. You won't be sorry. Now I want to get to the recipes and the techniques of operating the OTB. Glad to be here, hope to talk with you all in the future. "My Baby" with me & my 97 year old dad on his birthday "My Baby" The Whole Enchilada