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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I have had an obsession with Komodo Kamado grills since 2012 and am now, finally, on the verge of buying one. My husband and I are having a debate about what we should get and I am hoping you can help to inform our decision. From what I can see on the forum, the solution to having different grilling needs is simply to buy another Komodo Kamado That appeals because if one is awesome then two must be even better, right? However, we have some space challenges and want to be sure that we can do low and slow well alongside quick flash grilling. So, our debate revolves around:
  2. Hi Dennis! I just got back in town from an extended trip, first to Houston and then to Australia. Over the course of this trip, I had absolutely no access to my KKs, Beauty! & TheBeast. Talk about going through withdrawal! All I had to cook on we're friends cheap gassers, stick burners, the odd kettle, and a kamado that was a hideous color of green and just another Joe kind of kamado. During my travels (or travails, if you will) I cooked a lot of good food for my hosts, and I did it on their equipment. Dennis, I'd frankly grown complacent cooking on my KKs. Familiarity does tend to b
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