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Found 2 results

  1. Let me first start by apologizing for the long post but I thought you should know how I got here. Yesterday I was in the process of pulling the trigger on a new Primo XL grill but I just couldn’t do it. I decided to first go on-line and read lots of reviews on the Primo XL, as well as the other big name brands on the market. I was thinking I was going to find lots of positives but I quickly found the complete opposite. Even the four and five star reviewers complained about the porcine cracking within a few months, which led to the poor customer service experiences they had to contend with trying to get the parts replaced under warranty. I found it to be a bit crazy to give a high rating on a product that does not hold up and the customer service is so poor. In the process of searching for reviews, I ran across the Komodo Kamado website and with the help of the people posting on this forum and the third party reviews I found on the internet, I pulled the trigger on the KK 32” Big Bad. After more research on this forum and a very pleasant 45-min phone conversation with Dennis Linkletter, I also decided to load up on the accessories. Listed below is what my final bill of materials is looking like. Comments and suggestions are welcome. 32" Big Bad, Dark Autumn Nebula (simply beautiful) Gas Burner Assembly (for heat soaking during those cold winter day’s in the US Northeast) Charcoal Basket Slitter/Reducer Single Bottom Drip Pan SS & Teak Grate Grabber Rod and Tube Teak Side Tables Baking/Pizza Stone (love me some homemade bread and pizza) Cold Smoker W/Adjustable Air Pump Coconut Shell Charcoal – 10-Boxes Coffee Wood LUMP Charcoal – 5-Boxes By the way, I’ve been grilling my entire adult life (30 + years) and this will be my first Kamado style Grill. I have a feeling I’m going to find out that I should have jumped in a long time ago. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone posting on this site, thank you to Dennis Linkletter for the valuable time you spent with me on the phone and last but not least, thank you to all the positive reviews I found on the other sub-par Kamado grills on the market. Without all of you, I would not be the new owner of a KK 32” Big Bad grill!!! Now all I can do is sit here wait for the truck to back into my driveway!!!
  2. Howdy KKers! It's been almost 2 months since I took delivery on The Beast, a KK BB 32. While I initially posted what follows in another Forum, I thought I'd post it here in hopes that this will help potential KKers make their KK Purchase decision. I just finished taking delivery on the Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32" we've been waiting for! Also got 40 boxes of coconut charcoal. First, let me say that Dennis Linkletter is a joy to work with. Second, This thing is MASSIVE! I can't begin to tell you what this thing looks like crated. The top of the crate is just shy of 5' and its width is 44". With all the accessories, it stands over my head, and I'm 6'1". Third, this thing is so well packed/crated. Now a scratch on the crate at all. This came from Indonesia and it looks as if it were assembled right here in OKC. Very, VERY impressive. Ok, I"m on a mission. Here is a beginner photo to whet your appetites. More to follow! Attached Thumbnails
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