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Found 5 results

  1. Howdy KKers! It's been almost 2 months since I took delivery on The Beast, a KK BB 32. While I initially posted what follows in another Forum, I thought I'd post it here in hopes that this will help potential KKers make their KK Purchase decision. I just finished taking delivery on the Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32" we've been waiting for! Also got 40 boxes of coconut charcoal. First, let me say that Dennis Linkletter is a joy to work with. Second, This thing is MASSIVE! I can't begin to tell you what this thing looks like crated. The top of the crate is just shy of 5' and its width is 44". With all the accessories, it stands over my head, and I'm 6'1". Third, this thing is so well packed/crated. Now a scratch on the crate at all. This came from Indonesia and it looks as if it were assembled right here in OKC. Very, VERY impressive. Ok, I"m on a mission. Here is a beginner photo to whet your appetites. More to follow! Attached Thumbnails
  2. in OKC when CeramicChef put on a 10# bone-in pork butt for tomorrow's feast during the OU/texass game.. It was the first public cook on his new Komodo Kamado 32" Big Bad and the world waited with bated breath ... Ok Gurus, here are pics of the first public cook on the Big Bad. And YES, HECK YES, it is cold and wet here in OKC. Here you see the basic setup for all my low and slow cooks ... heat deflector, ALWAYS a drip pan, cooking rack. As an aside, note how much room is around that drip pan. Drip pans of that size almost filled the Primo XL. Here is the 10# pork butt about to go on the grill. Note the first shot of courage in the left foreground. Woodford Reserve OTR. Smooth as a baby's touché. Here's our cooking temp ... a bit over 225F but I'll live with it at this point .... Time to button up the KK Big Bad until tomorrow morning. You can see a bit of the coffee wood smoke coming out of the Top Hat vent .... Another closer view of the smoke coming out of the Big Bad .... Gurus, that's about it until tomorrow morning when we'll probe for tenderness. You guys know the drill, all the action takes place out of sight and very slowly. I just went outside to check the temp. I've got the Top Hat cracked 1/4 turn on top and the lower vent is using the 1/8" diameter hole on the air control manifold down below and we're holding rock steady at 235F. This is my first time using the Coffee Wood for the smoke component of the cook. Dennis Linkletter was gracious enough to send 2 boxes and I've gotta say the smell is absolutely incredible! This is gonna be fun. I'll see all y'all in the morning. Right now, it's time for another 2 fingers of Woodford OTR.
  3. Well KKers, my OU Sooners thankfully have the weekend off, SWMBOI is away for the weekend, OSU is getting their clock cleaned, and I'm hungry. I'm not wanting to do a grand cook just for my fat rat backside, so I decided Simple Is Best. Just a couple of grilled hamburgers on The Beast will do just fine! I found a new brand of Miller named "FORTUNE" and decided to give it a try for hydration purposes. The bottle is black and could be hard to see against The Beast, but it's a pretty good tasting beer. I prefer Miller Lite, but this is a good start. Here is the total extent of the seasonings I'll be using on this cook ... salt, pepper, and essentially garlic. Sometimes Simple Is Best. Finally, here are the hamburger steaks resting until The Beast is heat soaked and ready for the cook. I love a plain old every day ordinary classic hamburger. Mustard, dill pickle, a thin slice of onion, and some good cheddar cheese. Wait, I guess that cheese makes it a cheese burger! More to come as the cook continues.
  4. If anyone is in the Oklahoma City, OK area and would like to see a Big Bad 32", contact me via email or private message. I look forward to meeting you! Ken CeramicChef
  5. Hi KKers! I'm the CeramicChef and have owned and been cooking on "The Beast", a KK BB 32", for about some time now. All I can say is that everyone should have an opportunity to cook on a KK! I've been using kamados for a little over 20 years. I started out on a BGE that eventually got Humptied on move from South Texas to NOLA. It was replaced by a Medium BGE as I was now single and didn't think I'd need as much as a BGE had in terms of grilling space. Then along came the Primo XL and it replaced my Med BGE as my go to grill. It was wrecked by some ne'er do well youths and replaced with another Primo XL. During my Primo years, Dennis introduced the KK BB. I just sat there in my chair slack jawed. I finally decided that I had worked hard all my life and I deserved one. Dennis was gracious enough to ship one my way! I thought I understood all about quality, customer service, etc. Was I ever wrong! The KK BB 32" was beyond anything I ever hoped for. But then, you guys know exactly what I'm talking about. My friends as me to explain why in the world I'd ever spend the kind of money on a kamado that you pay for the KK BB and all I do is smile and tell them they'd never understand until they experience it firsthand. My friends who have cooked on The Beast tell me it's the difference between chicken salad and chicken $41t. The Beast is Black Pebbled ... understated elegance! I thought I had a pic but will post one in a couple of days. So in any event, its good to be aboard and in with you good people. Y'all have a great weekend, kiss that special someone, hug the kids, and make some memories with your KK, family, and friends!
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