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23 Hour Pork Butts Using Billows Fan

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@jonj thanks for doing that.

Yes, that confirms that they must have used different threaded sleeves for the ports on our two KKs (I assume that yours does have a threaded stainless insert sleeve bonded into the port with a threaded port plug, right? Here shown with the plug about half way out:


Mine's a 2020 BB32, so it's possible they modified the port between our two units being built. Or if yours doesn't have the threaded sleeve and plug, then that explains the difference. That would also explain why the rubber plugs don't fit mine. If the sleeve was a mod from just having a hole in the chassis, then they may have used the same size hole and just added the sleeve, making the effective hole smaller).

Your measurement is 14mm, vs my sleeve's 10.8mm, so that makes a big difference to easily getting more probes through. 

If Thermoworks probe cables are now a bit thinner, then I might be able to squeeze three through, otherwise I'll have to use both ports. 

But again, thanks for measuring and confirming what I suspected: It means I'm not missing a trick or going crazy.

And thanks to everyone else for your comments.

Now, back to bbq'ing: It's morning here now and I need to check on the cook.



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