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KAF Masa Flour

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King Arthur just introduced a Masa flour for those of you who want to make tortillas without bringing it yourself. I don't know how the price and quality compare with other sources. They also have a tortilla press.


I usually use their bread and whole flours for making bread; I really like their white whole wheat flour but haven't found a local source and their shipping prices drive the price up high enough that I rarely order directly from them unless I can get free shipping.

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Nice! We get their flyers but I didn't spot this; we use KA flour whenever we aren't grinding our own. I look forward to someone making a comparison.

I have two data points: We've made nixtamal from Anson Mills Henry Moore Yellow Hominy Corn, and we've bought prepared artisanal masa from Primavera at the Sunday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco. Both are based on domestic US corn, and both masas were excellent; Primavera is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Bay Area. However, we preferred masa made from corn grown in Oaxaca, Mexico, as sold by Masienda.

Masienda sells masa harina (masa flour) in redwhite, and blue. We use the white to dry out too-wet masa mixtures from our Indian wet grinder.

I'd like to compare the Masienda white against the KA masa harina.

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