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  1. i almost always want wings and pizza and beef ribs!
  2. Like many of you, i have a bit of a knife fetish that I'm trying to keep under control. Unlike many of you, I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping it under control, but I've been sorely tempted by the Almazan Kitchen Serbian chefs knife. If you're not familiar with these, wander over to YouTube and do a search for Almazan Kitchen; you'll find numerous videos of a guy in Serbia cooking out in the woods or in a rustic kitchen and using a wooden-handled knife that resembles a rustic cleaver with a rounded blade. The videos show them using the knife for everything from chopping wood to flipping an
  3. I have an edge pro that uses the same concept but has suction cups instead of the base clamp and it doesn't have the blade clamp. https://www.edgeproinc.com/
  4. Two things that directly lead to my weight loss: I retired. When working, i had a long time between breakfast and lunch and was always very hungry at lunch so I ate too early and too much at lunch. I was then very hungry again at dinner and i are too much then as well as getting take-out too often. I'm sleeping later now which shortens the time between breakfast and lunch so I'm eating less at lunch so i have one "real" meal each day instead of two. I used Noom which helped me with portion control and better balance in my meals; it also helped with strategies for dealing with di
  5. I have to wear a belt because suspenders are irritating and my pants will fall down otherwise. They used to be prone to falling due to my belly pushing them down but since I've lost 40 lbs, they fall down because they're too loose; I'm not buying new pants until I'm done with the weight loss program even though it's stalled lately. i solved the belt notch issue by getting a grip6 belt: https://grip6.com/
  6. While i like the idea of a big butchers block style cutting board, I don't really have room for one built into a cart, a place to leave a board out, or the desire to move a heavy board in and out of a storage spot. I discovered Epicurean boards a few years back and they've worked well for me. They're made of a paper-based composite and are light, hold up well to use, are easy on knives, and (maybe) best of all, dishwasher safe. While not as decorative as a nice end-grain butchers block, they're pretty attractive and available in several colors. I highly recommend them even though they seem a
  7. I don't think I've ever heard of bone-in brisket. I'm not a brisket fan but I've done the meat paste thing with pork Boston butts - that's one of the things that led to my prep gloves question in the banter section of the forum; salt and several types of ground pepper rubbed into all the nicks and cuts I always seem to have on my hands and fingers is not a lot of fun!
  8. I've been watching a lot of cooking videos and shows and notice a lot of both professional and amateur cooks/chefs wearing rubber gloves to do food prep. I don't like wearing them; I find them hot and uncomfortable although I do give then serious consideration when applying rubs with my perpetually cut and knicked up hands and fingers. I understand the concerns about cross contamination but I'm careful to wash my hands often when dealing with that possibility. I just don't see the need in a home environment with fewer time constraints than found in a restaurant or catering environment. So
  9. My doorbell rang again a little while ago; the same ups driver was back with my drip pan! He dug around in his truck and found it; he didn't know why the other package was mislabeled.
  10. My door bell rang a little while ago so i peeked out the window to see who was there and saw a package on the porch; it was too narrow to be my drip pan. The package indicated that it contained mulching blades for a Toro mower; not only did i not order mulching blades for a Toro mower, i don't have a Toro mower... The original shipping label has a different recipient and address listed but a second UPS label had been attached with my name and address. The UPS driver was just going back to his truck after dropping off a package across the street so i have the package back to him. About 15 min
  11. I finally ordered a double bottom drip pan for my 23" kk and it was due for delivery today but I got a notice from UPS saying it was delayed due to a train derailment... I order a lot of stuff and have occasional delays but that's a first for me!
  12. It's less about the amount of smoke as it is the type of smoke - acrid white smoke vs, "clean" blue smoke. If you're happy with the smoke flavor you're getting now, you can use the same technique with your pending KK and get similar results, only with better moisture retention and less fuel consumption - but if you try the smoke pot, you'll probably not go back to your old method. Your food will have a good smoke flavor without a harsh flavor tone you get from the white smoke. Of course, some folks like that harsh "bite". Dennis has provided a good test method - if you get the smoked in y
  13. The advantage of using a probe thermometer is that you don't have to open the lid to check on your food. A temp controller certainly isn't necessary. I have a BBQ Guru but I'm only using it so i can relax and sleep when doing an overnight cook - without it, i find myself just drowsing and constantly checking the cook temps. I have the CyberQ Cloud; I don't like that the monitoring is via the web and alerts come as texts and emails - I'd much rather have an app so that the alerts are separate than the other texts and emails i get but it works well enough that I won't spend the $$ to get so
  14. I never wrap my butts but they almost always come apart when i take them off the kk!
  15. It was a big fire! After letting most of the wood on the floor burn down to embers, i loaded the chickens and waited about 30 minutes before adding the skewers. After the chickens and skewers were done, grilled asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and some mixed greens in grilling baskets. It took about an hour and a half to cook everything; added 5 or 6 additional splits to the brassero during the cook so there's definitely more fuel consumption than with the kk. It was certainly hot! I have some grilling gloves with short gauntlets but i need some welding gloves or something else that covers my
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