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  1. I used the non-perforated pan too fry some sausage and eggs; the sausage fried up fine but the eggs stuck a bit but I think that was due to not letting the pan get hot enough after washing it post sausage, They recommend bringing the temp up slowly and I needed to either wait a bit longer or bring the heat up faster The egg remnants cleaned right off with water. I used the flaming pan (that's the perforated one) on the KK to wilt some mixed greens last week when I smoked a small dry aged ribeye roast; it did fine with this admittedly easy task. I think I included a pic in the Miscellaneous cooks thread. I'm not sure when I'll do a more demanding cook with it; my mother had a pretty bad case of COVID-19 and, since we were afraid she was going to have to go to the hospital at any time, I didn't want to start something that I might have to abandon mid-cook. I ate on a pretty big smoked ham I bought at the grocery store for over a week! Fortunately, she's mostly fully recovered now without a trip to the ER other than some lingering brain fog.
  2. Before Academy Sports opened semi-locally here, I was buying most of my lump from Home Depot or Lowes. I found a lot of variation in the lump from the home stores even amongst the same brand - one bag would have very little smalls and dust but the next bag wood be all smalls with lots of dust. I attributed that with how the bags were being handled - I think the bad bags were abused during shipping and/or handling in the warehouses and stores. Same with orders from Amazon - I ordered a bag of jealous devil from Amazon since I couldn't find it locally and was disappointed; the bag showed obvious abuse and had several tears that had been taped with lots of smalls and dust. The bag was coated in dust too. I've bought all of my lump from Academy since they opened here and I found out they carried it. They usually have jealous devil and B&B; I've stuck with B&B and have been happy with the quality and price. Inventory has been low for the past few months tho; I got lucky the last time I got some and got a bag right off the pallet so I knew it have been minimally handled. That bag was full of big chunks.
  3. These were quenched. I did do some stove top seasoning before I used them.
  4. Went to the grocery store and someone had pea'ed all over the sidewalk...
  5. The damper attached fan in action. It worked very well and left the guru port open for the cold smoker. I ran the thermoworks stuff with the battery so i didn't have to dig out another extension cord.
  6. Small dry aged ribeye roast cooked to medium using the cold smoker with hickory pellets and the thermoworks temp monitoring and control. I have an older KK without the cold smoker port, so i attached the fan to my old single dial damper. This worked pretty well but my temps did range a bit since I'm still figuring out where to set the Billows fan damper - it's a 20cfm fan so it will overshot in a hurry. Also wilted some mixed greens in my new Solidteknics flaming pan along with kernel corn fixed in the vermicular and left-over brown rice. Overall, I'm happy with all of this but the roast would have been better at medium-rare. While digging out my old damper, i found some fire starters this i forgot i had; they came as a bonus when i got my Solo fire pit several years ago. They're made from sugar cane. I used two of them to light the pellets in the cold smoker and they worked very well!
  7. I thought i had some of the metallic tape but it was just high-grade shiny duct tape. I'll give the a try on the KK later today. Nice sunny day and in the 60's here in NC - good day for an outdoor cook - so i positioned the fan air inlet and power port up for convenience.
  8. Yes, I have some of that and was leaning in that direction. Especially since I already know where that tape is...
  9. I took advantage of thermoworks black Friday sales and got a Signals, Billows, the associated battery pack, and the guru intake port adapter. Although I've used the signals for a couple of KK cooks, i actually got all of this for another cooker that should be delivered in February and i haven't used the fan or battery other than to hook everything up in the house to make sure it so worked. The billows default smoker attachment is just the legs of a spring mounted in the exhaust port that clamps the fan onto a flat plate with a foam gasket to help get a tight seal. Of course, the old one-dial damper is just a flat plate with various holes punched out so... I think this is gonna work, or it will add once i find one of the rolls of duct tape that i have somewhere to cover up the rest of the holes. I'm planning on cooking a small beef ribeye roast Tuesday so I'll give it a try then although i don't think I'll really need a controller for that relatively short cook.
  10. So when we see pics of that roo roasting on the KK?
  11. I'm pretty sure it won't work if you heat soak the kk before loading the meat and probably won't work if you put the meat on as soon as it hits 500° - the kk's just hold heat too well. 500° is also awfully close to the Meater's maximum ambient temperature rating of 527°.
  12. Just realized the link I provided is to the video and not the Kickstarter. https://emails.kickstarter.com/ss/c/jbhlvoU_4ViWFpZVbUjED0OpkQHNg7x7JtaKmK7tAldnE0eWLVUDoHX8yqnPauH9v5OqMsRZ_JnATbax13sfk_pAfnTvUdlC4Zo7Kp1x57mK456THkvbQX9OH1WXcSkdwUIEvhS24HL79z6UYxjLHJ1vTs4sAgF8JphNB0gHs-0_QNozP7-GdhQNBFezYCOmtJxs6_faPJdgq2mT-c16WI4iuQQrOHlSpJRB_1oJa08/3i2/mqf6zF1UTn-o52JgJCMCdg/h3/dWrxI4ydPKVUm7na8S-W4iO3AgBf0RDzHMF-mNFNwbU
  13. Their American-made wok hit Kickstarter today, planned shipment in May (but I wouldn't count on it):
  14. I also have a stainless grill topper that's similar to Poochie's as well - got it at academy sports when I was picking up some charcoal. A happy accident: I bent the handles down a bit and it's almost a perfect fit for the grate frames on my Santa Maria grill. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet-stainless-steel-grill-topper?sku=silver
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