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  1. Another demonstration of the KKs heat and moisture retention: when i was smoking Boston butts in my pre-KK BGEs, I did it with the fat side up so the melting fat could baste the meat and keep it moist, but with the KK, this results in pulled pork that's a bit greasy. Fat side down in the KK gives moist and tender non-greasy results.
  2. I watched a couple of these last night - they make me feel a little silly for having all of this expensive cooking gear!
  3. Thanks! I'll get a cover... Of course, this re-examination has got me thinking about rotisseries again.
  4. Yes, I got a quote for the cover on response to the email i sent to initiate my discussion with them - it's $575. I was thinking about just covering the firebox and bricks with a tarp but I'm waffling... We get a lot of mold and fungus growing on vertical surfaces around here and that's got me thinking a cover is probably almost a requirement. Is it difficult to get the cover up over the uprights with just one person?
  5. They offer a custom cover but it's $575 and i just couldn't bring myself to get it, especially since i was already over budget. I also have a lot of trees around and I'm afraid the space inside a tented cover would get quickly occupied by spiders and their webs! It will be somewhat sheltered under my roofed in deck. @Tucker, are you having any rust issues? They do offer stainless steel but i didn't even bother getting pricing.
  6. I just placed my order for the brick-lined Santa Maria grill from Arizona BBQ Outfitters. They're estimating the current lead time to get it built at 14 weeks; the 48" model is actually 57" wide so it's a big'un and weighs 800 lbs. I upgraded to the dual stainless steel grates. I went a bit over what i had hoped to spend once the shipping was added in, but it was less expensive than my KK and my pizza oven. They said the had two being built now; of course, those belong to someone else so i have to wait my turn. She also said the price of steel is going up so i wouldn't be surprised if the
  7. To add to what @tony b said, if you're using a BBQ guru of other controller, I'd advise not connecting the fan until the KK is pretty close to your target temperature. If the fan is connected, it'll run full blast in an attempt to bring the temp up quickly and will probably overshoot the target, then shut down to let the temp come back down, leading to the issues i mention above only with it automated. It also could burn too much charcoal too quickly, potentially causing the fire to go out too early on a long cook. Again, please don't ask me how i know... I try to give the KK at least 2 h
  8. Just be careful accelerating your fire in the KK if you're doing a low-and-slow cook - if you overshoot your target temp, it can take a while for the temp to drop back down! And if you cut off the airflow, the fire could go out before the temp comes back down so it's tempting to try to accelerate the fire again to make up for the time you lost and you get caught in a loop... Don't ask me how i know this.
  9. If you' try to contact AZ BBQ, use the email link on their website's home page - looks like they're not getting messages sent via the "contact us" page. The brick-lined grill isn't on their website but they do still offer it and it should be included once they update the site.
  10. No experience with the gun. I used to use a weed burner with mapp gas but i couldn't keep the spiders out of the burner so I'm now using paraffin blocks. For some of the lump of extruded charcoal that's hard to light, I'll wrap a chunk in a paper towel and soak with corn oil and stick it right by the paraffin before lighting. The paraffin works for starting wood in the solo stove as well. If I'm starting a wood fire for a Dutch oven or potje, I'll use a paraffin cube and some charcoal briquettes in a chimney starter and then either dump the burning briquettes on the ground and put the woo
  11. @tekobo a brasserro is the rack to hold wood above the fire box; the stuff in the bottom burns and falls thru as it turns to embers and is ready to move under the grates. You load fresh wood on top and it gravity feeds down. The AZ BBQ ones I'm considering can have independently adjustable split grids without a central post; you can lock them together by putting a pin in the shaft at the top. I checked out ox grills after seeing your mention in another thread; they don't seem to be available on the US but very nice! All stainless! I'll probably get stainless grates but I'm not prepa
  12. i couldn't tell if the lid was slotted for the rotisserie or not from the pics and videos.
  13. @Tyrus, your earlier posts pointed me to the hoorays, but they're a bit more $$ than i was hoping to spend. That's a massive rotisserie! AZ BBQ has a similar model without the shelving and not so overbuilt. Do you have to raise the grates to refuel? Thanks for the input!
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