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Hand Textured Teak Floors

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Two Dimensional Textured Teak Floors

Why should wood floors be flat?

After 17 years of building hand made teak furniture, designer Dennis Linkletter turned his attention to crafting floors with the same unique textures that were his trademark. Hand Hewn floors was created for discriminating designers, owners and builders who are looking for old world craftsmanship, produced with modern technology, for consistency and durability.

With wood floors being traditionally flat, our hand worked floors textures add a new dimension to wood flooring. They are not only beautiful but also almost maintenance free floor. The inevitable nicks and scratches which ruin other floors actually add beauty and compliment our floors time- worn look.

European engineered flooring technology enables us to manufacture stable wide plank floors. Hand Hewn Floors is the result of merging centuries old craftsmanship with state of the art stable wide plank engineering.

• Environmentally Sound —

Indonesian teak was introduced by Chinese traders over 400 years ago and is not indigenous to Indonesia. Therefore this crop is sustainable and environmentally sound. Our planks are carefully selected to be character grade which include burls, knots and streaks to emphasize teak’s natural beauty.

• Engineered not Solid —

Stability in our plank wood flooring is achieved by laminating kiln dried teak top wear layer to a stable, cross laminated solid core of farm grown Albasia which is laminated to an Albasia plywood base.

The timbers are tongue and grooved and end matched before our artisans using traditional tools and centuries old methods hand-hewn or hand-plane every square inch of the floors surface. The flooring is then sanded, stained, polished, and finished, all by hand using old world methods.

The flooring industry considers engineered hardwood flooring to be the most dimensionally stable. Because the other layers in an engineered hardwood floor are cross laminated, the floor does not expand and contract or twist and warp with changes in humidity and temperature as solid hardwood floors do.

Our flooring is very versatile and can directly glued-down to any sub floor above or below grade and directly on a concrete sub floor, eliminating the need for messy sanding and toxic fumes during very costly traditional installations.

Engineered teak flooring is also an excellent choice for geographical areas with higher humidity or moisture levels.

Hand Hewn’s wide-plank sculpted teak floors are distinctive and unique in the flooring industry. Six surface

treatments are available.

• Hand Hewn —The sculpted floors are hand hewn with a traditional village adze. Different traditional adzes and methods are used to produce the balanced appearance. This produces the hand hewn look of floorboards from a long lost time before machines and milled timbers entered our lives.

• Hand Hewn LITE – A subtle version of the above floor

• Linear Planed S.H.L. — A modified Hand planes give a long drawn, planed look. This floor is then given a soft highlighted finish. We developed this floor for Hirsch Bedner for the new Four Seasons Petit Anise hotel in the Seychelles.

• RainWashed — A very natural looks is created by removing the soft growth rings leaving the harder growth rings dramatically raised and accented. This unique texturing technique enhances the natural texture, grain pattern and character of teak resulting in a finish reminiscent of time and rain worn timbers.

• Soft highlighted — A flat floor where the grain’s open pores have been accented and the grain shown. Subtle yet dramatic.

• Soft highlighted LITE — A flat floor with open, highlighted pores.

Sawn Timber Wear Layer:

Our 5/8" thick floor has a solid 5/32” sawn teak top-wear layer is laminated to a stabile 3/8”cross laminated solid core with a 11/64” plywood base.



Standard widths are 6" and 8”.


Floors come in random lengths from 30-86” mostly longs.


All four sides are tongue and grooved.

Tung Oil Finish:

Between 5 and 7 hand-rubbed coats of non-toxic natural tung oil enhance teaks beautiful grain and color. The feeling to a bare foot and the aesthetic appearance of an oiled wood floor is unrivalled. You are touching a very hard and durable wood and not a layer of plastic. Natural oils allow the wood to develop a patina—the beautiful tones only natural aging produces. Oil penetrates into the wood fibers and cells and produces a finish unmatched by surface seals and finishes. As the oil hardens, a strong protective barrier develops that will not flake or peel off. Oiled floors are also environmentally sound and can be touched up.

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