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  1. I know people have had luck with Craig's List also..
  2. Heylo.. First I heard of this.. There was recently an upgrade.. I've written my forum Wizzard to fix this. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Here is a great review.. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/productreviews/kkhcsg/kkhcsg.htm
  4. There is a hole in the front and rear facing plate just outside of those tubes.. the hanger goes into those holes like a doctors stethoscope. The holes are actually about a half inch below where you have the hanger just sitting on top.. There is a bolt that goes into that lower hole.. it's used to make the table level if necessary.
  5. That is a completely different spitter.. The left to right one is the rotisserie splitter.. Roti splitter Charcoal Basket splitter is front to rear and adjustable
  6. Indonesian pet peeve #68 No perforations on the paper towels! WTF?
  7. That was just an office employee adding an unnecessary adjective to the splitter name.. No idea where it came from! We changed to the splitter with the sliding fence like the 42" quite a while ago..
  8. I had my staff make up a 30 lb bundle. The wrapped bricks were not centered so it wobbled a bit (a turkey will be uniform and balanced) and a low-quality Chinese motor still spun it easily.
  9. Absolutely.. Please give me a call to discuss materials and how wide you need it.
  10. This is a heat shield for the 22" Beast.. It prevents the material dead center of the floor directly under the firebox from heating up and expanding (at high temps) which can actually make it rock a bit.. The center expands but the outside of the grill floor does not creating a high spot dead center. This plate prevents this from happening. As I always say, physics sets the rules!
  11. The gas burner was actually designed to pre-heat frozen grills in cold climates not to cook or light the charcoal. It only works to light all the charcoal for grilling.. lighting from the bottom does not work as charcoal needs to burn down into the fuel.. if you light the bottom it can run out with a full basket above it. I do know of customers who bake pizzas at 650 using the burner with an adjustable regulator used on a turkey frier.. but it does not create uniform heat for grilling.. it would make a small sweet spot.
  12. I'm pretty sure for crispy chicken skin you should be using baking powder, not baking soda..
  13. First paper wrap when you get the color you want, not by temp and add tallow. I think the most important part of a brisket cook is to wrap and hold in a cooler for at least 10 hours.. I often leave them 15 hours.. Redistributes the moisture. Throwing a couple of bottles full of hot water in there helps hold the heat.
  14. I might know of a used 42" in Matte Black tiles in Texas.. I also might know of a 32" in Cobalt Blue Colorado. Let me try to track it down for you.
  15. Heat deflectors: While I do make them, I haven't personally used a heat deflector in my grills for more than 12 years because I believe they increase airflow. (It’s easier to supply them than to educate the ex-glazed pot users to believe they don’t need them) In the glaze ceramic pot, big green egg, Kamado Joe world having a plate with thermal mass inside your grill will give additional stability during ambient temperature changes. Because my grill is so well insulated.. they are not necessary. I simply preheat the grill empty and then put a piece of aluminum foil on the lower grate for the area I want indirect, put my drip pan on top of that and use them to create indirect airflow. This will give you better performance/less airflow. https://komodokamadoforum.com/topic/10026-heat-deflectors-in-the-kk/?tab=comments#comment-121321
  16. Yes it's to level the table if necessary... and the side tables have a removable grate hanger too..
  17. Yes they are notched out for the roti motor just like the side tables.. These could have stainless inserts also.
  18. New Idea.. If you would like a more polished look when installing a 32" BB in a counter, these two teak inserts will fill the gaps left, right and in the rear. These could have stainless inserts also. You tube video of teak counter inserts
  19. The additional drilled plug is a jet for Natural Gas.. It's hole should be larger then the LPG jet.
  20. For those of you who want to use Fireboard or Thermoworks Billows temp control units, Humphrey's BBQ makes these solutions and are very helpful.. http://humphreysbbq.com Billows adapter Buy the "No adapter needed" option Fan for Fireboard Buy the "No Fitting" option
  21. Sent Doug from the Naked whiz some of this latest container's coco char to test and I'm thrilled that it was the all time best in two categories.. "The amount of powder/dust/granules in the bottom of the bag was stunningly small, a mere 2 grams for the smaller USPS box and 18 grams for the larger box sent by UPS. (A new world record in both cases.)" "the volume of ash produced was the lowest we have ever tested, lump or coconut!" http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lumpdatabase/lumpbag152.htm
  22. The 32" is more of a grill that smokes and the 23" is a smoker that can grill. If you want to smoke/cook low and slow, brisket, butts and ribs.. the 23" Ultimate has great capacity.. it can do 5-7 pork butts / 40 + lbs of meat. More than most residences will ever need. If you want to "Grill" for a 6 or more the 23" is limited by its size. You just can't throw on 6-8 steaks at once... Remember that grilling is direct heat straight up from the charcoal and because the girls have a firebox there's a 3 to 4 inch area on the outside of the great that is d simply not "grilling" hot. There is definitely a grilling sweet spot on the grates. This means the 23 inch grill has a 15 to 17 inch sweet spot in the center of the main grate and 13 to 15 on the lower grate. The 32" and 42" are full size grills, I define a full size as 22" front to back. Full size gas grills start at 32 " and run into the low 60's. 32" is the smallest full size gas grill. They have more low and slow capacity than most will ever need. The 32" is no slower nor does it use noticeably more fuel. There is a charcoal basket splitter/reducer that lets you do small cooks using only a portion of the charcoal basket. That being said, if you want to work a bit you could reverse sear 6-8 steaks and then brown them up three at a time on a 23". Gets the job done, but there is a reason there are no 23" gas grills on the market.. it's too small as a "grill". Many (most) people want to be able to throw 6 full size steaks on at once and pull them off together.. this is the reason I now sell 2.5X more 32's than 23's..
  23. Larger pieces in the middle and smaller pieces AROUND THE OUTSIDE NEAR THE FIREBOX.. NEVER IN THE MIDDLE. Charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow.. Too hot reduce airflow and the volume burning will be reduced and vice versa. Volume of charcoal in the basket has nothing to do with temps, unless you run out!
  24. Just wanted to let you know that I'm back from my MUCH needed family holiday.. First time out of Indonesia since COVID started. DId four days in Paris, four days in Provence, four days in Venice and four days in Rome.. A great trip, my 16 year old daughter and wife's first time. Over booked the trip and ran myself ragged but lived. Produce was spectacular, but sadly most of the restaurant food was underwhelming.. I did not realize how good both the food in Bali and my house was.. Qatar airways was amazing and DOHA airport mind blowing.. the business class lounge was over 100,000 sq'.
  25. Two things.. I can't begin to tell you how much better an overnight rested brisket is.. My new minimum is 12 hours and as long as 18. Takes that long to redistribute the juices. I also add Wagu fat/tallow to the wrap and rest.. You can buy on Amazon in a big black tub. Just wanted to point out you have your basket splitter set up for a left-handed person..
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