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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I'm back from my MUCH needed family holiday.. First time out of Indonesia since COVID started. DId four days in Paris, four days in Provence, four days in Venice and four days in Rome.. A great trip, my 16 year old daughter and wife's first time. Over booked the trip and ran myself ragged but lived. Produce was spectacular, but sadly most of the restaurant food was underwhelming.. I did not realize how good both the food in Bali and my house was.. Qatar airways was amazing and DOHA airport mind blowing.. the business class lounge was over 100,000 sq'.
  2. Two things.. I can't begin to tell you how much better an overnight rested brisket is.. My new minimum is 12 hours and as long as 18. Takes that long to redistribute the juices. I also add Wagu fat/tallow to the wrap and rest.. You can buy on Amazon in a big black tub. Just wanted to point out you have your basket splitter set up for a left-handed person..
  3. They also grow it here in Bali.. I sent my mother and sister a big fistful for Christmas.
  4. We have Bearded Papas here in Indonesia.. We always tip well so the workers give us double cream filling. Makes your eyes roll back in your head.. We buy them 12 at a time I gotta try this ASAP
  5. I think you should be saying the large BGE is small.. The 42" Serious Big Bad wears the HUGE description much better.. LOL
  6. KK's are always a bit smaller front to back. 23" left to right and about 21" front to rear 42" and 32" left to right are both 22" front to rear
  7. KK's are always a bit smaller front to back. 23" left to right and about 21" front to rear 42" and 32" left to right are both 22" front to rear
  8. I just emailed it and a list of videos to you.. Please look for Komodo Kamado Owner's Manuals & Break-in Instructions Vers. 2
  9. This is just before they are crated..
  10. Well... which do you want the notched or the one with holes? I think the notched is probably more versatile.
  11. The problem with the website for quoting bulk charcoal deliveries is that the site is programed for grills which has a higher class and cost than charcoal. Please use this form to request a discounted charcoal delivery quote. You'll get the best price if you can pick it up at the terminal or your place of business. https://forms.gle/YkimXHHT1V3v9T7x8 2022
  12. Not yet, having a very difficult time getting it picked up and trans-loaded then trucked to Las Vegas. It's not going to be cheap.. and I need to know what it is to do the pricing. There is a overweight area in LA and the place we used to split the loads is closed.
  13. One of the challenges with the 42 is that when you open the lid and play for a minute or three and then close it you're adding so much oxygen that you get a 30 to 50° temperature change. It does go back down but it takes a while. That being said I know exactly where the ear on my damper top needs to be for 235 and as long as I don't mess with it it goes there every time and does stay there.. I'm guessing you like to futz with your cooks and you open it up multiple times. Maybe you should try choking back the fan on your temperature control device.
  14. I have not raised my prices since 2013, and have never raised the prices on the 32.. this was possible because the exchange rate for the Indonesian rupiah had dropped over the years.. But the time has come. Komodo Prices 2022 Square tiles Pebble & Bronze Metallic 42” Serious Big Bad $10,300 $10,595 32” Big Bad $6,962 $7,198 23” Ultimate $5,028 $5,239 22” Beast Table Top $4,862 $5,000 21” Supreme $4,128 $4,269 19” Lil' Isla Table Top $3,248 $3,364 16.” Brawny Bambino TT $2,410 $2,494
  15. Use a Jaccard to open up the skin and let the fat render out.. Baking powder a must. https://www.amazon.com/Jaccard They are flat blades that actually cut little slits not round pins that puncture.. big difference. Use it across the grain to tenderize meat too..
  16. Just an FYI The full wrapped palette from the container is 110 - 22 lb boxes. Of course any volume works but people always want to know how much fits on one.
  17. Out of the blue one of my shipping companies wrote and told us they were starting a pilot program for shipping charcoal and asked if we wanted to be a guinea pig.. I've had a container volume of charcoal sitting in my factory for almost two years so I jumped at the opportunity but when I did the math with the shipping cost, I realized that the only reason it worked was that I already had paid for the charcoal and it was dead stock in Indonesia.. That being said, we now have 22 tons on the way.. It's the best charcoal we've ever shipped.. it's 2 1/4- 2 1/2 % ash which is unheard of.. It's so dense that the same size logs in the same size box is 10% heavier than my previous charcoal which was 4% ash. Industry standard is 6-15% Hopefully I can send charcoal on a regular basis once the exorbitant current shipping rates come down. Fire Proof liner: A company showed up with an amazing mylar metallic bag that was inflated inside the container and stuck to the walls before we put the charcoal in.. and then after the charcoal was loaded, the air was sucked out of it and it was tied off. This supposedly prevents the charcoal from catching on fire because there's no oxygen for it to burn if there is a fire outside the container. Interesting idea to prevent fires.. Bag installed.. Charcoal being loaded. Filling it up.. Air vacuumed out and sealed.. I will be sending out an email with pre-sale information on the charcoal as well as a link to a page with spare parts and accessories for early KK grills and the smaller table tops on sale as I will no longer be stocking them in the US. Also some cabinets and flooring.. Dennis
  18. After more than 20 years with my fulfillment warehouse in LA, I was told the warehouse was sold and I had a month to move out. Could not find a warehouse willing to take 350 SKUs or one that even could take my more than 4 -53' trucks of goods.. but I did find one in Las Vegas. Moved end of last week and this week.. The December container took more than a week to get picked up from the docks in Long Beach because there is a chassis shortage. But the container was delivered on Friday.. Might take the warehouse a day to inventory everything and then things should start going out again..
  19. With 11 million viewers.. he's planted the KK seed in a lot of people's minds even if they don't know it.. Favorite bit.. They gave it to you? No I bought it! That's Gold Baby!
  20. Check out Joe Rogan talking about his Komodo Kamado.. I never knew he had bought one. Sounds like he left it in CA when he moved to Texas. Joe Rogan #1782 Skip to 1:11:50 Thanks for the massive plug Joe!
  21. It's not, many people make beautiful pies in their KK..
  22. Remember charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow.. temperature is airflow.. if it's not hot enough, you don't have enough air. The usual culprit is small pieces that restrict/reduce the volume of air coming thru the grill. Different species of wood create charcoal that burns at different temps.. but all can easily get to pizza temps. Pouring your lump into a box and shake to sort.. but the largest pieces dead center and the smaller ones if you must use them around the outside near the cement.
  23. Heylo Kenny.. Your grill has a new feature.. the tri-set that your damper top shaft screws into has a bolt on the side that lets you release the threaded center. This will release the pressure.. Please call me if you have any problems.
  24. Looks great.. Best to seal off the bottom of the charcoal basket in the front half with foil to prevent airflow from coming thru the front area.. You want to force the air thru the charcoal.. Air will of course take the path of least resistance that's why you need the foil.
  25. Thanks Doug.. Love your reviews. Naked Whiz - KK Cold Smoker Review
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