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Hotel Work

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Don't have many photos of this job for the very exclusive Maia Hotel in the Seychelles but what I do have looks nice..




Here are some shots I took recently in the factory..

These are production shots of the 8" planks for a Hirsch Bedner, New Four Seasons Hotel also in the Seychelles. The floor is Linear planned using a hand plane with a blade ground with a very subtle arch. This floor is almost closed pore but we also do a open highlighted grain.

As you can see they are more polished but still distressed looking. There are no flat surfaces on them but the look is very subtle. It's a matte Tung oil finish but shown here with a bit of bee's wax on them for sheen.

The problem is that the white fiberglass panels in the roof give all the shots a whitish haze.. but I'm sure you get the idea. Please feel free to ask all kinds of questions, I'm happy to work on creating exactly what you want.

This top shot is shot low across the floor that's on a work table to show the irregular surface.. but as you can see in the other shots it's not as noticeable.


Tung oil is not very shiney.. this is a waxed finish over the tung oil..






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