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Dry Aged Brisket

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Wet aging

I've found that things can go south very quickly when something is "wet aged" for more than 4 weeks. This is especially true with anything that has the bone in, for example prime rib or a short loin(think t-bones).And when I say south I mean SOUR. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of "wet aging"?As far as the Wagyu beef being aged, I'd be willing to try the brisket but it would seem like overkill on the loin cuts like strips and filets or the rib eyes. Wagyu has a flavor all it's own anyway and for me to intensify it would only deepen the already intense beefy flavor, and somefolks would probably find it a little gamey--that being said I've never tried it and with the price well over $50 a pound for retail for the better steak cuts, I won't be trying it. OK now I have to get some Wagyu brisket !!

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