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Why Extruded CoCoNut Charcoal? What's the buzz about?

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The source of most commercial activated carbon is from shells. Charcoals made from shells have very little impurity. The volume of ash a charcoal produces is determined from the raw material it comes from. Good quality CoCoNut charcoal has very little impurities and therefore leaves only about 3.5% ash. Contrary to popular internet myths it does give off some smoke but very little compared to other charcoal. The smoke from the unburned volatiles does impart a flavor but is what I'd call extremely neutral. When I did my burn tests for ash content, the smell in the house was so nice, sweet and subtle, I'd almost be tempted to use it as incense.

Here in Asia the street sate vendors use coconut shells because if the intense infrared heat they give off and sweet profile. I'd say you would only be able taste it without rub and only on fish and chicken.

For everyday cooks I'd use standard lump charcoal.. but for times when you want control of your smoke profile or want to have almost no smoke profile as with bread, pizza and some fish, the coco makes sense. Nobody wants mesquite flavored sour dough bread.

Also if you wanted to smoke with a wood or material that has delicate/light smoke profile, the lump's flavor/profile might over dominate your target flavors. This would be very common with the stronger flavored charcoals like mesquite for example. If you use the coco as your charcoal you could then use any material that smokes to impart flavor on your meat.. I've even heard of people using garlic and basil for smoke.

Another great feature of the extruded coconut is the consistency in which it burns which makes it great for low and slow cooks.. it's very much set and forget.

I just found a shipper that is offering better rates for mixed cooker and charcoal shipments, so I will start sending different charcoals that can be bundled with the coconut so one can get a mixed palette at a greatly reduced price. I also have some ideas for charcoals that will be cutting edge and completely different from what's available.. and of course KOmodo quality.


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