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the kk is tops... another happy camper

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hello Komodo Kamado community...

I am a relative newcomer to the world of "ceramic cookers."

My dad introduced me to grilling when I was a young teen and for many, many years, I used various steel cookers for both grilling and smoking over charcoal briquettes and/or hardwood chunks. I loved it and I grilled year round in Texas. However last year, my medical practice added some new docs to our group, and one of the new guys told me about his big green egg.

what a revelation. I surfed the web and learned, and I learned about Dennis Linkletter's Komodo Kamado. no doubt, the bge is a quality cooker, but the kk is top of the line, and santa claus brought one to me last christmas. I am relearning many things about cooking over coals and cooking with smoke on the kk, but I enjoy every lesson and experiment, and the quality of the kk blows me away. I coupled my kk with a bbq guru pro com4, so I have a charcoal cooker-smoker that offers control that is equivalent to a standard gas or electric oven, amazing.

I hasten to say again I am relearning many things about cooking and smoking, and I learn from many of the contributors to this komodokamado forum. the nakedwhiz, drunkj, porkchop, majestik, sygies, firemonkey, trex, and many others offer vast insight, tips, wisdom, and fun. also Dennis Linkletter is responsive to my emails and calls. Dennis has shared many thoughtful tips with me. Dennis owns a reputation for outstanding service and my experience confirms his accolades.

I am another happy camper with the KK community...

bevobro, smokin & grillin

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