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  1. Sanny


    DENNIS!!! HAPPY!!!! I've missed visiting on the boards, too. I didn't realize how much, until I logged back in and remembered the joy of playing with all of you. I've not forgotten YOU (individually or collectively), either! I'm trying to encourage a work colleague to invest in your creation. Alas, he's a young fellow, and has just bought a house. I expect he'll be on a "Smokey Joe" for the foreseeable future. But SOMEDAY...! I sent him a photo of a KK, and he drooled. Obviously, he has exquisite taste. For those following along at home, Mother is doing well. She's 84 this year, and has tracked down the last of the heroes who liberated her from the concentration camp in China after WWII. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3712872/A-kiss-71-years-making-American-prisoner-war-meets-thanks-Chinese-man-rescued-1500-Japanese-Second-World-War-camp-searching-18-years.html
  2. Sanny


    Happy for you! I lost my Annie last month to lymphoma. Eskies are a riot. I have had one and a half. The other half was a German shorthaired pointer. Talk about a confused dog!
  3. Sanny


    Thanks, Tony. I just sent Johnnyboy an email. We'll see if he answers. I hope so.
  4. Sanny


    Noooo! Johnnyboy is worth far more than the sum of his Jammies. Hope he's ok.
  5. Sanny

    Hello Vince from Cleveland

    Remember... breathe out in little puffs. Puff puff puff puff.... But don't hyperventilate. Those puffs help delivery.
  6. That's the one. Pulleys, dim lighting, dramatic explosions. POOF!! I usually just lift an inch or two, let the cooker get the flames out of its system, and then open. As I said, rookie mistake. I did not use it much last year, so am/was way out of practice.
  7. Sanny


    Hey, Tony. Yup. My Mexi-K is working fine. All tiles still intact and everything! I probably shouldn't have said that - they'll all jump off tomorrow. And I know better than to remove the firebox thingy below the lump basket. Nope. Not touching that. I might need new Johnnyboy Jammies for it. Jammies are holding up well, of course, but they're looking a bit manky after so many years in the weather.
  8. Sanny


    Tucker!! Always love your signature quote. Hope all is well in Sunny Florida.
  9. Wasn't it Porkchop who had that video or gif of a backdraft? That was a good lesson video. Ugh. COMPLETE rookie mistake. I confess, I did it. Can't you tell by the singed eyebrows, missing lashes, and strangely short bangs? And blotchy forearm hairs? Yah, I thought you could. Ugh. I had the cooker closed to store the heat, rather than just burn hot. I was planning a pizza cook, so wanted the thermal mass, or whatever. Anyway, lost my mind and OPENED the cooker without burping or opening vents first. DO NOT do that. NO NO. WHOOSH!! Well, you know how it goes. Fortunately, I can laugh, because I wasn't really hurt. My polar fleece shirt got a bit melted (not soft anymore), and I singed some facial hair. Otherwise shamefaced, but fine. What's your method to burp the cooker? Do you open the lid a bit to let air in? Open the vents? What?
  10. Sanny


    Long lost? Back from the (electronic) dead? Missing, presumed eaten? Hi all! It's Sanny! xo I was cooking (on the Mexi-K) this weekend and realized I've been out of touch. Smoooch! I'll post something substantive in a proper section (not the Welcome area). But I'm sort of re-new, right?
  11. Sanny

    Breakfast For DInner

    Try doing an individual pizza and cracking an egg on it near the end of the cook. Surprisingly tasty! (sorry, guys. I'm out of KK Forum practice!)
  12. I've not been here for a while, but it sure looks purty!!
  13. Sanny

    Coming to the States, on Holiday with Family

    Re: Coming to the States, on Holiday with Family He's a California boy!
  14. Sanny

    Bacon Cook - VIDEO

    Re: Bacon Cook - VIDEO Yes, please! BLT on home made bread, with garden tomato! Mmmm!
  15. Sanny

    Roasted Corn

    Re: Roasted Corn Huh. I guess that makes sense. I'll have to give it a try this summer and report back.