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  1. setup half low grates, half high grates start on the low grates at hi temp then once seared, move to the high grate for a dwell to temp
  2. I've had several different color combos, one constant is the 19.5" in autumn gold pebble. Loved so much I got rid of the others and got a 23" gold pebble. I would choose the first pair, gold flake, autumn nebula Good luck
  3. My 2 cents regarding the cradle versus spit topic. Spit. I own a cradle for the 23" and 19.5"; i hate them, too many parts to clean, difficult to manage. I stopped using the roti for that one reason.
  4. your space looks wonderful and inviting. tile back splash behind the Argentine grill is a great touch. really like the table between the two KK's, great idea. lotsa good cookin' gonna happen there!
  5. I have used both at different times. the charcoal, for me, is a bit more predictable.
  6. Getting used to it, finding that the fire does not need to be large at all to create a good temp. lighting is kinda simple, build a small log cabin of kindling with newspaper in it. love the modular grates, 3/8" round, v shaped argentine, and flat top. it takes care of large volume cooks and the flat top is beautiful for scallops. we reduced to two KK's, finding the 19.5" handles many day-to day, while the 23" handles large smoking tasks.
  7. Updated now that I am back to 2 kk and a santa Maria grill
  8. Wow, that looks fantastic! great job.
  9. It will depend upon the size of the brisket. You can find the dimensions of the 19" table top grill here: https://komodokamado.com/collections/19-lil-isla-table-top/products/19-hi-cap-table-top-cad-drawing#gallery-2 A similar page is in each of the different grill pages.
  10. Hey! Where'd the legs go?! 🤯 confgrats!, nice looking color
  11. For low-n-slow, i use BBQGURU digiQ that i purchased years ago, still does what I need. For temp monitoring on hot / fast cooks I use thermoworks 'thermpro' For instant temp check i use thermoworks instant read thermometer. There are several other quality products with many more features taht have been brought to market since i bought my items.
  12. The crate should have a sticker on one side at the bottom that reads "Important place supplied ramp on this side only". white background, black lettering, red arrow pointing downward.
  13. Looks great, love the woodwork. and...... you got the right tiles, pebble
  14. Winner, Winner, chicken dinner, up top or down below, which way to go? (great observation CKreef!)
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