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  1. Tucker

    22 Table Top: Charcoal Clean Out

    The front door with the dials should slide out like all of the other models.
  2. Tucker

    Hello from FL. Future owner

    I started with a 23" because at the time, it was the largest size. I have cooked for upwards of 40 or so from one 23"; with planning of course. There are many on the forum who own either a 32" or 42", and I will let them guide you on choice there. Tile v Pebble; I own both and I like the Pebble best. Good luck with your selection; there is really no bad choice, and good luck with getting the wife on board.
  3. Tucker

    Spatchcock Chicken on my SBB

    Boy, those chickens look like a bantam on that grill !!
  4. Tucker

    Help-is this enough charcoal?

    I agree with Tyrus; for $20 hit the local hardware store for a bag of lump and fill it in.
  5. Tucker

    Lighting of charcoal

    I guess I am just old school. I use a weed burning cane w/propane. just get the tops of the coals going, turn the top out 1 turn for low cooks, two-three for high cooks; leave the front vent all the way open; walk away, come back in 15-30 minutes and do final temp adjustments for my desired cook. simple, and maximizes my drinking time, er, I mean, thinking time
  6. Tucker

    Hello from CT! New 42" and new community member

    Regarding Temp control, I agree with 5698k. I have been using the DigiQ product with all of mine.
  7. Tucker

    wrap my butt?

    My pork butts, cooker at 220f until internal hits 195f, then wrap in double foil, put in cooler and hold until I am ready to pull it, usually 3-4 hours later. Cook time is usually 16-18 hours. I start at 6pm or so day 1, then I am ready even if it is a lunch event day 2. When you wrap and put in a cooler, it stays piping hot, probably carries over into the 200-205 range (never checked) and keeps it juices.
  8. Tucker

    Bbq roof

    Looking good. are you leaving the ceiling vaulted and open ended gables for air ventilation?
  9. Tucker

    Big moe cason

    ditto alimac23 practical knowledge for us backyard burners is gained thru experience, watching uTube, various cooking shows and from each other.
  10. Tucker

    Fuel used

    I use both lump (Royal Oak, Rockwood) and Dennis's extruded. The lumps are easily sourced locally, any others would have to be shipped and that is just a mess to do so. Use a smoke wood from Fruita Wood when appropriate.
  11. Tucker

    Looking to switch

    I cannot add anything to the others., except ; welcome!
  12. Tucker

    Brisket fail - chicken success: a port-mortem

    wow, two baskets of lump!? Something is wrong there. I have cooked low-n-slow (200-225f) on my 23" for almost 72 hours on one basket; multiple cooks of course, shoulder, ribs, brisket. I also use the digi Q without issues. very troubling.
  13. Tucker

    Cleaning new grill stainless

    for all of the cookers I have brought on board, I just fired 'em up and cooked.
  14. Tucker

    BBQ for a group

    Excellent looking results - just disappointing the web is not scratch-n-sniff!! Regarding thermometers, are you using a BBQ Guru or some other temp control unit? it has a grate temp probe. Or you could be using a maverick for the grate temp probe.
  15. Tucker

    BBQ for a group

    Hey, where are the pics with the finished cook?