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  1. I have also done the direct on the coals / caveman style with a ribeye. definitely not for a filet, you need some fat in it to protect the meat tissue. I loved it, super crunchy and perfectly done inside.
  2. I have ordered from in-stock. Each took about 2 weeks to get from CA.
  3. Looks rib-stickin good
  4. Lemisfits I always break my extruded into halfs or thirds and stand them upright so all holes in center are vertical. When re-using a basket of previously burnt lump, I dump it onto a unopened plastic trash bag (as a drop cloth) and pick out the bigger pieces to re-use. this has always worked very well for me doing all ranges of temps.
  5. Do you have a picture showing the entire cooker?
  6. CKReef - aren't you just north of Jacksonville FL in southern GA?
  7. Thx Mac, the approach makes more sense now that I understand you have the larger portion of the solution.
  8. If I read the Thermoworks site correctly, you have to have both the Billows™ BBQ Temperature Control Fan and the Signals™ 4-Channel Wi-Fi/Bluetooth BBQ Alarm Thermometer. Then you have to figure out how to make it work since Thermoworks had not done any investigation into the inter-operability with the KK brand. There are other wifi, blu tooth systems out there that arae already compatible with the KK. What is the difference of the TW device that makes it attractive?
  9. good luck w/ that brother no cash, no mas
  10. If it is a politician, cash only, do not take a check from one of "those" people.
  11. Looks great, alot of fun. btw, have you ever seen Monty Pythons Meaning of Life? "the salmon mousse" ~5:20
  12. I bought a lightly used 23" 5yrs old for $3,000. no cover, no drip pan, no upper rack, no stone. warming grate was not invented at that time. I am selling a different 23" for $3,500 OBO which has all the grates and drip pans with it along with a new cover and updated front draft door. with what you have there, maybe $4,500?
  13. WTH is that?! A brontosaurus steak?
  14. Bump - This one is still available.
  15. Very nice. Scary looking ramp to navigate; glad it went well. Hope your deck has alot of structure under that big boy.
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