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  1. using the steam method, regardless of "age" the eggs give up the shells easily and w/o loss of the egg white.
  2. oops, yes, lid the saucepan when bringing water to a boil and during cooking.
  3. Wow; to much math and physics for me. Try this: To do hard "boiled" eggs; steam them. use a vegetable steamer basket Set it in a 3 qt saucepan, filled w/ water to just below steamer basket, bring water to boil. 18 eggs in, stacked up. 11-12 minutes later put into ice water, 10 min, then peel. adjust your cook time to desired yolk done-ness, this time gives you firm, but not hard yolks. we get perfect eggs everytime.
  4. It is in Fruit Cove FL - 32259 south of Jacksonville FL.
  5. I forgot to put a price on this post. Asking $3,500 US for it.
  6. 23" Ultimate Komodo Kamado Color: Gray & Coral / Chevron pattern. One owner, new in 2010. Was under canvas cover until 2012, since then has been under pavilion roof and canvas cover. Very clean, excellent shape, has one dinged tile that I hit when I unloaded it in 2010. The dinged tile is a cosmetic issue only. All three original grates, one drip pan, one heat deflector stone & new blue cover. I added the main lid 'D' shaped gasket in 2014. New front draft door w/ two dials added May 2019. You will need to have a lift gate truck. weighs ~600#. It rolls easily.
  7. Happy to contribute I hope the serve the need. I have my leg lamp ready, bring on the memories!!
  8. We typically cook a 25# or so bird each each year on the 23"; been doing this since 2007 w/ first grill. prep same as if I were to use the oven. sits on main grate w/ drip pan as heat deflector below it 350f for 4 or so hours; foil laid over it for first couple hours, then remove for the tan. Insert other media
  9. If I use a deflector it is either a drip pan or foil.
  10. I get them ready and reach out for an address when they are.
  11. If you need them built, I can hook you up What's your time frame for the need? I,LL ship them to ya
  12. Tucker

    Electric Comversion

    "Mid Winter" You guys are soooooo funny
  13. to me, it is all a bunch of BS you get one kick at the can - take it forget what these knuckle heads say or write. I am all for sliding into my grave with a well worn, abused body. You get no extra credit for being healthy when you die.
  14. First cook using the flat top Sausage, peppers and onions like we used to get at the Jersey shore. Did not get a pic of the sausages split lengthwise and finished. But, wow, what a time travel to flavor. Turned out great, had a roasted beet-goat cheese salad with it.
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