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  1. Tucker

    I just ate a Sh#t burger

    She doesn't read the forum, does she?
  2. Tucker


    it is a generational thing, not a size thing
  3. Tucker


    Thanks for the details. I ordered one to try it
  4. Tucker


    I did not realise they are just outside of Miami.
  5. Tucker


    When you get the charcoal shipped, does it get banged up and turned into smalls?
  6. Tucker

    Still Amazed

    I will have the grub-hub driver stop by for a go-box. Looks fantastic!
  7. Tucker

    A Spirit-ed Discussion

    very nice - all in all. I enjoy bourbon straight or in an old-fashioned. My go to is Widow Jane, small batch.
  8. Tucker

    Coconut charcoal

    I will build a kon-tiki and sail it over the seven seas
  9. Tucker

    Coconut charcoal

    I was unaware of the issue, thanks.
  10. Tucker

    Coconut charcoal

    It used to be listed in the web store. All i see now is a description. Best to reach out to Dennis
  11. Tucker


    every day cooking is royal oak, rockwood lump. cooks where i want smoke profiles & long cooks I use Dennis's coconut extruded.
  12. Tucker

    New Owner

    1st cook = pork shoulder
  13. Tucker

    Opinions: Grill height for 22 TT

    Looking at the dimensions of the 23", 32" 42" models, they range from 34.5" to 35" at lid opening. You can use that data as a comparison to where yours is sitting now.
  14. Tucker

    Time to Move my 22" TT: HELP brainstorm

    It looks like a 22" Table Top weighs in around 450 pounds. If you have two strong folks, maybe you can remove the top and carry each separate? or, possibly use a utility wagon and ramp?
  15. Tucker

    A proper home for the kk

    Great work, well executed. I have one that hitched a ride on my calf from Australia in '06.