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  1. Tucker

    what cooker is this?

    It also looks like it is missing the lower band. It'd be fine for a planter
  2. Tucker

    How many Briskets on a 42" SBB

    Looks good, stay focused on the details don't sweat the scale of it
  3. Tucker

    Rotisserie inspiration

    Unless you really wanted to play with a pointed stick ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piWCBOsJr-w
  4. Tucker

    Photos of Cyber Q Cloud With 32" Big Bad

    That is a gorgeous 32 - love the chevron & colors
  5. Tucker

    My new/used 23 KK

    Excellent, pics please
  6. Tucker

    My new/used 23 KK

    Looks great Tom, especially in the sunlight.
  7. Tucker

    First cook on new Pebble

    Yeah, working on that. Have been busy replacing florescent fixtures in the workshop w/ LED and installing an exhaust fan.
  8. Tucker

    First cook on new Pebble

  9. Tucker

    First cook on new Pebble

    Sunday afternoon cooking Turkey tenderloin and split chicken breast on the new 23" Pebble.
  10. Tucker

    18lb Turkey on what size KK?

    My 19.5 was able to handle it, the 23 easily handles it, i have had up to a 24# bird on the 23"
  11. Tucker

    16" KK with Food Pictures please

    Not sure which looks better, the KK or that hunk of pork Great color I'll try to give guidance on your Q's. What side of the heat deflector goes down? One side is smoother than the other. I have to leave this to others who have opened a heat deflector from a newer grill, I gave the one that came with mine to Tom because I ordered a shaped drip pan and use it for heat deflector. How to you get the side tables on correctly? Sorry, have to defer this one also, I do not own side wing tables. How do you get the bottom door open to pull the tape off of it The front door just pulls out. You will love cooking on this.
  12. 19.5" Harvest Gold Pebble

    23" Harvest Gold Pebble

    23" Gray/Coral chevron tile

  13. Tucker

    Honored to be here

    Welcome and congratulations! Let the journey begin..
  14. Yeah, I missed that. I suppose it was too obvious for me , doh!