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  1. I always use the coco extruded and lump together for low-slow cooks, no issues at all. I have done 4 butts at once on my 23" several times, no problems, two on main grate, two on upper grate; the upper grate one touched a bit, but that did not present any issues. I ran them for about 14-16 hours but used internal temp of 190f to determine finish time. I only monitored one on the main grate. once internal is hit, wrap in foil, stick in cooler, shred when needed.
  2. I used to think traditionally about grilling steaks until I bought "Charred & Scruffed" written by Adam Perry Lang. Unless a guest wants their steak, chop done on the grill (or they, eck, want it well done) I drop them directly onto the white-hot coals. I get super crusty goodness, perfect sear and doneness (med-rare to rare). The fat gets rendered wonderfully.
  3. I have never had a FB account, never will.
  4. I have been using a 23"KK to cook a 23#-28# bird each year. fits on main grate, no problem.
  5. If you wanted to take a road trip to North St Johns county, you're welcome to visit.
  6. Is it an 'ornament' they stuck in the beef in the meat case?
  7. The "texas brass knuckle" is a tool to shred smoked meat. like a bearclaw
  8. Thanks for the head's up..

  9. I buy blue nitrile off Amazon. 1,000 in a case, ~40$ in 2017, now 224$ I use them for food prep and in my workshop. Double them up to pull pork, etc
  10. Agree with all said, especially the handle advice. My additional 2 cents: > Remove everything from the inside of the grill except the fire ring; leave it in . This will make the grill as light as possible. > Ensure the plywood is laid out so you are rolling it off one sheet and onto the next. In your picture, I see the sheets alternating; this would force you to have to go 'up' from one sheet to the next. It is way easier to have the sheets cascade and the grill 'flow' over them. In moving all of the grills I have dealt with (5) I have used the plywood in this fashion. > I would not use the bobcat. > if you feel the need for handles, make two handles out of plywood and secure them to the sides using the bolts in the sides where the side tables / rotisseries would go. > Most of all - Take. Your. Time. "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." Good luck, many happy days/nights of cooking are ahead, this is just the beginning.
  11. Have you seen the previous seasons?
  12. "Not to put too fine a point on it ( and THANK YOU , DENNIS, for clarifying) but maybe the proper perspective is that Kanye, a miserable human being by all accounts, and Kim, maybe they have some redeeming qualities?" Uh.... , that is a big NO
  13. The company I work for is based in KC. I have spent many months in that town over 20 years. I loved BB Lawnside. https://bbslawnsidebbq.com/ Looks like the local blues bands are off the schedule due to covid. Another good one is https://smokingunsbbq.com/ in north KC. I am certain you'll eat well regardless of the joint you choose.
  14. I have cooked for up to 60 people at one time. I have a 19.5" and a 23". planning and coordination = successfully pulling it off. If you go w/ the 23" definitely get the half grate, and if it out of stock order an extra main grate and make one yourself.
  15. Bear in mind that the basket in the 23" KK can be rotated, or the splitter can be applied Left to Right or Back to Front. This is due to the basket being round. So you can orient the splitter to match the upper warm rack.
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