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  1. you have the item in the right attitude. Tubes horizontal. I would place a call to Dennis. Mine slide over the draft door tubes, on a 23".
  2. That is a heat deflector - keeps the heat form the firebox from affecting the draft door. If you take a look at the pictures of my cookers, the smaller one looks like there is blush on the draft door, this is because that older model did nto have the heat deflector. It slides over the tubes that the draft door slides into.
  3. There is a duplicate post with pics and my reply.
  4. Definitely take the lid off the cooker regardless of approach. I do not see you snaking it into the vertical contoured hole. Option 1: Deconstruct the contoured counter top so you can slide it into place through the front. Option 2: take just the counter top off, leaving the kick edge just below the counter top and lower it down through the wider opening from the top. Or, use a freshly sharpened pencil to draw it into place
  5. Dropping price from $3,500 to $3,000 obo.
  6. 23" Ultimate Komodo Kamado for sale:  $3,500. Color: Gray & Coral / Chevron pattern Bought this new in 2010 from Dennis. Was under canvas cover until 2012, then has lived under pavilion roof and canvas cover. Very clean, excellent shape, has one dinged tile that I hit when I unloaded it in 2010. The dinged tile is a cosmetic issue only. All three original grates, one round drip pan, one round heat deflector stone & new blue cover. I added the main lid 'D' shaped gasket in ~2014. You will need to have a lift gate truck.
  7. Yes it is bacon, Thanks, tasted good
  8. Sliced after resting
  9. Did two pork cooks today. Pork Loin "Reuben" from Steven Raichlen's Project Fire book. Boneless pork chop w/ spicy Asian marinade. look good, have not tasted them yet.
  10. Well done!! absolutely gorgeous.
  11. I would move it and manage the economic end of it once arrived. Who knows, you may just have a crowd of new neighbors that not only in number, but they may bear gifts of the protein kind that requires more square inches.
  12. Lance - I am 4:20 away in Fruit Cove FL. I have one 19.5" and two 23"; be happy to host link to another part of this forum. latest pic is w/ two pebble gills
  13. I use them every time i cook chicken, burgers, sausage, steaks; i use them to cook root veg at same time I so the aforementioned.
  14. I think i have run across one of these in adverts on you tube watching woodworking videos. It allows you to take a shape and cut tile, wood, anything really to fit the shape.
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