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  1. I would not use the ramp that comes with the cooker to roll off the skid and the 8" drop all at once. I would set the crate a few feet away from the 8" drop, create another ramp that is about 4' long. Use 1/2" or 3/4" plywood, re-enforce the plywood with 2"x4" boards. roll the cooker off the crate with provided ramp, then roll over to 8" drop and down your home-made ramp.
  2. Finished the vac Next... outfeed table
  3. The last photos were blurry, here is a focused one.
  4. Tucker

    Basic advice

    I have one for my 23 and made one for my old 19.5. i ordered a main grill for the 19.5 and used a reciprocating saw to cut away the bars I did not want. very simple to do, clamp the grate down, cut thru the welds. love them, use them for 90% of my cooking.
  5. also - the round steel is used for pizza as well.
  6. I use the round steel from this site. it is all flat on one side and the other is flat with a trench around the perimeter. https://shop.bakingsteel.com/ I now have a santa-maria grill w/ 1/2 of it flat.
  7. Getting there Just finished putting the new table saw onto a cart so it is mobile. In process is a 2hp cyclone, portable.
  8. I added (with help from a few friends of course) a 14' x 24' extension to my existing 12' x 24' workshop. This gives, me a full 12' x 24' inside space for woodworking, all of my lumber and raw materials are in the new section along w/ lawn tractor and other assorted lawn things. Half is a deck, so I can roll my machines outside to work when the weather is nice. I used a brilliant metal spike collar holder for the 6" x 6" posts, as good as concrete with the benefit of not having to dig holes. Just need to do a new ramp to the extension (pile of wood on deck), then it will be
  9. to roll one of these cookers, you do not use 2"x 4" boards. you would use plywood. for a 32, I would use 3/4" thick plywood. it comes in 4 feet x 8 feet sheets. you will need two sheets. put one in front of the crate, at the ramps edge (ramp is part of the crate). roll cooker onto plywood. put 2nd sheet of plywood at far edge of 1st sheet of plywood. roll cooker over onto 2nd sheet of plywood. move 1st sheet to far edge of 2nd sheet and repeat the roll and move plywood sheet process until you arrive at your desired destination. if you are moving uphill with the
  10. And, the smaller cookers like that came with those pallet type 'legs'. It has wheels so it rolls.
  11. That is a 5 posk If it is $100 it is worth a toss, any more, do something else
  12. The front-to-back measurement is important so you ensure the lid does not hit anything when you open it. The middle is 31" front-to-back. The lid, when open is 37" front-to-back.
  13. A note from a hard learned lesson. Don't forget the width of the feet, they are at 30" where the middle of the cooker is 26".
  14. how long is the one you have?
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