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  1. I use them every time i cook chicken, burgers, sausage, steaks; i use them to cook root veg at same time I so the aforementioned.
  2. I think i have run across one of these in adverts on you tube watching woodworking videos. It allows you to take a shape and cut tile, wood, anything really to fit the shape.
  3. my 1st observation is the truck has open-end differentials. If you are going to do serious 4 wheeling, then you should put in posi-traction/locking differentials.
  4. Not sure where you have been training, but I do this three years running, always skipping the fourth year, without effort.
  5. Cooking skinless chicken breast, planked in half, marinated in jamacan jerk. Using new warming grate on my 19.5
  6. Wife made up ground lamb, penzey's greek seasoning, grated onion and garlic. Shaped to fit into a pita. Foil packs are beets from the farmers market w/ olive oil.
  7. That is good rub on fish and veg
  8. She doesn't read the forum, does she?
  9. Tucker


    it is a generational thing, not a size thing
  10. Tucker


    Thanks for the details. I ordered one to try it
  11. Tucker


    I did not realise they are just outside of Miami.
  12. Tucker


    When you get the charcoal shipped, does it get banged up and turned into smalls?
  13. Tucker

    Still Amazed

    I will have the grub-hub driver stop by for a go-box. Looks fantastic!
  14. very nice - all in all. I enjoy bourbon straight or in an old-fashioned. My go to is Widow Jane, small batch.
  15. I will build a kon-tiki and sail it over the seven seas
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