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  1. Tucker

    Electric Comversion

    "Mid Winter" You guys are soooooo funny
  2. to me, it is all a bunch of BS you get one kick at the can - take it forget what these knuckle heads say or write. I am all for sliding into my grave with a well worn, abused body. You get no extra credit for being healthy when you die.
  3. First cook using the flat top Sausage, peppers and onions like we used to get at the Jersey shore. Did not get a pic of the sausages split lengthwise and finished. But, wow, what a time travel to flavor. Turned out great, had a roasted beet-goat cheese salad with it.
  4. That is 'yikes' expensive per sq inch I second the idea, if spending that $$$, then a 32" KK is the way to go for a whole host of reasons.
  5. wow, very impressive. for a moment I thought the grilleye was part of the vacuum!
  6. Great looking grill. Chicken and potatoes look delicious!
  7. Also - as a feature - if, in the future, I wanted to have a lid, this model can have a lid added and it will be a Scottsdale model. http://www.azbbqgrills.com/page-1/
  8. @TomRaz I chose this one because of the options offered. upgrades for grills, flat top, cover. and the guy who owns the business and makes them is a vet.
  9. Jon B the grills are angled forward, there is a v-trough running right to left with a drain out of the left side of the grill. In the second picture, with the front door open, you can see the v-shaped catcher inside the grill and the drain valve on the side. I just need to hand a small metal bucket / paint can on the drain valve when needed. CKreef - thanks for the tip re: paella.
  10. Doing the season run for the Argentine grilss Have to repeat fro the bars and flatop Having a Cuban and a beer while I watch it 1/2bag of lump Sorry for the glare, but facing West at this time of day It certainly kicks the heat
  11. Wow, looks not only filling, but refreshing as well.
  12. The trip is over, the new addition is in the Grill Shack. 24" x 48" Tuscan Grill from AZ BBQ Outfitters. Upgraded to stainless steel Argentine and 3/8" round grills, also added a stainless 24" x 24" flat top. All the grill are 24" x 24" so you can mix-match. HD Canvas cover, even with a cover for the wheel. two tools provided, a coal pusher and a v-shaped scraper for the Argentine grills. Instructions for break-in / seasoning. I have to re-shuffle the shack to put this one in a different spot. Atleast I don't drag it out for weeks
  13. I can participate on a weekly basis. With travel, I am usually gone M-F. Yesterday- chicken breast, wagu burgers, shrimp, beets. Now, the wife has choices for the week
  14. That looks fantastic!
  15. It is a sante fe style grill. I meant the first two counts, my mistake. No new KK here.
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