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  1. Ah, but it looks like you have nothing on this guy.
  2. Welp, we know where to go if there is a shortage in either department. 🧐
  3. I have never done this on any of the cookers I own. hmm
  4. If the grate from left to right measures 19", then I would say it is probably the 2nd Gen of the standing 19.5" because of the higher dome lid. I own a 1st gen 19.5". Left to right measurements: The 23" model measures 22.5" inside. The 21" model measures 21.6" inside. The 19" tabletop model, which is what is presently being sold, measures 19.3".
  5. The 19.5" I bought in April 2009 is still in perfect condition and working hard each weekend.
  6. Once you get it on the ground, these grills are easy to roll/move. Just take it slow-n-easy
  7. I agree with tekobo. a 32" is a two-person job. empty everything out except the firebox to reduce the weight. Secure the ramp Dennis provides to the pallet so it does not slide away as you roll it down.
  8. The Nationwide slogan was introduced in the mid-60's.
  9. That is a rare 'spiral loaf', typically seen on saturn.
  10. Made a cherry / maple entry table for a friend. He gave me a very twisted 6 quarter slab, salvaged enough for the top and shelf. Left a live edge on the shelf, facing front.
  11. Fantastic Looking!! good luck with it, Enjoy
  12. I have not moved a small grill like the one you have, but I have moved several 23" and an older 19.5". They move best when in the crate. I used a load strap to strap the crate to a hand truck and with assistance of another moved it into and out of a pickup truck via a ramp I made. To go up the stairs, remember that the person leading will be on higher footing the entire way, thus causing them to hunch over. It might work better if you can get a hand truck or refrigerator dolly, leave it in the crate, and the lead person pull, while the trailer person lifts/pushes. Take each step one-at-a-time using a coordinated pull/lift/push motion. Slow-n-easy wins the race. Good luck with it.
  13. That looks very good. I have to admit, I have not done a low-n-slow brisket in years, I go with hot-n-fast. 4.5 hours total cook time, each time, regardless of the weight.
  14. I always use the coco extruded and lump together for low-slow cooks, no issues at all. I have done 4 butts at once on my 23" several times, no problems, two on main grate, two on upper grate; the upper grate one touched a bit, but that did not present any issues. I ran them for about 14-16 hours but used internal temp of 190f to determine finish time. I only monitored one on the main grate. once internal is hit, wrap in foil, stick in cooler, shred when needed.
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