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Sweet Flavor..

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I finished cooking 107lbs of pork butts (pre cooked weight) over the weekend. The wife says that the finished pork had a sweet taste to it, I used my ECC for this cook. Has anyone else had this result with the new ECC from Dennis? I dont want to appear anal, its going around a bit on here... ha ha, but i just want to figure out why. Dont get me wrong, its a wonderful accent to the meat and hope i can duplicate it!

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Re: Sweet Flavor..

Did you include any smoking wood or did you go straight CoCo?

I'm currently using the CoCo with various smoking woods to see if I can differentiate between them. I have to admit, when I use hardwood charcoal with anything but mesquite or hickory, I can't tell much difference. Perhaps my pallet is simply trashed from the abuses of my college years, principally sampling my way through every bourbon and blended whiskey available. I just ordered some mahogany smoking wood to try and look forward to being able to try the coffee wood that Dennis may make available.

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