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  1. Long time no post...... hot and fast beef ribs. 350 for 2 hours on smoke. 350 for 2 fours wrapped in paper. pulled at 195 IT when probed like soft butter.
  2. one of my favorite cooks.... worth the effort. Great job.
  3. I just did this. Publix uncooked corned beef. Soaked 36 hours. Seasoned 12 hours prior to low temp smoke to 160 internal temperature. Then steamed till tender at 275...about 6 hours. 195 internal temperature Amazing.
  4. Title sums it up. Slow smoked reverse seared salt and pepper. Merry Christmas all.
  5. mk1


    Same cook as the prime rib basically. See it on my Instagram @mksfl . A dry brined prime beef tenderloin slow smoked at 250 to 120 internal the reverse seared at 550 dome. About 2 hours total. The wines were fabulous. I am on a mission to drink them all before I kick it......been sitting on these since they were released.
  6. The Chapoutier Hermitage was perfect at 27 years young. Thanks!
  7. It was fantastic. All of it.... I even toasted the slivered almonds for the beans in garlic and white pepper.
  8. Truffle mashed potatoes and friends for dinner
  9. Still cooking. Mostly post on Instagram. @mksfl . Here is a dry brined roast slow smoked at 220 to 120 internal the reverse seared at 650 dome. Cooked the ribs simultaneously for the same time. About 4 hours total. The roast was tied into a roll for uniformity.
  10. Am I the only one who was afraid to click on this based on the title?
  11. Thanks Tony! Memphis doesn't give an overall. You either win based on Hog or ribs or shoulder or you don't. The Grand Champion is chosen from the top 3 in each of those categories. All of the other boxes are non-contributory. You can only do one of the 3 main items.
  12. Ubon's of Yazoo City - 6th place Whole Hog
  13. Just a thought... You could smoke the ribs for 3 hours, hold them, then wrap them and put them in the oven low and slow for an hour or 2, then glaze them back on the KK for 30-60 minutes. During the hold and oven time you cook the tri-tips... When they are wrapped they don't know what the heat source is....taste and texture is unchanged from being wrapped on charcoal. Almost all competition ribs get wrapped.
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