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  1. Man, I’m late to this thread but just wanted to point out that you’re still using the same China pattern DJ 😁
  2. Thats what I was hoping on the brisket. I'm with you on the ribs, I like a good bark and slight chew. Tried foil once and hated the mush.
  3. Grill floss is the extent of effort I put into cleaning grates. Scrape before use, and beyond that I burn them clean. Not with a raging fire specifically for the purpose, but just by taking advantage of any higher temp cooks I do. I'll put any greasy grates that won't be in my way into the grill and just let them clean themselves as I cook. Doesn't hurt to have extra grates down below as long as you aren't going to need to add fuel or wood or something.
  4. What was your verdict on the paper wrap? I'm doing a brisket flat tomorrow, and planning to try wrapping in paper when it hits the stall. Going to try the paper just for something different, but will use a grocery bag with the bottom cut out to see if it's worthwhile before I order a big roll of paper.
  5. I think the takeaway here is that you need to be careful with what you entrust to Harbor Freight. The weed burner was serious overkill for lighting the grill, but the convenience of propane/mapp cant be beat. I've used just a propane torch that goes on the 1# canisters for years (it's also from harbor freight ). MUCH lower output than the weed burners. Between the grill and fire pit I go through gas canisters often enough that I bought some certified and refillable 1# tanks and a 30# forklift tank so I can refill them from bulk. Works out to about $0.50 per fill, and I don't have to worry about the recycling guy complaining about the canisters. @CeramicChef - Is that attachment narrow and long enough that you could insert it through the blower port to light the underside of the basket? Lighting with gas from the top always causes sparks, and there are even a few times where I'd prefer not to stand over the fire and get smokey. My old POSK had a small gas burner that was attached to the draft door, and I really enjoyed the ease of lighting the basket from underneath using that burner, then shutting off the gas to cook with lump. That burner was built like a stainless hockey puck on the end of a tube, with about 20 holes around the vertical circumference, and a flat rim around the top that stuck out an inch or so to cover the flame jets. When lit, it was like 20 scripto grill lighters on full blast, configured in a ring held under your lump. You could light the burner, slide it in, let it run for a minute, shut off the gas, and because it was up so high off the floor, and had the protrusion over the jets, you could leave it in place and it never got ash inside of it. It's about the only thing I miss about that grill. I'd love to have something similar for the KK. A gas ignition that ran off 1# tanks and plugged into the blower port would be cool, but if that wand of yours is long enough reach under the basket it could serve as a handheld version?
  6. Just booked this year's trip...If anyone else is going to be in Cabo the first couple weeks of October this year, let me know.
  7. There's a groove on the thermometer stem that indicates how much of the thermometer needs to be inserted for an accurate reading. So the length from that marking to the tip is used for reading temps. Any extra length is just for fun. The only cleaning mine has ever gotten is to slide it in and out a few times. And extra crust gets knocked off by the friction on the way out and back in. Here's a picture of the groove, in case anyone forgot we are talking about grill thermometers here. You can see the groove about 1/3 of the way down the stem from right to left - near where it crosses the corner of a tile.
  8. Been a while since I made some pizza... Made a few tonight with various combinations of toppings: home-ground Italian sausage, store bought pepperoni, and lots of things from the garden - basil, roasted eggplant, black cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, green onions
  9. Get better! Didn't we have an ophthalmologist around here?
  10. Did you use nested bins to make a true self watering container (with a reservoir in the bottom, or just plant in a bin full of soil? these are nested. The top bucket has drainage holes, and a "mesh pot" (home made with a Dremel and plastic cup) that hangs down to the bottom of the bottom bucket. The pvc pipe allows the bottom bucket (the reservoir) to be filled.
  11. Here's the clippings and pruned off plants from a couple months back. Already fruiting. $4 donation for 2 food grade buckets is the best bargain ever I moved all these to the south side of the house for winter after I reset them... More sun and they're more hidden over there too Now, how do I get Mr Reef down here to lay a flagstone hardscape around my fire pit
  12. I've been impressed with how well the gutters worked, and how much you can grow in such a small footprint and what was basically unused space. All that white vinyl fence used to be wooden privacy fence - if it still was I would have 3-4 rows of gutter all over it. Those are 6" aluminum gutter, so basically anything you can grow in a 5-6" pot will grow in there. I'm thinking about putting another few sections somewhere else in the yard for strawberries. Automatic irrigation of some sort is pretty much a necessity with the gutters, or they will dry out and you'll be out there with a hose daily once it warms up. Mine are filled with moisture control potting mix, and get saturated (holes drilled in bottoms for drainage) every other day right now. If you can keep them wet automatically, they are zero maintenance growing machines. Lots of killer ideas out there if you google for "gutter garden". @cschaaf That sucks that you didn't get any usable tomatoes. The plants in the self watering pots i built from the FireHouse pickle buckets produced like crazy - especially the eggplants. The tomatoes were all heirloom varieties, hence they get really long and out of control, and eventually start dying off. This winter, I tried something new, and just took 8-10" clippings from a couple of the better producing plants, and stuck them in a little pot of dirt. Sure enough, in a few weeks they rooted so when I took the buckets apart to replant a fresh crop, the clippings became my spring tomato crop. I also just pruned back the eggplants and they took off again with new growth. I LOVE the self watering buckets. They're ugly, but I can move them to various "out of the way" spots in the yard based on seasonal sunlight differences and plant needs. The key is using good, loose, well draining but spongy potting mix. Mix some organic fertilizer into the soil at planting (and add a little lime for tomatoes) and then just keep the bottom bucket filled with water through the pipe on top.
  13. If you're going to reattach the leg on the firebox, maybe drill a hole in each piece, so you can set some stainless rod to help hold the two pieces together?
  14. Does the gasket leak, or you just want to replace it because it got greasy? You can get braided fiberglass wood stove gasket, and glue it down with high temp RTV silicone. The last time I needed to fix up a kamado with fiberglass gasket, the braided fiberglass was gray instead of white, which helps it not show charcoal dust as much. You can scrape off all the old gasket and silicone, then cut a new piece to fit. Before you do any glue down, you might want to take off the spring on the back of the grill, and loosen the nuts on the hinge plate to make sure the lid is sitting flush to the base. Tighten up the nuts, re-tension the spring, and then you can lay down a bead of high temp silicone on the base. Put the gasket on top of the bead of silicone, and close the grill up for a few hours until it cures. That should seat everything straight and tight. Don't press down on the lid any more than required to close the latch while the silicone is wet. You want the bead to stay thicker and help close any irregularities in the mating of the two surfaces. Your latch looks like it took a sideways ding? Does it still catch tight? If not, get that straightened up first, so that you'll be able to make a good seal. As for the tile work - see if you can find some color matched caulk from the tile section at your local Lowes or Home Depot. You should be able to find some sanded caulk that matches your existing grout color, and just use that to both adhere the tiles and fill the gaps between them. When I have done that, it was with high temp black silicone so I didn't have any concerns with heat. You should be fine as well, but if you're worried about the heat go with some regular thinset. People that have used regular thinset on... ahem...other...grills have have excellent results.
  15. I just made a post from my phone (in reefs herb garden thread) and it is MUCH better than ever before. Easy to post and insert pictures - I have no need for tapatalk at all with that interface. Only one thing I cant see how to fix - the pictures (and I think the text too) were formatted a little too big. I had to edit with the laptop to resize the text and pictures. Is there a way to resize the display size of the pictures before posting on a mobile device?
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