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Rotisserie Chicken Cook : VIDEO

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Hello everyone, Today I cooked a 4.9 pound whole chicken on my KK using the Rotisserie. It turned out very nice. Please note, I had originally stated I was going to use the 8" Rotisserie basket, but ended up going with the 6" basket. The larger basket just did not seem right, so I changed mid stream and went to 6". For those of you who did not purchase the Rotisserie options from Dennis, you might consider it. It is very easy to do and the chicken is amazingly moist. When I probed the chicken breast to check doneness, it was bursting with juice and it ended up very tasty. Enjoy YouTube Video Link:

Here is picture of final product. I only nibbled on it tonight, and plan to eat tomorrow for lunch. fetch?id=68509


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Re: Rotisserie Chicken Cook : VIDEO

Really nice video and good job - certainly captures the versatility of the KK!

You have more restraint than I my friend... I would not have been able to just package up that chicken for lunch - many "tastings" would have taken place during the packing! LOL!

Nice job and Thanks! 8)

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