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  1. Hello, MadMedik here...hello to everyone. I have not posted in a few years most likely. I still read stuff and love checking in on this site. I have had "Khalan" for 6 plus years now I am wanting to do the High Temp Brisket cook again. LarryR has made some videos and put on line here in forum. i have followed his High Temp cook 3 times and it was great My question today is about the Rub for the Coffee Cardamon Rub he / we use. Has anyone ever used the recipe "without" the 1/2 cup of oil...and just used it as a dry rub only...no oil. I have used the oil every time....so I had a very moist paste. It was great. For some reason i am thinking I should use just dry ingredients....and rub on the meat. Have you tried this before? does it matter? any reason why i should us the oil and 'paste' version? May be a silly question, but would like input if you have any thank you , MadMedik
  2. I have one of those . They are nice and fun to cook on. Great for pancakes and so much more. Don't lose site of that.
  3. Hey Hogsfan...sorry to see you let it go. But you all mentioned your YouTube channel and cooking. Can you share a link to your channel and cooks? if you have done so in the past, i have not seen it. Like to see your cooks. Post if you can or want. Thanks
  4. MadMedik

    sKirt tacOs

    That looks good. I see the Oakridge Carne Crosta rub...there has been talk if it recently. I ordered some and got it on Thursday. Need to try it...i got Crosta , Black Ops, and their Santa Maria....can't wait to try them all....
  5. Nice steak, looks great. I don't have fresh herbs....but we are running mid 70's here in Central California....where is the rain. I was wearing shorts all weekend !!
  6. I want one!!!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Syzgies....do you have a recipe? I used 3/4 cup flour and 1/3 cup water using wheat flour. Once mixed up, it rolled into long snakes quite easily with very little sticking to hands? Almost like making gnocchi. Is that too dry! Perhaps a half cup flour? To put my batch in plastic bag would make no difference. It would be perhaps too dry to effectively squeeze out. On the other hand I would think you don't want it too wet where it won't really stay in place. Any recipes for paste concoctions?? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. so I did the cook. I left the dough/flour paste I had put on the day before. I did not remove it and "refresh" it the day of the cook. I should have redone the dough/paste. I removed the excess dough sticking out...but within 15 minutes of the cook....smoke was pouring out like crazy...It smoked heavy for most of the cook. My total time cooking the ribs was about 3 1/2 hours....I put 4 medium chunks of wood in the pot....and boy did it smoke. Like I said on my first post about the smoke pot a few weeks ago, I am under the impression there should be a small amount of 'bluish' smoke coming out throughout the cook....not a lot of smoke. I had 'a lot of smoke' the whole time. so next time, I will do the dough just before the cook. If it smokes like crazy, I guess I won't worry about it too much. I am still very pleased with the smoke presentation and the length/duration of the smoke. Had I dropped the chunks into the coals , as in the past, they would burn off quickly, not have as much smoke, or as occurred before....sometimes the wood chunks I put in coals did not burn at all due to the way the burn pattern occurred...which is generally not controllable. I am pleased with smoke pot. It does give lots of smoke for a long time MadMedik
  9. Okay. had not thought about excess flour burning. I think will remove the lid and toss the current batch of flour paste and makes some more in the morning, just prior to the cook. Today was more of testing the dough and consistency and whether it would appear to stay on. I am happy with the test thus far. I will redo tomorrow. thanks for feedback MadMedik
  10. I am going to make Beef Ribs tomorrow and use the smoke pot. Last time i used pot, i used foil only and it leaked severely. Today i am expiramenting with the flour paste to use on the lid, so no foil this time. I used 3/4 cup wheat flour 1/3 cup water. Blended a few minutes with spoon, then pick up and knead it into a ball. Cut in half, then rolled in to 2 long flour paste ropes/snakes. See pictures below I applied the snakes to the lid, in to the groove of the outer edge of lid. I then placed the lid on to the bowl, pressed lightly. In few places i added some excess paste/dough to areas that did not look as thick from the outside. See results: Questions: i did this just now, but not cook until tomorrow. Should i leave as is....and put in fire tomorrow....the flour paste should be very dried out by then..24 hours from now. Or say my experiment worked, disassemble now, and redo it tomorrow just before adding to hot coals. By the way, i added the wood chunks today in case i leave as is..... Will 24 hour dried paste still keep seal? Put on fresh so it will "bake in to place" tomorrow during the cook? Any thoughts on technique or approach here? I had anticipated having a much wetter , sticky paste, but after reading on internet, they suggest this receipt, which is moist, but manageable dough, not stick to my fingers hardly at all. See pics, MadMedik Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. NIce cook there Cousin. Hope all is Well !!!!
  12. The lid definitely could be problem. I opted to cover with foil and then put lid on. I just put one sheet over top. Either I need to wrap the whole pot? Or use Syzgies flour paste? How long before cook should one apply flour paste? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Update to smoke pot and ribs: WOW! The ribs were great, I put three chunks of cherry and apple in the pot . In about 15 minutes it was smoking like crazy. I have seen this before with chunks of wood but it would only last 5 or 10 minutes. this seemed to smoke for 1 hour,,,then it slowed....then took off again. My cook went 3 1/2 hours and it seemed to smoke more most of the time. I cooked at 300 degrees. Put foil on lower rack as heat defuser. Many have talked about the thin blue smoke exiting the Komodo. There was no thin blue smoke...there was A LOT of smoke leaving the Komodo. Maybe it was the Cold Smoker that left the thin blue smoke....?? Now I am confused.... This smoke pot, lots of smoke. i really liked the smoke pot. It work very well. my wife says if I could make beef ribs like this and sell them we would be rich. Her favorite cook I do is the beef ribs. This was different due to the amount of meat on these ribs and of course the smoke pot. She usually does not like when I put smoke chunks on...too smokey. No complaints today.... so here is the results The first pic at 2 1/2 hours I took off, put each rack in foil and then put beef broth, Apple juice, and some of my rub into foil. Back in to grill for 1 hour. I probed with thermometer and it went in like it was soft butter and temp was 204 degrees.. I sort of thought i would go longer than 3 1/2 hours...like 5 or 6, but not even close. I think the 300 degrees got them done faster. And still moist, not dried out. took off, rested 1 1/2 hours and ate. OMG. Just saying.... I don't know if you can see it, but they were very, very moist. The moisture was oozing out of the ribs. Can't wait to do again. MadMedik
  14. I am doing beef ribs. The ones with tons of meat on each bone. Like short ribs, but uncut. I threw in the smoke pot with apple and cherry chunks. WOW. THe smoke profile is huge. Boy can you smell it. I hope it is not too much !!! Will post results later. MadMedik
  15. Steaks were good. Could not eat it all.
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