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Sher Wagyu Full Blood Pulled Bolar Blade

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A few weeks back I got hold of a Sher Bolar Blade, it is about 4.8kg.


I must admit I have never cooked this cut or even tasted it :-) So this could go very very wrong but I'm having a go.

The intention is to low and slow the Bolar on the Komodo Kamado and pull at around 200F.

I've now trimmed it down, I took off most of the fat because I want the rub and bark to form on the meat.



I've not bothered to inject but instead have used a number of rubs to layer on some different flavors. I rubber the bolar with mustard then added a dash of Little Louie's Garlic and Pepper, next was Simply Marvelous Pecan, then BPS Money and finally the BPS Finishing Rub.


This could be a disaster but we will wait and see.

Well it's on, being smoked with cherry.


It took 21 hours and didn't go above 191F but it pulled really, really well. It was beautiful and moist. I don't think I've got the smoke right on the Komodo yet, I'm still a little light.

I've only eaten a little so far because of the beef cheeks, it will be vacuumed and frozen and we will eat it over the next month. For $12/kg it was a bargain, very happy with this :-)




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