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Prime rib and ham together at the same time

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So I’m doing prime rib and bone in ham at the same time what one should I put on the top rack dripping down on the other?
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Obviously your rib is raw is your ham pre cooked . What size are they for a pre cooked ham and raw ribeye steaks I would put the ribeye on top but some alfoil down to stop it dripping

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my 2 cents:

If the ham is pre-cooked, put the ham in a rectangle pan (1/2 steam tray size) and start the prime rib first on the main grate, then add the ham on the upper/sear grate ~2 hours before the prime rib is to finish. I have found that a pre-cooked spiral ham takes about 2hrs @ 350f to heat all the way thru and crisp the edges.

If the ham is not precooked, I agree w/ Aussie Ora, use a drip pan or foil to keep one from dripping on the other.

God luck, lets see pics of setup and completion.


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