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This is more of an informational post for one that's interested in a few spices that worked out extremely well together on a piece of farm raised salmon. While at a farmers market I came across  a product called truffle salt... and it was good. In conjunction with another called Garam Masala with some pepper grind it turned an ordinary piece of fish onto a level of it's own. Works well on steak too. For a 3oz tiny jar it was $14 but, well worth it for the distinctive flavor it imparts. Now I used to make a mixture of salt, pepper, brown sugar and dry dill for an overnite draw on the salmon but personally thought it was always a little salty.  I will change my ways after tasting this. SO if your of a mind to try something new or have already well, here's the web site for the truffle salt is www.grind-gourmet.com. Kick it up a notch and by the way Purple crack works well with too. Used apple chunks and smoked it for around an hour or longer, actually I went by feel or give on the fish kinda like steak on the med rare. So keep it under your hat, mumz the word.



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