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  1. A comfortable and clean setup, easy to work for quick access and space, functional for short/small cooks and attractive with straight lines. Dinner for two, easy to do.
  2. I forget the details, that's Head Country original and I also ordered the Apple habanero at $14something two 20 oz also. I do like them both, for what it's worth

  3. Always found country style ribs when packed at the store to show the pretty meaty side up, giving you the impression that the whole of the package is that way, not the case. You can be disappointed with the amount of fat unseen. So this is why I cook them at 275 for quite a while to render out a good portion of that with a sweeter rub, then while were still at 275 a good sweet sauce is basted on a few times so as not to burn the sugar. CSR one of the few bargains still remaining on the shelf, done right can't be beat.
  4. I prefer a good sauce, gravy or marinade over a rub anytime if done well, just think it penetrates and adds to your dining pleasure more. Anyhow, how about a little Cumin for an earthy addition, not too much. I've found some BBq sauces at Trader Joe's to try, found out that I liked them and upon returning for more....they're gone. Threw the bottle away, the search continues. I will try this Bardsljr, anything from Savannah and it's BBq history can't be bad.
  5. Maybe we're on to somethin, anyway you look at it they both finished without any surprises. That was a 2 year roast, how it evaded me that long I'll never know, it was tasty and showed no sign of an off flavor, I believe it was $28, imagine that.
  6. My wife asked, What do you want for supper, chicken wings? Nope, I want beef, check the freezer. Well, 10 minutes or so later she comes back with a frozen 3 rib choice rib eye from 12/20 and a recent one from 4/22, it was obvious kind of where to go. So the old piece set out on coolish day in the sun but never thawed completely in the 5 or 6 hours . I cooked it on the Santa Maria, although it could have been done on the KK as well but this had to be a visual cook being partially frozen. Who say's you can't cook a frozen steak and have it come out the way you want. Montreal on one side and a Santa Maria dressing on the other, just right.
  7. My neighbor came back with a Sea Bass this time so it deserved some herbs to bring it around. Out on the KK and on to the plate. Herbs consisted of Chives, English thyme, Italian Parsley, Curly Parsley, Red onion, lemon, salt & pepper in olive oil . I used to get most my herbs at the market but this year we stepped up and built a herb box to hold them all.
  8. The neighbor came over after he was fishing in Cape Cod Bay and dropped off these Poagies. I soaked them in Italian dressing with sliced onion and sliced red pepper for 6 hrs. Nothing to look at, but the fish was ever so fresh having a slightly sweet taste, cooked over lump with pieces of maple wood smoke on the Santa Maria. And a sprinkle of Maldon salt
  9. What's the secret sauce Robert? Looks like it has a some zing! Alimac, MY favorite cut of beef, your work surely payed dividends
  10. That's why it's called Canadian bacon, Nova Scotia style
  11. Exactly, it's portrayed soo many times by video channels cutting the brisket essentially in half, yet they make it a major point to show you the grain and demonstrate how to slice. That cut has always irked me when I see it, it's counterproductive to what they preach. Cooking a brisket is a costly adventure in time, but you can rest assured my next brisket will certainly consider this option. Glad you brought it up, now my OCD may put it to rest, I'm not alone.
  12. Once you pass the burn in, your a free bird. Cleaning up is easy with some water, windex sprayed on a paper towel or a choice of a safe cleaning agent. Press the grout in the area and wipe the leftover away with a dry/wet paper towel. That's it, you filled any cracks and voids and your done. Cook to your heart is content.
  13. One interesting cook there, I'm sure it was tasty. Snow? Don't want to see snow again for at least 6 or 7 months, but hanging meat was a charm😗
  14. It does look like a barracks, to think my KK was in a line up just like that, awesome.
  15. The last inspection, all standing at attention except for that guy on the right with his lid shut.
  16. All you brother, you think things through and advance it to another level. I think we're the one's that should say thanks.
  17. Nice cook LedHed, great sandwich or entree'. I have the Gateway drum for hanging ribs, but those long spits I don't have, only the hooks. Another easy approach for getting it done
  18. Had to check the map on that one Tekebo, your way up north. You did venture in I hope, the invitation couldn't be turned down. Have fun, I'll be turning the soil in the garden today with it's special additive.
  19. Great job Troble, I hope you ended up in the Jacuzzi after.
  20. Using the boat will certainly lend to an added crunch and texture in your sandwich. My favorite color, a tasty maHOGany.
  21. Anything made of metal will eventually one day return to the earth, it does it slowly and before you unnoticed. It's when you take notice, you realize the party's over. AHH, just kiddin, it should reward you with many years of unique and entertaining cooks, but it'll never have the convenience of the KK and I fear it won't outlast it either. Maybe you purchased the SSteel, a wise choice, if not the other will reward you for many years of service too. Nothing lasts forever, but if you had both you'd have double the pleasure, you know, like the gum..........double mint. Oh yes, you'll definitely need the cover, it's a must.....unless you live in the desert. On the other hand, preparing food and tending a fire on a S.Maria is one and only. It's all visual, the eye's don't lie and it's about the experience the ride. Keeping it covered and rust free makes the ride all the better.
  22. Considering your meat takes on smoke up to 140 degrees and then substantially lessens there in afterwards, I would suggest using a lower temp to conserve your smoking wood vs a higher temp, it simply lasts longer. The second would be the fire basket setup, light "only" one side and place the loaded smoke pot on that side with a couple good size chunks wrapped in Al hidden down below away from the creeping fire. Say a prayer to Smoky the Bear, wear your favorite lucky shirt/sneakers and hope for the best. Let there be smoke!
  23. True value, Ace, they have it all. Even Wicked good charcoal
  24. What? No pickle? That looks tasty as you stated, now if you had placed it in the frig, firmed it up and later sliced it on a conventional deli slicer razor thin it would open a new road. However, you certainly can't beat that action shot. What kind of mustard is that, you know sometime half the battle is having a good mustard, I like em all, some more than others. Spot on color for the Pastrami, and a crusty bread, decadent and sinful.
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