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  1. I like that Knife Remi. Pray tell what you sliced and diced, it surely wasn't an apple. Those dimples?, give me a clue.
  2. I won't keep you long Jeff. You mentioned the heat deflector under the deck, this gives rise to the thought of the dark stains forming on my beams above the Santa Maria. Keep that in mind down the road, this condition kinda creeps up on you. The extra height is a plus for you, but the smoke will become noticeable later . Too bad about the brassero, it would have been nice if they mentioned the change beforehand rather than it being a surprise. But, I'm glad it's all working out, they're alot of fun to use and require way more attention than other grills but as they say, Life is a journey, enjoy the trip. Well, as far as the diet thing goes, I can't help you there, but I figure it this way, "it's the reason they provide all those extra holes on your belt".
  3. Nice cook Jeff, see you and the grill are getting along "just fine". I noticed the fire of Aug 24 the roaring inferno and it made think if I did that I wouldn't have a roof left. My roof is 9-10 ft so a controlled fire with splits and lump or charcoal have to suffice until some expansion improvements come around. By the looks of it you appear to be all settled in with the pit, is it all that you expected?
  4. I like the idea, but it pushes serving the brisket into the following day and that's just too long for this hungry boy too wait. Speaking of waiting for your brisket, have you tried the Pastrami brisket, in the fridge for a week in pickling spices and etc, so good.
  5. Tyrus

    Heat Deflector

    When I find myself stuck with making a choice, and apparently we have a few choices here, I just say, "love the one your with."
  6. Sufferin succotash, that sure looks good
  7. Texas Twinkies, Sausage, and Chiken wings, what could be the compliment to Game day if not that. I really have to put that beer down and pick up the camera for a few better shots, it's a work in progress. I hope your team did better than mine,
  8. Tyrus

    Do you like Sausage?

    I would like to see it being located in a mysterious Czech village in all, but the website will have to suffice for now. Having a store that size and with it's selection nearby would certainly make it an easy destination to visit. Do you supply him the beer for his Brats?
  9. Yah, I began to make some sausage (for the first time now) with all new equipment because it entered my mind one particular day that it had to be done, you know, an itch, a desire or bucketlist, whatever. I watched a Gent on Youtube making what I thought the best recipe for me to follow, an Italian sausage with little difficulty. So it began, the blend of spices and pork butt were added to the mix, but alas some things were not in order. The pork butt was lean and one ingredient calling for Red pepper paste wasn't for miles around, although I looked desperately. I remembered there was some bacon ends hidden in the freezer and with the addition of this fat supplement everything came into balance. While at the market a bottle of Portuguese whole red peppers in a slight vinegar base substituted for the paste, once pureed, this addition required no water added to the mix. So what's this about, it was the best sausage I've had ever to be blunt,,not the best on the planet, but quite tasty. Included was a picture........well because if it ain't seen, as I'm obviously corrected...it didn't happen. Don't ya just love sausage?! Mum on the Bacon and P. Red Pepper ok
  10. Hello Poochie, I recognize the name and a bit of the past from the archives, all good of course. Yah, it's wonderful, wonderful to see you on the move again, I'm still wonder..ing how your former KK was left with your son, history. No matter, the goose is loose and your welcome never expired.
  11. Yes, very good Tucker, it sat pronged into the meat to draw your attention. If a price tag was attached to the horn it was an addition. Well, for all you that came in 2nd with your marvelous guesses I can only say your bosses at work should be proud to have you on board. I know, it was a tough guess...next time you'll do better, until next time.
  12. Picked it up at Cabella's earlier this week, one for me and one as a gift. I'll try different sauces once in a while to see if it's a winner much like scratch tickets. I liked it, tangy, a bit spicy and full of flavor. A keeper
  13. I believe this to be more vintage than antique and I would say that when your parents brought you to the Supermarket/Grocery you may have seen this yourself depending on your age of course. It's made in Italy, although that has no bearing on it's end use.
  14. The timing, temp, wrap and anticipation all sound so good, but without a pic ( and it's happened to me ) it never happened.
  15. Tonite, Kapusta, Cauliflower with cheese and bacon bits, fresh red tomatoes from the garden, a few dills with herb marinated pork & Picana M/R. It's all good in the neighborhood.
  16. Yes, of course. A little S&P is all you need and it maybe a TD
  17. I do like the simple life, so keep it simple with one of these.
  18. While traveling the wilds of the Berkshires this past weekend I stumbled upon a odd trinket in an antique store. At first I thought this to be a Texas brass knuckle, but quickly discounted that thought seeing it's made from Aluminum. It does have a charm of it's own and will retire to the cooking shed for posterity very soon along with this little piggy. Give it a guess, no cheating now, no google searches, a clear and inventive mind is all that's allowed.
  19. Avid Armor has a Chamber sealer for $599 and I believe there are a few more manufacturers within that price range + or - $100. They do require a bit more room, but for liquids they are superior however they do lack the ability to do large items depending on size. If you wanted to do smaller moisture laden portions you could partially freeze the contents prior to sealing and that would work with a channel sealer and possibly yours, but that does require time to freeze. A chamber sealer has the advantage also of using the cheaper clear sided bags that don't require a channel bag because they evacuate the air from the chamber not through the seal. I recently purchased the channel Avid Armor A100 and chose this for two reasons, 1 was the chamber sealer is a bit bulky and requires a bit more counter space and secondly this unit has a pulse unit for drawing air out manually by pulse in a slower fashion and then sealing the bag before too much moisture enters the seal area. It also has wider 1/4 in seal which can be set by length of time depending on moisture. I believe the Chamber seal was a thinner double seal. My Food saver was failing upon sealing, it would draw the liquid up and fail in one area upon sealing. Worked well with dry, however I haven't fully tested this new unit to recommend it with certainty.
  20. Looks tasty Mac, that swiss chard seems to knock on the memory library. As a kid we we had that on the table quite a bit, your right, it is tender and good. Good with bacon bits too
  21. If your lucky enough to find a used KK in your area it would definitely be worth the trip to travel down and take a look. On location your could easily assess the condition and possibly strike a better deal vs over the phone or on line, but then you'd be taxed with bringing it home safely. On the other hand, if you bought new and ever had an issue you'll find the owner Dennis Linkletter standing beside it's well known reputation. Think of the the purchase as a one time expense meant to last a lifetime giving you many years of reliable performance. Like the tools you purchase don't settle for second best, your in the right place...no regrets here
  22. Never cared much for the beer, but they sure made a handsome bottle. The recipe is easily cut in half, so if you do stir up a batch let me know, spread the love.
  23. Here's a sauce from many, many years ago that I remember as a very tasty condiment too pork and chicken or use it as to how you see fit once you've tasted it. The recipe yields approx 1 1/2 gallons and could easily be adjusted, but why would you when you could gift a few bottles to friends. This is a vinegary, sweet and salty, peppery sauce that's definitely a winner. Add this to your pulled pork or marinate some chicken overnight, it's flavor is tasty, bold, and pleasing just out of the bottle. Back in the early 90's I made a large batch and bottled the contents up giving a number of bottles away to friends and wasn't surprised to find in a short amount of time those asking for more. Unfortunately, the recipe got misplaced, I looked high a low without success, I even sought out the book written by Jeff Smith aka The Frugal Gourmet for the it's whereabouts...unfortunately it wasn't to be, until a few days ago our paths happily crossed again. Jeff had a food prep show during the 80's on PBS featuring an abundance of cooks, dishes, recipes both ethnically and regionally for his show. I remember him as an easy watch and the rumor has it that the sauce was procured for an old woman in the Chicago area. Well, anyhow if your willing to give it a try, do it on outside burner..the vinegar will permeate the house. Using a large non reactive pot add all the following ingredients collectively in and bring to a boil. Once your at a rolling boil, slow the boil until it rolls a bit more gently for 1/2 hour as to simmer it. Stir on occasion, and as the original directions imply to keep the lid on..I didn't. I felt a little reduction wouldn't hurt and it certainly didn't tame the beast because all turned out well. 1.1 1/2 cup brown sugar 2. 1 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce 3. 1 1/2 cup prepared yellow mustard ( French's is good ) 4. 1 Qt. Ketchup 5. 1/2 cup FRESH ground pepper (no can stuff) 6. 1/2 cup Red Pepper flakes 7. 3 Qt's. Red Wine Vinegar 8. 2 Qt. Water 9. 1 1/2 cup salt Morton's Kosher is good 10. 1 Qt. White wine I used Vinho Verde, a light dry Portuguese table The amounts are original, I used 1 1/4 cup salt with the same amount of sugar thinking it was alot, however the amount of liquid will support these amounts. Place the liquid in Glass bottles after it cools and refrigerate. Use an empty beer growler to hold the majority if you have one on hand. Use a ladle and funnel to bottle contents with a mindset of continually stirring the peppery contents around for a consistent distribution/blend of the peppery mixture. Enjoy it in a Bloody Mary and don't forget to gift a few One last thing, the Progresso Red wine vinegar came came in 25 fl oz bottles so I used 3 and just filled 2 for the water portion. I believe that was why I cut back a little on the sugar and salt because these weren't full quarts. If you Google pride of deer camp BBQ sauce a bit more info will be available.
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